Dominik Wagner: New Hedonskate Pro Rider

Filmed by Dirk Oelmann, edited by Przemek Madej.

Dominik Wagner: New Hedonskate Pro Rider

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19 Responses to “Dominik Wagner: New Hedonskate Pro Rider”

  1. The Dude Says:

    That was some awesome skating!

  2. Dis Dick Says:

    Fucking slayer.

  3. the random guy Says:

    that’s sweet !

  4. Anonymous Says:

    fuck yeah
    sooo nice

  5. :( Says:

    one of the best thank god this happpend

  6. portas Says:

    never really understood why people rate him so highly. He is good and has nice style but thats about it. I could list hundreds of people who deserve more exposure

  7. Donde esta hermano Says:

    @portas… you are fucking retarded

  8. pcp Says:

    another typical domwag edit, not bad, not bad…

  9. Anonymous Says:

    dom and some pentagram? nice

  10. Anonymous Says:

    this guy seems overrated for a guy who is always being in the spotlight, hes not very technical and he has always been a good but mediocre skater. the sad part is most rollerblader dont get that.

  11. oja Says:

    oh guys please,do you ever seen his skating live? dominic is a fucking machine, he doesn’t do all vocabulary of tricks but his ao top souls,27 bs nugen or for expample fishbrains and others his trick is fucking massive, he can do them everywhere he want and if he skating parks (especially in the competition) he is usually a winner, his speed, style and condition is something you should have to see live to judge him – after some of this comment i see you don’ saw him not once; Hedonskate once again made a great move. ”Love the Bladers, Fuck the Haters”

  12. JAB Says:

    oja your right! he’s a beast in competitions!

  13. old school Says:

    consistently good is the key ! All of Dominik’s edits are good and he puts out a ton of edits. Almost 2 X as many as some other pros !!! : )

    +1 for this

  14. waldemar Says:

    Most overtated skater ever . He’s been doing the same 5 Trix for almost 10years now .

  15. Jimmy Says:

    Very poor skating considering he’s a paid international pro skater

  16. proVoke rolling Says:

    Sick! Beast mode… enjoyed.

  17. dirty laundry Says:

    The only reason why he won so many comps in europe is cuz his friends
    would judge those comps ,wich is also the reason why he can’t win comps in the US

  18. Clownkillah Says:

    Haters gonna hate, bladers gonna blade!

  19. ehh Says:

    slr is the death of video, and this was not PRO material, some good tricks nonetheless