Joachim Wall: 2012 Street Edit by Richard Karlsson

Leftover clips filmed by Richard Karlsson, Samuel Cabezas, Albin lundstrom & Thomas Vega.

Joachim Wall: 2012 Street Edit

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  • Graeme Wilson

    That was pretty sick. Excited to see more form this guy.

  • HangLosers

    Bow your heads!!!

  • Hangovers

    lil bow wow yippi yo yippi yay

  • Straight fiyaah

    That was kind of boring?

  • Anonymous

    shitty song but amazing tricks

  • Anonymous
  • Thomas Vega

    booom PP awesume skating as always

  • Finito

    how to get on Razors –

    Skate rails like EVERYONE else

    Do the same tricks as EVERYONE else

    Congratulations you are now on Razors, here’s a Razors tshirt
    that NO-ONE ever wears

  • D.Rowland

    this is not a street edit, half of it was in schools and colleges?

    should of said that in the title, i wouldnt have watched if i had known it was like this

  • Richard karlsson

    Check out the movie with his “real” section.

  • Anonymous

    PP <3 hjälte

  • Albin Lundström

    Please Finito show us your shit online and stop being a bitch just because you dont got Razors flow!

    PP är grym!

  • Martin Krutina

    lot of good tricks but music was boring