Demetrios George: USD Edit by Matty Watky (2011)

Demetrios George sent me some clips in the space of a few weeks and ended up with a sick new edit.Matty Watky. 2011 Repost.

Demetrios George

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  • jonas.straight.from.the.rezz

    i feel like colin kelso is gonna get cought slippin real soon.

  • Boss

    Good beginning haha!

  • T B

    @anonymous: JC Rowe is XSJADO team manager, right?!

    But this or that doesn’t matter – just wanted to make the point he doesn’t “need” to skate as good as he does since he’s working with the biggest company in Rolling atm xD
    Especially when pulling this off after a year of injury.

    Oh, didn’t I just see Dem opening his shin at NYC comp?

    Stay healthy and keep up the good work!

    One love!

  • Anonymous

    jc is manager for both

  • Oskars

    waching it one more time!!! DG is KING!!! :)

  • banrzs

    song: Fabolous – Imma

  • HAhahaHAHAHA

    that’s a shame you little niggas be rapin’ CKs name like that… it is some funny shit though. almost as funny as ppl on here talkin about fightn. rollerblader are the biggest shit talkn pussies on the planet hands down. noone w/ skates ever knocked out the next nigga for talkn shit….E-Thuggin on the messageboard, WE OUT HERE!!!

  • iiii

    DG cut his shin open because USD has piece of shit buckles from 1805 that cut the shit outta you all so they can save a few penneis on the back end…weak.

  • whaaaaaaaaat

    how’s rollernews gna remove my comment but keep all these bullshit little “CK” posts up??? fuck you rollernews w/ your corny ass gossip girl admins

  • DarthRoller

    Demetrios is, quite frankly, an absolute beast.

    Big, hard tricks on big, hard spots.

    What’s not to like?

    Oh and he can truetopsoyale your face. Just saying.

    Want to see a high jump competition with Farmer xD make it happen!

  • ghim

    that ws an absolute pearler of a section. proper quality skating, hard and committed, probablt the best ive seen of DM. well done!

    oh yeah, how tall is DM? he looks a big boy..

  • rafael messias

    Amazing Edit DG, I hope you come back to Brazil soon

  • Hatersgonnahate

    Dude, play for NBA with your high jump and your fuckin shorts !!!
    Sorry but this is not the inlineskating I like…

  • CK aka Mahoney aka Colin Kelso

    I’m sorry DG, don’t send your goons my way. i’m watching child porn right now. I’m the scum of the earth and i cant do anything about it. i took it in the ASS once and that shit really changes a man. I mean boy.. my dad be on some wild shit.

    very sorry and pathetic

    CK aka Mahoney aka Colin Kelso

  • CK

    If you guys don’t think this is me, check out the post on be-mag msg board. I said what I need to say there and here. Get over it, Demetri is a washed up joke.

  • Doug Cupo

    Demetrios…that was an incredible edit, so juiced to watch that!!! You are the fucking man…hope that shin heals up quick brother, u ripped at NYC Invite! Holla

  • Anonymous

    damn last trick was super dope. that was creative and ballsy

  • Billy Xingo

    The true Spartan on wheels is back! Keepin’ it real, Dem…!

  • DEM

    This is the real DG. No trolling!

    All I have to say is when I mentioned praying for Colin I meant it.. Some people have issues with themselves that they feel the need to push on to others when they see their success..

    I could care less what people think about the innovation with my skating. I hear so many people talk down on me and put themselves or others above me but that doesn’t change the fact that I love rollerblading and try my hardest to expose it to the masses in the proper fashion..

    Not Drunk and pilled off my ass at contests, being a dick to kids, feeling special and hanging with my click or whatever highschool type ish that goes down in our sport. Fact is just as much as we need CK rockstars with attitude which adds to the lifestyle, we need people who can talk to parents, teach kids how to skate, business minded skaters creating tools for us to look more professional ie. Vinny Mintons Productions.

    I get problems for smoking in past edits, which I didn’t really want out there, but on some real talk having a father who battled being an alcoholic didn’t help me out too much growing up and I’d rather smoke around the corner on my own time versus be drunk off my ass, twisted off zanex, pain killers, or whatever ish I see happening quite often.. Trust and believe no matter how medicated I am with my herbs I am still capable of speaking to shop owners, parents and giving tips to kids on how to blade..

