Franky Morales (feat. Bae Yah Bossy): Caution (2015)

Musicvideo filmed & edited by Ulysse Prom.

Franky Morales (feat. Bae Yah Bossy): Caution (2015)

Franky Morales: More Media.

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  • fuck you rn

    oh look at me i’m rollernews and i suck big weiners

  • ashykneecaps

    This is so embarrassing it physically hurts to watch and listen to because of how much love I have for Franky. I appreciate your creative expression dude, I respect it, but, you both look and sound like idiots. Soft and corny. Ultramega corny.

    Franky, baby, buddy, this is weak shit. Very very weak. Stop this garbage, strap on your skates and go film an edit.

    • Martin C.

      No, this isn’t …