Felipe Zambardino (29, Brazil): Traxart Edit

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  • lari

    buen edit felipe, super relax su patinaje

  • Daniel Santos

    Flow demais zamba lol

  • Uddum (23)

    Do not EVER put your age in brackets again, your not even over 34 which is the only age is starts to count.

  • rafinha

    parabens man voce representa o Brasil !!!!!

  • Uddum (23)

    Good skating though, what skates are they?

  • @Uddum (23)

    At what age did you realise age 34 is the only age it starts to count?

  • Age Police

    Age 29 does not qualify for age in brackets.

  • Umrat

    DUDE pretty good skating.

    BUT it looks like ya boys got a serious case of Waiter-Arm-itis!

  • Uddum (23)

    Because everyone knows 34 is when the age in brackets starts to count, 29 is not even old 34 is getting borderline.

  • Manituwok

    He looks like David Arquette on that picture :).

  • http://615inline.wordpress.com pere 615

    parabens msm… tu sempre representa!

  • rollerblading is gay

    lulz. pretty good. but…. WAITER ARM! theres so many apperances of it

  • Vinny Badminton

    Who invented the waiter arm? Its a great look..

  • Where’s your common sense

    Can not stop laughing at waiter arm, made this edit 10x better, I’m actually laughing out loud. Brilliant!

  • Waiter

    I want my arm back!!!

  • Waitress

    Great skater, even better waiter!

  • Anonymous

    muy guapo el edit zambardino!


    rolezinho consistente hein mano!!congratz !zamba.

  • Rockfort Cock

    Is waiter arm the Omar wysong arm style? Haha

  • Marcelo Chaluppe

    For the ones who are wondering which skates are these, they are Traxart Felipe Zambardino’s Pro Model (TXT FZ). Felipe is one of the best skaters of Brazil! Such a good person!!! Ta teño hein Zamba?!? ANIMAL

  • Anonymous

    For the source of waiter arm please refer to: Colin Kelso.