    I genuinely care about people and it’s in my heart to be there for rollerblading.. All this drama is kid stuff and it doesn’t really bother me at all but it also doesn’t bother me to speak about it and put my side out there…

    For the record I have tricks that will come out that are things you havent seen me do before but why put these things out in a free edit.. As far as I’m concerned the tricks I already gave would’ve maybe had a better impact in a video along with be online..

    As for now I’m gonna go skating and laugh about this.. Keep the hype coming as far as I’m concerned..

    DG USD

  • DEM

    And for the record my Father graduated from Yale and is a seriously smart and wise man.. But just like you Colin people loose themselves to addictions and alcohol was his.. but no more..

    Hope you can overcome your shit man…

  • spess mehren

    this could easily have been a video section, this is what rollerblading should be, not the trendy small boring shit that is running rampant throughout the industry today…I miss the days when this would have been a pretty average edit, back in 2004 or so, but today it’s a breath of fresh air

  • tim

    Hey CK if you’re reading this, seek help, you need it.

  • ED

    So to follow this to its logical end… Ben Franklin = Philly = CK = Germanophobia therefore Ben Franklin = Germanophobia

  • Anonymous

    fuck colin kelso. no one likes him. gtfo already dude.

  • Oscar

    @DG. I wish I could get to lace the tricks that DG or CK alike get to lace seemingly so easy, however, I’ve based my sessions on Royales and Soul Grinds for 14 years. I also wish young people in blading understand, once and for all, that it is not about the fucking tricks, it is not about what looks cooler than what, it is about the positive vibes, it is about feeling confident, it is about exercising, it is about being an individual, it is about not following trends, it is about bringing R/blading to every corner in the planet, it is about skating in South America one day and skating in the US the next and then in Africa, it is about enjoying the fun of it, there is so much fun in blading, IT IS ABOUT LOVING SOMETHING A LOT. I want to express my recognition to DG as a current icon in the industry. It is skaters of your caliber what keep this sport alive and what inspire me to stay involve and supporting our brands, our industry. I hope someday to bring more to the R/blading table, hopefully after finishing my MS in Engineering and finding a good job, but for now I want to at least express my recognition to DG and assure everybody in this forum that it is only sk8ers like him, just like Feinberg, or Spizer, or Schrijn, or Elliot, or Ortega, or Zamora, or Riggle, or Andrews, or so many in the past, what would project R/blading into the future. Learn of ur roots and u will learn where to go.

  • JP


    Congrats, Demetrios! Great to see you back in the game.

    CK, i wont waste my time reading it. Go to your 2cm p.rail and cry, you will never be as good as your brother.

    Byebye, we wont ever miss you

  • Prodigy

    Terrible. I respected that kid. And thats just it. he’s a kid. He has talent but of course he has a lot of issues. DG i can already see how you brushed this brush of them shoulders. I tease my boy Soderburg about USD’s all the time but real talk Ya’ll put it down and you are leading the way sir.

  • Simon

    I could drink CK under the table….FACT

    Put the beer down and the skirt back on Colin – you faggot

    Ps. Amazing Edit Dem x

  • OG Los Angeles Local

    this little toy better watch his back. thats all i got to say.

  • Anonymous

    Man if that is him talking shit its all bad for him. I dont think any buddy will be able to pull that guy away from a crowd of thirty fools stomping him out. Aint no sreets out here! Man, we going to show you. We got 40 gloc that will be in attendance if you do ever descide to show up to L.A. He’ll show you about the streets and we gunnerz out here boi.

  • ck fan club

    Colin is my friend, be nice

  • ..

    wtf^^, colin is a complete fuck. go back to being the nobody you are bitch hater that gets everything handed to him. no real work ethic. fuck CKforLIFE

  • CKfan. F LA

    Demetrious got all those wack fools on usd, soderburge, cortez, Santos, Hamm only one killin it is williams. Ruining the game.

  • tom

    good skating, shit song, shit human beings going mental on the internet glad i dont skate anymore haha!

