Dustin Werbeski: Two Long Years

Dustin Werbeski: Two Long Years

I made this remix for me, my sponsors & all the people who followed/supported me through the time I spent in Spain.

All & all, it was a life experience which I’ll always look back upon, as being one of the best… & If you’d like to see even more of my BCN footage, then purchase the Xsjado team video this summer.Dustin Werbeski.

Songs: Jefferson Airplane – And I Like It, Twin Peaks – Sample, The Tallest Man On Earth – King Of Spain, Townes Van Zandt – Waiting Around To Die.

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  • http://www.bcnrollers.com BCN Rollers

    Barcelona will miss you!!!

  • Thomas Martin

    yep. that was good. townes and the tallest man. on point

  • Anonymous

    that was off the hook!

  • Anonymous

    fuck his face is next to the word creativity in the blading dictionary. that was so so fucking awesome.

    my only grudge was the music and it being in black and white. either way blading was so great. the heel role to drop was fuckin sweet.

  • Joe

    Amazing, Dustin is one of the most innovative, creative and stylish skaters there is.. I cannot express how much i love this edit, it has the best feel to it, and even though I’ve seen most of this clips before, the element of surprise is still there.

    This being an online edits just proves how productive Dustin is, and that his part in the Xsjado Video will be nothing but amazing.

    Although, I think he’s an idiot for treating that lady like crap. Have some respect.

  • jimmy

    I don’t ride Xsjados, but if they give Dustin a skate I’m on that! He’s so good, so creative. Definitely deserves to be a pro by now!

  • Anonymous

    Muted clips suck

  • Anonymous

    curb tapping faggot

  • Dis Dick

    I sure that was all fun to do but is was pretty boring to watch.

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    didnt even finish watching …4:18 motherfucking impossible . top notch so far. love out of the box skating

  • Truth

    Dude! That was horrible…. Just saying it.

  • Jamie Olmstead

    God I just really don’t understand some rollerbladers sometimes. DW was maybe my favorite blader to watch in 2012. Him and Kevin Yee, who both seem to rile some of you folks up in a very negative way. Baffling. I just hate to see these kinds of reactions to such an inspiring blader, but everyone is entitled to their opinion. Keep it up, Dustin. You merk!

  • Angelsatx

    That was truly inspiring

  • jimmy

    best use of rollerblades ever. people are always on latimer’s dick on here, but dustin puts latimers innovations so far in the past (latimer was sick don’t get me wrong). thanks for the edit dustin, you’re fucking talented on the streets and in the edit suite.

  • Gashchugz

    Mindbendingly good

  • Anonymous

    i didnt like his behauvior to that women who was cleaning that spot… he was so rude, like angry kid…

  • kboos

    but dustin puts latimers innovations so far in the past BEST JOKE EVER

  • Anonymous

    Dustin is easily one of my favourite skaters, ever. I love watching him skate but there’s not enough edits out there. Can’t wait for Xsjado’s film to drop, hope he has a decent section.

  • jonk

    wow alot of those tricks seemed impossible . that was amazing !!! want to see more of your skating .. put IMAGINE BLADESHUN online !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!PLEASE

  • deubeul


    i couldn’t agree more.

  • Anonymous

    After the scene where you acted like a stupid drugkid i switched the edit off.
    Guys like you bring our sport into bad light and i can understand why there are not more sponsors for rollerblading… noone likes stupid kids.
    Go back to highschool (if you ever were there) and learn to behave like a man.
    Unserious kid.