Fridolin Eelbo (30): USD 2013 Profile

I am turning 30 in june and since 2 years my body, specially my knees and my shoulders are feeling old. All the clips were filmed in summer 2012 in Austria. Some tricks get lost.

Fridolin Eelbo

It took a while to finish this project. Thanks THE CONFERENCE for still supporting me all these “hard” years. You are the only skate company who donĀ“t give a shit. KEEP IT TRU. – Fridolin Eelbo.

Filmed by Piotr Sarnowski, Gabriel Hyden, Wolfgang Zapata & Florian Scheibmaier, edited by Piotr Sarnowski. Photo.

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  • Anonymous

    Good to see your still tearing it up, forgot about this guy. I wish people would stop making 30 sound old though, it’s not, but props for the tricks and staying dedicated.

  • Rob

    What a style! Fridolin = OG
    Still ripping like a boss!

  • Arnaud K

    Still remenber his Fishbrain during the IMYTA in Bercy

  • plasticmaiden

    one of the most original bladers out there, no question. that back royale to fake roll in is fucking nuts !!!!

  • deubeul

    Good to see that guy whom i watched the secion in kizer outsiders almost everyday 11 years ago still shredding.

  • tom schedin

    one of the best of all times!!

  • Anonymous

    Oh shiiiit! This guy is still blading?! He destroy every spots!! Can someone pls post his old section from Kizer with the Roni Size beat!! This section was my motivation for skating!!!!!

  • gunter

    thats maaahh boiiiiii

  • Anonymous

    Much respect for keeping it real dude. keep rollin!

  • Anonymous

    You need to get on a diet that will cure your bad knees. Its not only from skating ;)

  • RollInDublin

    Nice old school touch on these back farf and 540 liu kang !

  • Anonymous

    Or maybe just take a brake for 6 – 12 months with easy skating inbetween

  • JsameM

    Dude that was amazing

  • Plectra

    Fridolin is the man! I really like this edit!

  • Phil

    ganz stark!!!!!

  • Anonymous

    That was sick. However, euros… can you solve the mystery of wearing manpris for me? Who thought fucked up shants was a good idea?

  • Anonymous

    Uh, this guy is kind of a baller.

  • Anonymous

    The older you get, the better you get :O!
    Crazy fucking sick edit!!!

  • k2thiago

    I wanna skate like you when i turn to 30 man! Keep it up!

  • shein

    siiiiiickk as always

  • yolo

    yolo yolo yolo yolo … siiick motherfucker!! frido is the man

  • Flo
  • daveshaw

    so sick, “some tricks get lost” so true, bad knees and real life