  • Good Day LA

    CK. I’m just gonna be frank with you. What the fuck is wrong with you? Seriously. No one’s running their mouths about Philly, NYC, Dallas, or where ever there are a fair amount of rollerbladers. If you don’t like california and our scenes, fair enough. But don’t run your mouth like a god damn idiot. Want to know why more people get sponsored out here? It’s because the companies are based here or have a team manager here. Sure, I agree that people hook their friends up, but you know everyone in rollerblading is guilty of that. Unlike any professional sport where your talent plays a huge part of sponsorship and you working hard means keeping it, rollerbladers hook up those around them, which may not be the best candidates for sponsorship. There are kids in the middle of nowhere with some amazing talent but will never be sponsored and the mediocre guy gets sponsored because he knows someone. But it isn’t california, it isn’t LA, it’s everyone because our industry is so niche and barely making due.

    And ok, you must feel like an under-appreciated artist, but you know what, you were the one who threw himself into oblivion and secluded himself because no one understands your point, with your chicken scratched angry letters to the editor. I almost had hope for you when you started to put out edits, even your 1 minute ‘yo’ edit. Everyone had a good laugh at that and we almost thought you were sane again. And then this comes out and we’re back to CK has lost his fucking mind again. You’re the Amy Winehouse of rollerblading.

    So you attack other rollerbladers for being stuck in their narrow minded approaches, when you’re not much better. Everyone has a point of view on where rollerblading should go and what progression means. And that’s where everyone is arguing. There are many roads. Or better still, all roads lead to Rome. But rollerbladers haven’t gotten that. Obviously you haven’t. I may not like everything I see out there, nearly 14 years in the game, but I can appreciate it. I suggest you learn to do the same. That or don’t sit from your window on the world yelling at those kids to get off your lawn. Make edits showing us what you think your form of progression is. Forget videos, I won’t buy it if you are in it. But online, it’s free and will be distributed lightning fast, so whether people like you or not, they’ll watch it.

    Seriously, you want to make changes, actually get off your ass instead of complaining about Demetrios. I’m not saying your changes will mean a damn, but once you’ve actually tried without hubris and arrogance (because right now you’re being a pretentious prick), I think you’d get slightly more respect.

    Sound like a plan CK? Cause really, I don’t think you have a plan b right now.

  • kierowcaPL


  • JS

    Props to DG for being a professional!!

  • andre bherer

    ”poor kids dont have good fathers to teach them about deals and money and germans lie and take advantage of that”

    seriously wtf CK I used to be a fan of your skating since poetry in motion ……now you’ve ruined everything youve ever done for rollerblading with all thoses comments.
    seriously you are fucked in the head buddy, .
    maybe you deserve a good beating or a lot of love …. maybe you come from a rich family but your comments just showed that money isnt everything and you have a whole lot of stuff missing in your life maybe education ( School of life)maybe you didnt have enough love in your youth and you parents werent present enough just spoiling you with toys and material bullshit gift…
    you are sick and you should seek help
    you are arrogant , pretentious and you are the worst rep rollerblading could ever have……. being humble is the first thing you should learn in life AND IS A DIRECT INDICATOR OF YOUR EDUCATION


  • Eric Palmer

    CK is going fakie: “in fact if you skate for a company that calls this guy pro and your getting called pro by the same company then you being pro doesnt mean shit in reality because that means everybody should be a pro because skating is easy.” – if this is actually the real Colin Kelso, you just dissed the shit out of your own brother, dumbass, where’s the brotherly love? Gone from pro to internet troll… great move.

    People seem to forget that rollerbladers are hated by 80% of the population (at least where I am & grew up), so have had lots of people talk shit about us & what we do… if you still rollerblade you get numb to other peoples negative opinion & keep doing what you love regardless because they’re not there when you’re smiling after landing that trick that took you half an hour to land.

    Anyway, wasting time on that sorry ass under this fuking sick edit is kinda sad too. DG, you are a beast, your skating is always awesome to watch & a good personality to back it up!

  • Anonymous

    ck is like charlie sheen on skates

  • Anonymous

    Demetrios George fucking killed it! i havent seen a frontside that monster since Carlos Pianowski! come back kid. sick song. cant wait to see more cause i know we will. mad props and love

  • Eric Foust

    This shit is better from 4 years ago I see posted now! Honored to have came in 2nd to this guy at Seattle Street Battle even tho most though I was screwed ;) haha I tried!

  • Sebastian Andrei


  • Trollolololernews Troll

    Absolute beast and the above comment is right better than 90 % of anything today.