Jeremy Suarez: Short RB Park Edit in Madrid (Spain)

Jeremy Suarez: Short RB Park Edit in Madrid (Spain)

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16 Responses to “Jeremy Suarez: Short RB Park Edit in Madrid (Spain)”

  1. hamerde Says:

    je pensais que c t un vrai edit et pas une pub rollerblade deguisee

  2. ha Says:

    wait…where was the edit?

  3. Anonymous Says:

    just one big commercial for those wack RB blades?

  4. harry Says:

    ahahah what a big joke ! You can’t call that a short edit, that’s a non-existent edit !

  5. glad2see Says:

    Blades are so shitty they cant make event a short edit of it lol

  6. Anonymous Says:

    It’s a marketing clip not an edit!stop criticising and go skate.

  7. Anonymous Says:


  8. iadam! Says:

    I wish it was an edit. Jeremy kills it!

  9. flowskate Says:

    Jeremy is a great skater but i’m not really into any of the Rollerblade line to be honest. And i skate the Estilio for aggressive and the fusion for freeskating for a little while 3 years ago. Was not keen on them at all!

  10. William Says:

    Well I am just going to go ahead and say this man can make any skates look good. Still not sold on these.

  11. Anonymous Says:

    Recre brand, recre skates. They don’t spend $$ for the aggressive division of their company and repeatedly shit on their teams, but millions go into “technology” and fancy labcoats.

    It’s sad to watch David and Rob G. get exploited. At least they get health insurance, right? Sigh.

  12. FU Says:

    There’s no exploitation going on here son. Run along now.

  13. FU Too Says:

    Fuck you Hyser. Stop trolling. Dick.

  14. deubeul Says:

    La GNAK!!! (comment ça s’écrit d’ailleurs? niaque?)

    Le kick!!! (jamais entendu c’t’expression…)

    Merci mec tu m’as bien fait marrer… et donné envie d’aller rouler!! LA NIAC!!!

  15. koubis Says: :)

  16. deubeul Says:

    je me doutais bien que ça s’écrivait comme ça. merci maître Cappello