Dominik Wagner: A Farewell to Remz

Dominik Wagner: A Farewell to Remz

After more then 10 years of skating the infamous freedom-of-feet concept, I decided now its time for me to move on and say good bye to my former sponsor Remz! Thank you Kato for a great ride!Dominik Wagner.

Shout out to the homies for filming: Richie Eisler, Worapoj Boonim, Chris Koll, Josh Glowicki, Mathias von Gostomski, Kare Lindberg, Pietro Firrincieli and Fredrik Anderson. Filmed in Bankok, Koh Phangan, Copenhagen, Berlin, Oslo and Barcelona.

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23 Responses to “Dominik Wagner: A Farewell to Remz”

  1. Anonymous Says:


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  2. Anonymous Says:

    Where is he going ? USD ? Quit blading for a while ?

  3. trippy Says:

    i feel either adapt or ssm form some reason

  4. Older blader Says:

    No one quits blading

  5. Anonymous Says:

    seba maybe?

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  6. The truth Says:

    No one buys Remz anymore it’s a dead brand. They lost CJ and Franky and the brand died. It is this decades Roces. RIP.

  7. Anonymous Says:

    I hear Nils is going USD which would give them the strongest team on the planet.

  8. Ghost Says:

    Doms on USD now

    fuck you, america. fuck you

  9. Anonymous Says:

    that was filmed terribly aside from a few clips

  10. Roberts Says:

    It’s a shame Remz never gave Dominik pro skate. Could be frustrating after representing company for 10 years. Good luck whatever route you go.

  11. Anonymous Says:

    Dom deserved a pro boot . He has been representing the brand for years now .his skating in person is amazing too watch and best of all he’s such a chill and humble person. I wish him the best

  12. MAAAATTEEEE!!! Says:

    A. Remz aint dead B. Nils kills and he aint leaving remz C. The new nils skate is awesome, Buy them. So stop the speculative BS and go blade.

  13. Anonymous Says:

    stopped watching it halfway through. Shitty farewell edit to have when no tricks are being done. Just rollerblading down a hill in anti rockers? lame.

  14. Anonymous Says:

    you mean the shit boot without metal eyelets?

    Nils doesnt even get paid

  15. Anonymous Says:

    10 years and no pro boot! Kato get your shit sorted

  16. Dirty Hippie Says:

    Since your all SO fucking stupid here are some facts:

    -USD started at an American company in the 90’s
    -Remz in owned by Sunhine now
    -The edit has dope tricks after the long hill intro
    -Dom Wagner is a really nice humble guy, but has always made school and his real job the priority in his life
    -There is no winner in a euro vs. USA battle, well all love to blade and should all love each other
    -90% of rollerbladers are dumb

  17. Anonymous Says:

    Wow, Remz is still in business? Had no idea. Congrats on getting off a loser brand and getting on the #1 skate in the world – USD.

  18. Anonymous Says:


    http:// remz [dot] com/

    Remz is small skater owned company : ) Haters can suck a dick. Think Kato is rolling around in mountains of cash ?

    Chances are he is actually loosing money on Remz but keeps it alive for the passion for blading but you fucking assholes have nothing good to say… really ?

  19. Donthatejustskate Says:

    The remz nils skate does actually have metal eyelets the ones mason Richard was skating in the video were prototypes

  20. USD CEO Says:

    Welcome Dominick. Your skating will improve significantly when you finally get some good USD skates.

  21. daniel Says:

    sick edit – thought the intro was a bit long though.
    dom doesnt need a sponsor he gets his shit done without one just as well – im sure a skater like him will always get a pair of skates for free no matter if hes on some team or not. change is not always bad and as i know the dude hell be just fine.

  22. Anonymous Says:

    what Dirty Hippie said

  23. Anonymous Says:

    So no more Juul or Wagner for remz?