It’s Impossible to Learn to Rollerblade by Reading Books, Feat. Joey Mcgarry

Mushroom Blading: Audio Podcast

How to be Unpopular: Audio Podcast

How to be Unpopular is an audio podcast by Joey Mcgarry & Todd Mcinerney, running since march 2011 (67 episodes for the moment).

You can check it on Itunes or download the mp3 at this url.

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23 Responses to “It’s Impossible to Learn to Rollerblade by Reading Books, Feat. Joey Mcgarry”

  1. sl. Says:

    like it. just playing.. thats what the core of blading is.

    also some diversity is needed so much in blading.

  2. dan dyer Says:

    what was that all about then?

  3. lubaal Says:

    are you guys on mushrooms? :-D

  4. Anonymous Says:

    SOLcrew will go down in history

  5. deubeul Says:

    loved it.
    where was it filmed?

  6. rocknrolla Says:

    he’s skateboarder in disguise trying to make us look like stupid.

  7. speculos Says:

    I encourage this kind of skating inbetween the hard core shtuff. It keeps the muscles in shape reducing the chances of sustaining a serious injury. The older you get the more it matters.

  8. kmcgloughlin Says:

    that was a beauty
    really nicely done!

  9. Bzdok Says:

    The cinematography was dope. I just found the skating really boring

  10. Gabriel Says:

    I was thinking: when the next from the toronto guys will be realised. I was waiting or it!

  11. Scott Loper Says:

    Your filming is coming a long way Joey, I really dug this. People that don’t understand rollerblading is whatever you want it to be are just stuck in the past of us trying to prove we are better than everyone else. I am embracing the pure love of rollerblading more and more every time I put my skates on thanks to you and todd.
    So thank you guys for rebuilding the almost 17 year old love affair I’ve had with these wheels and pieces of plastic.

  12. Adam Says:

    i have posted alot of positve comments on mushroom blading in the past. I take it all back.

  13. arsene Says:

    I think we need to know the statut of this video ? and the goal, cuz it’s kinda strange, i’m pretty sur there is an hidden sens, it look like art video with a music. don’t know if i like it. it depends which position the authors had.

  14. Brandin Hunter Says:

    It like spike Lee filmed this

  15. ryan Says:

    you guys really don’t have to film every single thing.learn to condense these edits into something that is going to hold people’s attention rather than bore them over a longer period of time.the skating isn’t bad,just really drawn out.

  16. Trill Bill Says:

    In my opinion the edit is showing how for him and some of us skating is life. We don’t just use them to grind things, or hang out with the buds, or even go anywhere in particular. I don’t think he was actually trying to go anywhere… The camera kept looking at the skates every once and a while and what I took from it was… Enjoy life, and have fun… AND THE SKATES WILL TAKE YOU PLACES!

    When people first started jumping around on skates there wasn’t one person that knew we would all be here today. Here we are, and things are only getting better. Have fun, and don’t let your mindset get in the way of having a great time on and off the blades.

    Blading is a part of life, but it isn’t the only part of life.

  17. rocknrolla Says:

    yup, rolllerblading is whatever you want it to be. that guy wants it to be gay.

  18. Anonymous Says:

    Seriously…this kind of blading is fcking boring!

  19. Anonymous Says:

    I think this vid appeal more to the older generation of bladers, such as myself. I miss being able to huck myself at an obstacle without worrying too much about the consequences. Nowadays, everythings gotta be calculated because what used to be a simple fall 10 years ago, can keep me injured for weeks today. This edit shows that you can still enjoy your blades without the fear of bodily harm.

  20. Anonymous Says:

    he’s just vibin, gettin a feel, figuring it all out

  21. DERP Says:

    this is why skateboarders make fun of us

  22. Mario Mlakar Says:

    Its funny how differently bladers see this flick. I’m feelin’ it all the way.

  23. Yo Yo Ma Says:

    I am really happy that some people skate this way.

    Life is dream; eat it up.