Felipe Zambardino (29, Brazil): Traxart Edit

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21 Responses to “Felipe Zambardino (29, Brazil): Traxart Edit”

  1. lari Says:

    buen edit felipe, super relax su patinaje

  2. Daniel Santos Says:

    Flow demais zamba lol

  3. Uddum (23) Says:

    Do not EVER put your age in brackets again, your not even over 34 which is the only age is starts to count.

  4. rafinha Says:

    parabens man voce representa o Brasil !!!!!

  5. Uddum (23) Says:

    Good skating though, what skates are they?

  6. @Uddum (23) Says:

    At what age did you realise age 34 is the only age it starts to count?

  7. Age Police Says:

    Age 29 does not qualify for age in brackets.

  8. Umrat Says:

    DUDE pretty good skating.

    BUT it looks like ya boys got a serious case of Waiter-Arm-itis!

  9. Uddum (23) Says:

    Because everyone knows 34 is when the age in brackets starts to count, 29 is not even old 34 is getting borderline.

  10. Manituwok Says:

    He looks like David Arquette on that picture :).

  11. pere 615 Says:

    parabens msm… tu sempre representa!

  12. rollerblading is gay Says:

    lulz. pretty good. but…. WAITER ARM! theres so many apperances of it

  13. Vinny Badminton Says:

    Who invented the waiter arm? Its a great look..

  14. Where's your common sense Says:

    Can not stop laughing at waiter arm, made this edit 10x better, I’m actually laughing out loud. Brilliant!

  15. Waiter Says:

    I want my arm back!!!

  16. Waitress Says:

    Great skater, even better waiter!

  17. Anonymous Says:

    muy guapo el edit zambardino!

  18. MAGNETO Says:

    rolezinho consistente hein mano!!congratz !zamba.

  19. Rockfort Cock Says:

    Is waiter arm the Omar wysong arm style? Haha

  20. Marcelo Chaluppe Says:

    For the ones who are wondering which skates are these, they are Traxart Felipe Zambardino’s Pro Model (TXT FZ). Felipe is one of the best skaters of Brazil! Such a good person!!! Ta teño hein Zamba?!? ANIMAL

  21. Anonymous Says:

    For the source of waiter arm please refer to: Colin Kelso.