Howie Bennett: Ground Control Blacklisted (2015)

Howie Bennett: Ground Control Blacklisted (2015)

Filmed by Mykel Fatali, Ian Walker, Cody Lampman, Greg Schlosser & Rudy Garcia. Edited by Ian Walker.

Previously: Howie Bennett: Fester Wheels AM (2014) by Ian Walker.

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  • Trollolololernews Troll

    Wow this was one of my fav things Ive seen in a while. So many hard tricks. Fakie fish, disaster stuff.

    Where does he live that he found all these crazy broken rails?

    • jca123

      thought the same thing too. broken rails everywhere!

      • Jarrod Banning

        Denver, Colorado!

  • Roland Guattari

    thanks for this one, future flow!

  • Lee

    That was epic, lots of broken handrails there haha

  • Howie Bennett

    *Edited by Mykel Fatali

  • Matt Oz

    Howie just saved rollerblading with this edit.