Flashback: Dominic Sagona: Eat Babiez (2006) re-edit

Dominic Sagona

Widely considered the most stylish rollerblader in the world, this re-edit of Dominic Sagona‘s Legacy section highlights the steez that sets this guy apart from the rest.

Song: Of Montreal – Oslo in the summertime. Thanks Anon.
Dominic Sagona: More Media.

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  • http://www.taktika.lv Rob

    What is this sh*t? Vintage guy with sweatpants in his vintage section? Where’s HD quality?

    Just kiddin’ ^.. one of my favourite Dom’s section!

  • Dis Dick

    Style for days.

  • Anonymous


  • Urbn^nja

    This IS my favourite Dom section. So ill. The key thing that makes this is the fast and powerful skating and that ill song.

  • gangsta

    Did anyone else realize that this isn’t the original?

  • http://www.taktika.lv Rob

    gangsta, I actually didn’t till you pointed.. thanks


  • Anonymous

    whats band sing? this song or it is mix?

  • Anonymous

    song: of montreal – oslo in the summertime

  • Anonymous


    my comment was a bit too short… so i tried again

  • Anonymous

    This is pure style!! DomSag, we want you back!!!

  • Jay

    ^^^Yea what this guy said but healthy…if he can skate for a while without an injury then I’m cool but if not then keep up the DJ’ing plus he’s soo dope I would fuckin wanna kill kids if they would start bashing him on here

  • Holler

    best fucking dude.

  • Anonymous

    Half the usd team doesnt skate or out out edits. Its weird but whatevs….

  • Anonymous

    one of the best to ever do it. i just hope he can get more out there. its obvious he can if he reallly wants it.

  • damn

    I can’t wait for blading to get raw again like this. It’s a little too perfect and controlled these days, not half as exciting as Dom Sagona!!

  • Anonymous

    only skater who makes front landings look cool

  • Anonymous

    6 years ago… ? yes guys 6 years… ! where are skaters like him now? im sorry to say this because there are lot’s of good quality skaters like brian aragon, cj welsmore etc., (bomb!) but the level of style sagona reached in 2006 cant be compared to the level of what we are seeing today in my personal opinion.. this is the shit of what im really proud beeing a rollerblader!

  • fredje

    that’s me sitting overthere at the last tricks

  • Anonymous

    ummmmmmmmmmm WOW !

    What happen to blading :(

  • Anonymous

    people need to re-upload all his vids. you cant find any good quality footage of sagona these days.

  • Anonymous

    0:32-0:36; Most stylish ninja trick in rollerblading; 540 Sagona abstract.

  • Anonymous

    most overrated ever

  • Anonymous

    So amazing, funny how foward landing r becoming trendy and sagona is just so raw he transcends trends he is a trend of his own, take notes kids this dudes a legend

  • MARC

    ^^ Clearly a Kevin Yee fan…

  • Anonymous

    that 360 soul on the coping… just leaning soo far back! and the way he hops from one foot when switching from fakie to regular – its the little things. Gotta love Sagona, can’t wait to see new tricks in the BHC movie

  • haha

    i thoroughly enjoyed watching that clip.