Dustin Werbeski, Nick Lomax and Richie Eisler: Kizer, Amsterdam Sessions

Dustin Werbeski, Nick Lomax and Richie Eisler: Kizer, Amsterdam Sessions

A few ice-cold sessions in Amsterdam with Dustin Werbeski, Nick Lomax and Richie Eisler.

Shot and Cut by Richie Eisler with additional camera work by Nick Lomax, Cavin Brinkman, Dustin Werbeski and Mike Welland. Special thanks to Cavin Brinkman, Edwin Wieringh, Ivo Vegter and Dom West.

Music by Joe Atkinson and the Wu-Tang Clan!

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51 Responses to “Dustin Werbeski, Nick Lomax and Richie Eisler: Kizer, Amsterdam Sessions”

  1. Joe Says:

    That was some insane skating! Those three are dynamite, and I have no words…. Perfect

  2. hater Says:

    i prefer erods edits -

  3. LOVE BLADE Says:

    Richie Eisler, Dustin and Nick Lomax Werbeski ?, the team of the year.
    Richie Eisler continues his world tour of destruction of cities…

  4. i am crazy now Says:

    because this is crazy!

  5. Anonymous Says:

    that was really sick werbeski is good

  6. latvia Says:

    best edit ive seen in a long long long time.

  7. Anonymous Says:

    someone watched to much hip hop hood haha

  8. Anonymous Says:

    So fucking good

  9. smoker Says:

    thats fuckin badass blading!!! hellyeah

  10. damn Says:

    wtf just happened? ahahahahahahah that was awesome.

    How does Richie do such huge disasters still? that’s just crazy. you’re supposed to slow down a little as you get older, not disaster tts a double set rail. lol

  11. Anonymous Says:

    what it is

    u know they know what it is

    ecstatic !

    here it is

  12. Anonymous Says:

    Fucking SICK. Team LOCO.

  13. Anonymous Says:

    That was so sick

  14. excellent Says:

    …………………………………………………… ………………………………….. ……..

  15. Bladerrr Says:

    Those tricks were unbeleivable

    PD: Everything Richie does is epic.

  16. Lazz Says:

    #mancrush #richie eisler

  17. paul Says:

    These dudes kill it so hard. Mad pumped to see them shred.

  18. not a hater Says:

    ohhhhh myyyyyy gawwwwdddd.

    Lomax Eisler Werbeski

    holy trinity of blade power

    also im experiencing a miracle,
    because my eye balls melted watching that,
    and I can still type.


  19. Anonymous Says:


    Immaculate. Beautiful stuff here fellas.

  20. Horst Says:

    Good shit and decent music cant go wrong with that

  21. kboos Says:

    hahaha! sickkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk, thanks guys

  22. Aron Says:

    What the hell, that disaster trutop was fucking amazing.

  23. Anonymous Says:

    I think I must of watched this about 6 times already haha. Lomax kills it, good to see a brit still doing total hammers and not the gay spray on jeans faggy curb tap skating like some who pass it off as ‘fun/creative’ (eg. too wimpy to do rails). Who did the disaster true top? Fucking insane and that three soul tricks from planter to planter was the dogs derek

  24. TING Says:

    “not the gay spray on jeans faggy curb tap skating like some who pass it off as ‘fun/creative’ (eg. too wimpy to do rails). ”

    I think his name’s Billy Doyle.

    aka Billy ‘I suck cock to get on valo and scrounge benefits’ the cuntfuck Doyle

  25. Smedley D. Butler Says:

    Nothing makes Smedley happier.

  26. lil kids make me lol Says:

    awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwsome !

  27. Anonymous Says:

    TING we all know your dan collins, its just a bit pathetic now. stop being jealous of the fact billy doyle is on valo and you just like to pretend.

  28. SPLK Says:

    disaster tts wwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

  29. Anonymous Says:


  30. Skinn daddy Says:

    @TING you just cut fucken SICK

  31. Rob Says:


  32. Pom West Says:

    Credit where credit is due, best edit of 2013 so far.

  33. Anonymous Says:

    5000 clicks, thats fuckin nothing for this – put it on youtube

  34. Freds Says:

    Finally some real skating out of Amsterdam, so sick!

    Cavin is a douchebag, stop showing you ugly ass face in every edit.

  35. Hans Hockey Says:

    Pffff best edit I have seen in a while, I am from Amsterdam and I know some of these spots, dustin werbeski is my new hero..holy fuck !

  36. Anonymous Says:


  37. Pca4 Says:

    Frrruukkin sicckkk and Winter Warz!!!

  38. Human Centipede Says:

    Deffo watch this before the next sesh! Juiced.

  39. Anonymous Says:

    Loved the skating!

    On the other hand the guy who is always filming himself in Edwin from Hell edits is such a looser. I hate these people who think rollerblading is a popularity contest. I saw this guy one time in an edit skating himself. He couldn’t even do a normal soul grind on an enkle high ledge, seriously!
    When you film people stay, humble and stay out of the spotlight yourselve. LLLOOOOOOOSSSSEEERRRR It’s not about you.

  40. Anonymous Says:

    Haha someone always has to find SOMETHING to pick holes in, like 99% of the edits amazing but someone will always point out a 1%

  41. Anonymous Says:

    Maybe he’s a fan of extras ha

  42. RichieRich Says:

    Eisler and Wu Tang Clan. Can´t geht any better. Made my day.

  43. Anonymous Says:

    best edit 2013

    all those spots

  44. Anonymous Says:

    Just needs some Elliot Stevens action thrown in there, usd need to drop ledoux and push these guys more

  45. Anonymous Says:

    I’ve skated the really rounded ledge he does a fast slide on and i must say that is impressive!

  46. Dayrok Says:

    HOLY SHIT this was sick!!Eisler putting in that work, Lomax and Werbeski doing what it do!! these 3 together perfect combo seriously

  47. Rewind Says:

    Dont be a menace to south central whilst drinking your juices in the hood soundtrack?

  48. filip Says:

    switch fast slide 0___O

  49. Billy Doyle Says:

    hahahaha I love this shit! TING you are a bitch full stop. You are not offending me what so ever because you don’t even exist to me. Hope you continue to have restless nights thinking about me. Feel free to message me under your real name on facebook. This edit was fucking sick!

  50. Billy Doyle Says:

    Oh and scrounge benefits? Hahaha In England one does not have to scrounge benefits…. This country gives them away like they are going out of fashion! haha sucking dick for free skates! Jon asked me. Suck my dick anyway you coward.

  51. steven tat Says:

    8==========3 —– Richie eisler