Jeph Howard: Fishbrain Out Ledge, Raw Clips

Jeph Howard: Fishbrain Out Ledge, Raw Clips


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  • anticon can you even believe thats all you listened to?

    wow: copies the shock tv font exclusive red bold over black font and then plays kanye west dubstep what the fuck is going on what ever happened to real shit like latino male hookers wearing rollerball skates entering the tampa fl 6 ft mini ramp comp and rollernews running the edit with song by 2 chainz mash-up with nirvana remix and ice skate conversion kit articles or videos of an episode of sponge bob wearing cartoon variflex blades like its an update? what the fuck is going on?

  • kaspaaaahhh

    fukin illllllllllllllllllllll !

  • Diaz

    Okay, I’m not a particular fan of Jeff’s recent style, but if you pose just before he comes out of the trick, this must be one of the illest fishbrain I’ve ever seen. This should so be a cover for a blading mag !

  • Al@n

    So,So,So Stylish! Damn….

  • Mef Coward

    Fishbrain!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Jeph gets females to write emails about shemales and prevails with ebay accounts.

  • Trill Bill

    And he has been known to hold quite a decent fishy.

  • Anonymous

    I come from the ghetto. I do not approve of such derogatory music being played. It offends me and my homies back in the hood. You must never again use such music. It is quintessential to our survival.

    Kindest regards,

    Talib Smalls

  • in my opinion

    that dude always looks kinda goofy

  • kaspaaaahhh

    Talib Smalls why dont you take your poor broke ass back to your shitty ghetto!