Dima Makrushin: Shredding Before ACL Surgery (2013)

Dima Makrushin: Shredding Before ACL Surgery (2013)

Filmed by Alexander Golovkin and Ilya Kozhevnikov in Moscow, Russia. Edited by Alexander Golovkin and Dima Makrushin.

Song: Cypress Hill – I Wanna Get High. Cameo: Boris Gaisner.
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53 Responses to “Dima Makrushin: Shredding Before ACL Surgery (2013)”

  1. jojo Says:

    No sorry! Unwatchable because of too much gay slowmotions!

  2. hey dookie Says:

    holding it down for the motherland!! best wallride in rollerblading history. in mother russia walls skate you.

  3. pom Says:

    although heaps of slo mo and he wears a nighty, and a mellooooow track,
    i thought this actually worked together quite well.
    alleyoop wallride was tight as fuck!

  4. Anonymous Says:

    Thats how rollerblading must look like! Incredible style!
    Fuk dat tight pants bitches

  5. Anonymous Says:

    to jojo ??? ????? – ??? ??? ????????

  6. Anonymous Says:

    To Gay, you too much Jojo

  7. Anonymous Says:

    I thought this was gonna be shit cause of the intro – but that was actually sick….!! Old farmer steez before he came out

  8. BallsDeep Says:

    Haha jokes! This dude is stuck in a time warp and it’s fucking great! I hope he never changes, his skating is sick. A nice mix of some creativity, straight up rail skating, a gap and good style, he’s a well rounded skater.

  9. razor warehouse Says:

    sickkk, so much style, 10x better then all the skinny emo shit coming out these days.

  10. goomi Says:

    His also one of the Best free-skiers from Russia. Thats where tall ts and baggy pants probably come from.

  11. goldeneye Says:

    This shit made my day. So steezy and so hiiiiiiiigh

  12. Diaz Says:

    Great Edit !

    Usually I am not a huge fan of slow-mos, because I think they are not used properly. I am not talking about the editing skills because I am not better myself, but because I have the feeling most of the time slow-mos don’t come at the good moment to do what I think they are made for : underline something interesting in the skating.

    This is the first edit I see where I thought slow-motion really brought something good, not to mention that the image quality was beyond reproach, no bad twixtor-like effects in this !

    Besides that, I am huge fan of Dima, I think he does what he wants and how he wants it without paying attention to our trends, making him more “original” than most of the people existing in our industry.

    Much love from France !

  13. dyamond crew Says:

    Nice styl!good edit!dont stop!!!

  14. Axel Says:

    Same dude: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=n2WFY6fui-c


  15. Rewind Says:

    Great editing and filming.. people dont understand a good production when they see one


    Kick ass edit, nice!

  17. kaltik Says:

    Sick !! love the steez !!

  18. Chris Says:

    his style is sick as fuck!!!

  19. DEAN MAKIN Says:



    FUCKING steeeeeezy little bitch

  20. not for u Says:


  21. Anonymous Says:

    Why are Russian rollerbladers so fucking good right now? Godspeed on the surgery.

  22. Dean Makin Says:

    Lol I lie he looks like a rolling sock

  23. Henz Says:

    I could watch Dima blade all day. Steezasaurus!

  24. Anonymous Says:

    That shirt is way too dirty for that much slo mo. We need no mo of useless slo mo

  25. spielburgger Says:

    wish you a speedy recovery

  26. Anonymous Says:

    Russian Farmer (old school edition).

  27. Anonymous Says:

    please more stylers like him.

  28. Kirill Says:

    Not sure if anyone skis but this kid is the rollerblading version of henrik harlout, for sure.

  29. Niko salaman Says:

    yeah!-definately oldschool edition Farmer!! Dima killed it-so original!! fine editing too!! well done exceptional production people!!

  30. Dis Dick Says:

    1998 called and they want your fake “G” outfit back. You look dumb as hell with those headphones on too. That said, the skating itself was nice.

  31. Arlo Says:

    LOVE the style ! ! ! 1999 throw back NIGGGG ! : )

  32. Mike Dougherty Says:

    Love this edit.. Love his style.. Stoked to see people still skate in the same kind of gear i do.. Keep it up homie get healthy soon

  33. krazyesko Says:

    wash your pant and t-shirt

  34. hah Says:

    just point this out , u see that clip at the end? thats more than likely how he got a dirty shirt, u see how he has the same clothes on the whole edit, more than likely filmed all in the same day, so really wash your shirt ?

  35. Touchy Feely Says:

    Faggot hipsters like to stay clean. “Dick” would be to pussy to say that shit in person.

  36. dbeer Says:

    so sick, enjoyed

  37. DimaFan! Says:

    goodness me! this dude is an original G for suure, not in the sense that hes been around as long as farmer or like, any other dudes have but this kid is doin it right; his way. Not your way, his! and hes got tricks. But the styyyle damn he’s in the lineup to go AM pretty quick for sure!
    Canadian love!

  38. Leon Says:

    bringing back the best style

  39. Boris Says:

    Always been sick, always will be. Already recovering from that acl surg!

  40. Anonymous Says:

    sick skating and editing and no trendy paint on pants and vest is a plus

  41. Alexander Says:

    LOL! 1/3 of edit was filmed in one day after wallride, so wash your brains shitheads

  42. Anonymous Says:

    Loved it, his skiing skillz are sick too.

  43. Kirill Says:

    had to come back and comment again on how much i loved this. just so much style! you can see this kids a skier. i wish more edits came out like this.

  44. Anonymous Says:

    please come back Ultra baggy style.

  45. Anonymous Says:


  46. Anonymous Says:

    DOPE AS FUCK!!!!!

  47. Lee Says:

    Love it, missed that baggy steezy style! Fuck skinny jeaned hipsters.

  48. steve Says:

    I was gonna say this guy has to be a skier and i was right hahaha

  49. Fordayz Says:

    yep, this is sick. i dont love baggy clothes, but this is a skating forum, not a fashion forum. russians know how to do it right.

  50. Anonymous Says:

    About once a month I see something on rollernews that really surprises me in a great way- this falls into that category. Serious old school flavor but fresh and original as fuck. Well done dude

  51. mimics Says:

    i bet he’s got a good looking porn star

  52. josh Says:

    You can so tell this kid is a skier, dat style! I didn’t even know that you got shirts that big but if you can pull if off then why not haha

  53. Eric Estrada Says:


    ^He has a dope segment in this ski vid,