Inline Skating reappearance at X-Games with X-Mini


X-mini Ambassador Brian Aragon to represent inline skating at one of the most popular actions sports events in the world.

Singapore, Monday, 18 July 2011 – Xmi Pte Ltd, the Singaporean company behind the award-winning X-mini Capsule Speakers, has been confirmed as an official sponsor of the Summer X Games to be held in Los Angeles, USA, from 28 – 31 July 2011.

One of the most exciting things coming out of this sponsorship is the X-mini aggressive inline skating demo which will be held during the X Games at the Interactive Park which the public can access for free.

X-mini Ambassador and 2009 World Rolling Series Champion Brian Aragon will be doing demos during the event together with a few of the top inline skaters in the world including Chris Haffey, Jeff Stockwell, Julian Bah and Franky Morales. This is a team of some of the best aggressive inline skaters and it will definitely be a treat for all action sports fans to see them altogether in action!

X-Games schedule

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  • Yi YIIiiiiii

    If you’re worried about rollerblading “dieing,” then you should quit. Wow, a very enlightening statement. But, you would be rollerblading if it was never on tv in the 1990’s, right? You would know about it how? Everyone started rollerblading because it was underground and badass, not because it was on Sunny D commercials, Airborne, and the X Games, right? You’ve made the x games shitting on rollerblading your existence. Now that rollerblading is making an appearance again, you have no fight to fight anymore. You’re bored, so keep bitching and trying to prevent newcomers from coming into the sport. That way you can keep it all for yourself and be so cool and underground, but just remember that all that other “shit” I mentioned is the reason you rollerblade.

  • The Real Woodpusher

    I would tug Aragon’s sac so hard! Balls on chin, full out homo. Corkscrew 9 his pornstar all day.

  • people who blade

    ha! JBah one of the top inliners in the world..yeah fucking right

  • Rob

    Glad to have these guys representing us! Awesome team!

  • MtDewslimjimfuckyou

    Oh pardon me Yi. I’m sorry, I started skating when I was 14 and a friend of mine showed me MAD FUCKING BEEF. Ever hear of it? And my point about quitting is this; if you love skating then it doesn’t matter who else does it, you’ll still skate no matter how big or small it is. But if your worried about showcasing rollerblading so everyone else will see how “cool” you are or you’ll somehow make REAL money then your a fucking poser and a sellout clear and simple. I am all for exposure to get new people skating just not through assholes that turned their backs to rolling.

  • Anonymous

    french = really gay people. the best at sucking cock.

  • The Real Woodpusher

    for real, I want to show Bearagon what a proper rim job feels like! I’ll make him go ass to mouth, watch…..Murda might get a bit jelly, but hey, Im just licking his asshole.

  • Anonymous

    it’s a shame the four best skaters in the world wont be at this-CJ, Takeshi, ledoux and Cudot. lets hope the Americans dont fuck it up.

  • Yi YIIiiiiii

    I don’t give a fuck about how I look. I give a fuck about the generation underneath me. If it wasn’t for mainstream exposure, rollerblading would not exist…plain and simple. Mad Beef came out because? Because the industry was established through mainstream exposure. T Bone films existed why? Because there was mainstream exposure. Do you think rollerblading will be worth a shit in another ten years without some sort of revenue coming in.

    I think it’s bullshit our top pros don’t have shit. Most of them don’t even have health insurance unless they purchase it independently. Most of them don’t get paid shit for doing something that takes way more balls than most “extreme” sports and looks way more fucking cool. If the industry was in such good shape, do you think Aragon and Stockwell would be off to promote at the X Games. Are they sellouts?

    You’ll keep skating no matter how small it is? How about when there are no skate companies left? We are still sucking the tit from the original exposure rollerblading got. The skates are really good quality right now, but who are they selling the skates to? Anyone new? I would like to know what percentage of the people rollerblading right now started rollerblading after rollerblading was out of the X Games.

    By the way, where did your friend pick up rollerblading?

