Gladiator Contest 2011: Results + Highlights

Gladiator Contest


1. Adrien Anne (FR)
2. Romain Godenaire (FR)
3. Jeremy Suarez (BE)

1. Manon Derrien
2. Stephanie Richer
3. Aurore Costabile

1. Stephane Chotard
2. Romain Vieira
3. Romain Godenaire

1. Fabio Soares
2. Fagot Gabinet
3. Quentin Harkat
4. Felix Maheo

Gladiator Contest 2011
Photo: Team TRS.

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  • Anonymous

    ouaaaa, voila exactement pourquoi je voulais pas aller la bas.
    deja rien que pour eviter de voir la barbe et le bide ayachi avec un fut moulant, ensuite pour voir ce genre de tricks de cudot…

  • Tea Bag

    Vimeo link above at 1:18 – with a grab and 180 out. No hand drag.

    Welcome to 2011 kids. You missed it a year ago when the true BCSD 2010 winner did it solid.

  • nekokrew

    bolino didn’t handrag because he did it from a standard inclined plan, the impact is much harder from a curve, and bolino tweak and inclined his spin like this near like it was natural, don’t hate on bolino , one of my favorite ,but that’s the reasons why cudot’s tricks impressed me much more, and cudot really goes and get hard on it ….

  • c II g

    ha ha cork screw top side ally-opp porn star ha ha; (ba ba bohiane)