Fenfanix at the Lausanne Street & Bowl Contest 2012

Lausanne Street & Bowl Contest 2012

Featuring Antony Pottier, Diego Guilloud, Romain Godenaire & Maxime Genoud. Filmed and edited by Gianluca Asunis.

2012 Winner: Roman Abrate (full results).


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  • Anonymous

    Romain Godenaire is the shittest sponsored Rollerblader ever, horrible style, budget tricks and same tricks from 5 yrs ago because he cant skate anything that isn’t a rail box. Ever seen street clips of him….. NOPE!!!!!!!

    Im Romain Godenaire and i can only skate things that have round copings n even then i cant do new tricks

  • wow

    I was impressed by how far ahead European skaters are at bowl skating. Stockwell’s biggest trick at Blading Cup was a straight air on the quarter pipe, and after watching this edit, I can easily say that everyone in Europe can boost on quarter/half pipes/bowls just as high.

    Also, I had to rewind Maxime’s 900 out of the bowl like 5 times. How did he boost so high on that?! the cameraman couldn’t even keep him in the frame lol. amazing

  • patrick dils

    tient ca faisait longtemps une video de cirque !!! il manque plus qu un gars de votre team avec un nez rouge et la c’est la cerise sur le gateau !!!! vous etes trop laid les gars arretez bordel et c’est quoi cette marque de wheels de merde la ??? la marque tout comme son team sont voués à disparaitre !

  • ally brightwell

    Romain Godenaire is disgusting

  • open your eyes bitches

    “same tricks from 5 yrs ago””i cant do new tricks”…

    He did 54 ao neg mizu laced firt try in the final at this comp and then fakie bio5 royal 2weeks later in another contest… how many time have you seen those tricks ?

  • the answer

    “how many time have you seen those tricks ?”

    I don’t know exactly but too many time is the only thing I can’t doubt

  • hahaha

    “I don’t know exactly but too many time is the only thing I can’t doubt”

    Man.. you’re just a liar cause he did thoses tricks for the first time in thoses comps.. you guy are just hating… cause you’re jealous and so upset to suck on blades.. is the only thing you’re showing.

  • Anonymous

    You lie, ive sen him do that both tricks before previous contests….. Nass he did the neg mizou
    He can only skate sub box, or a rail box no hand rails, no square ledge, no street… Boring to watch the same shit over again, everyone in the caption has had killer street clips, oh wait not Romain. When he takes a run, you know what tricks will be in that run for sure, 450 0A soul BUDGET miszou to switch soul, 720 kork, tweak 360, 720 spine, maybe 1080


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