  • MtDewslimjimfuckyou

    Tbone films existed because they saw something cool and different and decided they could make money off it. BECAUSE it was underground. But I think I understand what our key diffence is now. You love skating. You want skating to continue long after your gone. You feel for the pros that have to do it for the love because they have no other option. Thats fine. I respect that you care. BUT I DON’T. Skating is for ME. I don’t care about anyone else. Maybe you find that selfish. Maybe you think I owe skating more, but I really don’t. It’s an escape for me, it’s allways been. I don’t care if “pros” don’t have insurance. I skated for 5 years with no insurance BECAUSE I loved it. What if every “pro” quit tomorrow? Would you? It wouldn’t stop me. No skate companies left? There will allways be skates to skate. I started on Rollerblade Lightnings and Roces moskows. If thats what I have to revert to I will. See, you think like a pro. You want rolling to be seen as a profession. I am a skater. I think about when I’m going to be able to skate next. and thats it. my friend was one of those guys that started jumping trash cans and bumping stairs in the late 80’s. Not sure if he saw grinding in an old dailybread or got the vid at some skateshop trying to promote rolling in NY.


    Good luck and keep rolling man

  • Yi YIIiiiiii

    I know man. I hear what you are saying. I feel so dirty about the whole X Games thing. I completely see your point on this, and when I hear your side, like I said, I just feel dirty.

    I really don’t want to revert to Mountain Dew, SlimJim, Paul Mitchell, and NAYA fucking water commercials. But, I also get heated that rollerblading doesn’t the respect it deserves. Perhaps I am worrying too much about what everyone else thinks.

    Keep rolling I shall, and I am sure you will do the same.

  • HK

    Please put Taig and the Demo !!

  • Pass

    Haffey should sneak in the mega ramp comp and throw a double… I can guarantee blading will be back in the x games next year

  • X-mini

    Hi Guys,

    Please note that the schedule has changed! Brian and team will be doing the demos on Saturday and Sunday, 30 & 31 July, at the Skate Park within the Interactive Park at 12.30pm.

    See you guys there!!!!!

  • Anonymous

    great news, best wishes to all the rollers that are going to represent us.

  • Anonymous

    i’m glad there’s no french involved… they would gay it up.. specially taig that would ass land anything big he sees thinking is a cock.

  • le vengeur masqué

    I’m french and I’m really happy that it’s not the french team who will represent skating at X-games ! This opportunity is the best thing for us to grow since so far and we need the most charismatic skaters to do it and it seems to be on the good way !

  • le vengeur masqué

    And please, stop thinking that French team is the french rollerblading ! Boucau, Vilar, Legrand, Auroux, Heineman, Beaulieu, Legentil… That’s the real French scene !

  • DarthRoller

    The X-Games shat on us once and may well shit on us again.

    But some exposure is a start. Hopefully, having rollerbladers who are now industry heads will prevent us from making the same mistakes as the past when the big companies come offering money, otherwise we could face another very long and painful recession after a short-lived peak.

  • french

    Oui c’est ca. Et suce ma bite aussi !

  • Boom

    MtDewslimjimfuckyou – everything this dude says is true. I couldn’t agree more. I think there’s lot of bullshit about money and the industry. Since rollerblading left the x-games skating has progressed in every way. Skaters are better, tricks are more varied and technical, video quality is higher. Lack of money hasn’t stopped progression. Why the hell would we want to go crawling back to a community that didn’t want us? Rollerblading needs to look out for itself, we need more events like Donate & Skate: This is one of the purist most positive things in our industry.

  • Realist

    Since rollerblading left the Xgames, the sport has died. Fewer and fewer skaters every year. No money in competitions. No skaters at Woodward Camp. No TV coverage. No skateshops. There are more scooters now than bladers. Pros don’t even skate hard at comps anymore cause they’re afraid of getting hurt or too old to do any big tricks.

    Bring back the exposure like Xgames and the sport grows again. If you don’t like the sport getting bigger, than go skate by yourself.

  • Boom

    No TV coverage and more scooters doesn’t mean the end of rollerblading. Those are rubbish points. If rollerblading is so dead how come we have more brands and the best products in our history? The decline of skate shops could be due to the advent of the internet. Skaters not going big, have you seen the trailer for Fester or heard of Erik Bailey, Pat Lennen, Brian Aargon, Chris Haffey or CJ Wellsmore? Perhaps you think diveristy in rollerblading is a sign of regression? If you think the x-games is what rollerblading needs then Realist, you need to give up.

