I’m Still Here: Documentary by Kevon Thompson

I'm Still Here: Documentary by Kevon Thompson

Class project that i decided to post up about rollerblading and its culture. I used Bfree’s Section from Pariah, Chris Haffey’s Section from Shred Til You’re Dead and Anthony Gallegos Section from Take Your Time with different music cuz we had to originally score it. Hope You Enjoy. – Kevon Thompson.

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  • Oscar Zabala

    Wow, the first to comment, this doesn’t happen much in trollernews. I stop commenting long time ago but this time I thought it was worth it and look… first comment. Great piece Kevon, it really captured the essence of what Rollerblading is and means to those of us that think it is not just for everybody, only for those who don’t keep a square box on their shoulders, like that idiot jason “crappy” ellis, gayest skateboarder ever (he participated in thousand of skateboarding competitions and never made it to the top 5… what a loser). Anyway, FUCK THE HATERS… LOVE THE BLADERS

  • Oscar Zabala

    BTW, you gotta wonder how much dick jason “crappy” ellis had to suck in order to keep pro skateboarding status for so many years being so untalented in with tons of skateboarders out here better than him and wanting a chance… gayest skateboarder ever

  • Anonymous

    can we stop labeling ourselfs as “aggressive” rollerbladers. wtf is that shit. were fucking ROLLERBLADERS embrace our fucking sport

  • sky
  • Anonymous

    Just lost all respect for Aziz Ansari but that was a pretty funny skit.

  • Anonymous

    Does ellis have a twitter im about to get all gay in his ass

  • Anonymous

    This is great. Loved it. A lot of talking but 15 minutes had plenty of skating. The Haffy portion was excellently outstanding.

  • Matt C

    Great perspective into rollerblading Kevon!
    15 minutes of quality right there!

  • nice

    although this has been done a million times i still find this to be watching and entertaining. It only makes me want to blade more.

  • Dis Dick

    Aren’t rollerbladers tired of these “whoa is me” skate documentaries. There are a few fundamental reasons why this sport doesn’t have the respect it deserves. This attitude is one of them. I don’t want to see another one of these pathetic, feel-sorry for-us videos.

  • Anonymous

    No one mentioned Anthony Gallegos. Section changed my life. lol!

  • Anonymous

    “the” i meant between mentioned and Anthony.

  • Horacio Nelson

    boring boring boring…
    i just wanna watch skating! i dont give a fuck, why did anyone start skating…! yes, im a fuckin hater and im old…

  • steven kenson

    that guy tyrone is gay

  • Anonymous

    wah wah im broke

    wah wah x games

    wah wah skateboarding

    fucking fags