Dustin Werbeski: 4 Days in France

November 2012 Repost. Note: This edit was the Dustin Werbeski, Defise 2012 Entry. Congratulations to Dustin for his 5th place in the contest.

Dustin Werbeski

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  • DeuxPointZéro

    Just Perfect!

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  • Zack D

    Dopeness and awesome creativity as usual. This is blading.

  • Zack D’s mom

    that fast slide was pretty nifty my good sir

  • Trill Bill

    That was intense.

  • Dwight

    that the was sexiest fast slide ive seen in a while

  • CRaig brocklehurst


  • Bledar

    Last trick ! énorme !

    Nice edit i kiffing it ! draaaaaaaaaa

  • coalmine

    hey Mr. Werbeski, I love you

  • …….

    easy tricks on easy spots this sucked

  • YES

    Dustin never fails to amaze me

  • Nick Shand

    step ons

    all over

  • Gabriel

    Wow the edit was so cool! I love so much your skating, my friend! I love your sense of «esthetic»!

  • ?

    dustin werbeski is amazing and, i certainly think he deserves his pro boot but, jesus christ rollernews stop the circle jerking already

  • Anonymous

    nice! lot of fun

  • http://nainerouge.blogspot.fr/ White Trash

    Montpellier, c’est une ville où il n’y a grave PAS de spots … Respect.

  • Anonymous

    Pretty sick but who the fuck is Dustin Werbeski?? Never heard of him.

  • Mike Salt S4P

    Nice but a lot of the tricks were not ecsecuted properly at all. nice song though.

  • Dan Davidson-Pilon

    sik man ! congrats on the pro boot we are all cheering for you. good luck, have fun!

  • Sumkiln

    Bruv why u jocking oli short for?