Help a blader win $2500


Creative Recreation, the footwear brand, is running a photo contest. The top 2 entries with the most “likes” on Facebook takes home $2500.

You can vote for Timcr (photo above), he is currently 3rd (2,094 likes).
Skater: Scott Hallows ; photo by Lawrence Badger (larger picture). Thanks Daniel Prell.

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7 Responses to “Help a blader win $2500”

  1. Jason Says:

    done! nice soul

  2. wowzer Says:

    Surely voting for people just because they are friends defies the logic of a contest – where the impartial best is voted winner? Not saying don’t do it lol, but I don’t get how it is a contest when people vote like this.

  3. Eminem Says:

    Got you son.

    Your comment was a bit too boss like

  4. wowzer Says:

    My friend asked me to vote in a similar contest for custom skates. Well I look and his custom skates are not the best.. what do I do.. moral dilemma lol

    I will vote for this guy though because I love blading!

  5. wowzer Says:

    you better watch out, the black guy that looks like he is taking a dump is hot on ur heels :D

  6. süddeutschland-JUNGE Says:

    this is cause were an awesome community and all the rollerbladers should help each other out – but somehow “all the rollerbladers” are too lazy and dont care enough…

  7. flowskate Says:

    Haha Wowzer are you serious?? HOW DO YOU THINK THE OTHER GUYS ARE GETTING LIKES! We should all stick together you get me? Anyway Koubis you are THE MAN for sharing this..It is much appreciated even if he doesn’t win ;)