Hoax 5: Full Video

A film by Evan Stone & Dave Temple.

Hoax 5

Thanks Jar.

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13 Responses to “Hoax 5: Full Video”

  1. andy from razors Says:

    this was my first blading movie, it came with a free hoax 5 shirt. awesomoe upload

  2. sdo Says:

    rawls in bully mode haha! such a classic!

  3. Joe Says:

    Love this video. My favourite old school video with VG 6.

  4. "E" (mil-town). Says:

    Lol. Just got this back in vhs form the other day, it’s sitting in my back seat. What a coincidence.

  5. RollInDublin Says:

    Great thanks a lot Jar for the upload !
    I used to know it by heart, my very first skate video….
    Damn, tonight’s gonna be old school video night !

  6. dah Says:

    broski at 31:14 haha

  7. chris Says:

    One of the most epic videos ever produced! Thanks

  8. spen Says:

    I had all the Hoax vids, loved them!! Which one has Jeff Stockwell naked skating? haha

  9. Air dolphin Says:

    “You can only skate as good as look” best quote ever

  10. lol Says:

    skating hasn’t changed the people have. this video is amazing!

  11. ParkwaEscobar Says:

    Yeeasss now they were the days,so many good memories skateing with this video’s era.I rincsed this video everyday for about six months every time i got in from school. To the point that the video eventualy perished.I have been waiting for this to re appear on here for sometime. Well played.

  12. pro boot Says:

    thats when it was cool to be rock and listen to nirvana..lol
    the mtv days…

  13. @spen Says:

    none of the hoax videos had stockwell skating naked. that was bender, and one naked encounter is in this video. he skated naked in a few I just cant remember which ones because frankly I dont care to remember. seems like youre fond of it so its around 39mins. youre welcome, sincerely, your gay uncle.