Gabriel Hyden (Austria): SSM, The 666 Series (2014)

Gabriel Hyden (Austria): SSM, The 666 Series (2014)

Filmed by Florian Scheibmair, Stefan Paul & Roland Kluger.
Gabriel Hyden (Austria): More Media.

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  • Billy Prislin

    Sick skating but poor filming. Is the whole 666 series going to get posted?

    • soulpower

      bad editing.couldnt see the move till the 3rd take.

  • jesus cristos

    Have nowhere else to post this. Sorry Gabriel, the section was amazing. Please someone murder this child molester

  • Jimmy Andersson

    Good stuff.

  • Trollolololernews Troll

    Getting a pro skate is like the retirement sign now a days !

    Lol either way obviously GH fing destroys everything for years and one of the most stylish skaters. Goes huge and rips! Congrats on everything and of course also SSM rocks and glad to see them back on the scene with some new blades.

    Now the future Dom Bruce ! Support that kid is so sick !!!

  • Bryan Fajkovic

    amazzinggg!!!!!!!!!! Loved every bit of that, some true street skating.