  • clubs

    i’ll check it out on tv if u tell us when i can watch it

  • victor

    CJ Wellsmore should be added to that team!

  • @BOOM

    skateshops died cause there arent enough rollerbladers for them to stay open? when was the last time you were at a skatepark? The ratio of skateboarders/bmxers/sctooers to inliners is about 300 to 1. Products have gotten better because technology has progressed, but the number of products sold has declined immensely as the number of rollerbladers has declined. You do realize that all cabins were filled with rollerbladers at Woodward in 2000, and this year, only one cabin is open for just 6 sessions. You need to get real.

  • Boom

    I’m not from America, so I can’t really comment on what’s going on over there. I still think your points are weak. You have a bogus ideal for rollerblading that is centered around money, perhaps thats because you’re American and you only understand things in monetary terms. Profit = success. As I said before, everything in rollerblading has improved. We don’t need more people, we don’t need to be part of some extreme sports circus, it’s so unbelievably lame and regressive. What is wrong with contests such as Winter-Clash, or Bitter Cold Show down, or The Hoedown, or a chosen few street comps or Bill O’Neils NYC street comp? Is that not enough? I am a realist, that’s why I will not support shit like the x-games or x-mini whatever the fuck it’s called. These organisations do not care about rollerblading, they care about profit. Do something positive, give something to donate & skate, don’t be a mug and support the x- games. How old are you, 14 or something?

  • Anonymous

    it’s a fake … no inline at x games
    nothing on the xgames website schedule …

  • to the vengeur masqué

    And please, stop thinking that French team is the french rollerblading ! Boucau, Vilar, Legrand, Auroux, Heineman, Beaulieu, Legentil… That’s the real French scene !

    Where are they on comp ???
    there are not real French Scene we just have a french scene with the all french skaters.
    Stupid Idiot,
    All the guys you talking about was friends with every members of the French Team so stop your fucking comment.

  • Vetty

    @ Boom.

    Hahaha, Funny you asked if he’s 14, I was wondering the same about you. Maybe you’re 17 then. I dunno. Anyway, your sport can’t afford to show you CJ going big. If anyone wants to see more of that then we’re gonna need more money going round, more than donations.
    To quote those famous Arlo words, “Underground? Fuck that!”
    Coverage leads to growth which is undeniably a positive thing.


    SEAN KNIGHT for XSJADO PRO 2011!!!!

  • BolognaSliceNipples

    Taig Khris isn’t going to be there?

  • Aenimadoll

    they need to get there Montre, CJ and Bolino too and they will have real show then!

  • loll

    For those fools that complaining about mainstream and no income blablabal

    I have one question for you :

    If money didn’t exist would rollerblading exist?

  • random

    I mean im glad to see this but at the same time…what the fuck..Wasin’t the X games started by rollerblading? wtf has happened. Personaly… as a pro i’d reject that shit..fuck mainstream…btw “lol” ^ the world wouldint even exist without money but that dosint mean we should all a sudden be the little bitch that gets invited back to play the game. rollerblading can still exist being underground. im fine with it. someone should blow the x games up. tierd of this action sports shit..i roll more for the art then makin it a sport.

  • Mitchell

    Honestly, you’re being a bunch of whino’s trying to prove some point and nobodies listening.

    I just hope some good filmers are there to make an edit of the demo! Should be siickk!

    Here in Brisbane Australia it seems like Aggressive inline is starting to pick up substantially in the last 6 months. Hopefully the groms keep coming!


  • Anonymous

    X-mini Says:
    July 19th, 2011 at 12:45 pm
    Hi Guys,

    Please note that the schedule has changed! Brian and team will be doing the demos on Saturday and Sunday, 30 & 31 July, at the Skate Park within the Interactive Park at 12.30pm.

    See you guys there!!!!!

    It sounds like they changed it to just one demo a day. 12:30 – 1p.m., and only on the interactive park, which is the one that is usually open to the public, not on the actual competition courses. :( but still, I’m gonna go see both of the demos!! :)