David Sizemore: A farewell to Rollerblade

David Sizemore: A farewell to Rollerblade

Photo: WRS.

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84 Responses to “David Sizemore: A farewell to Rollerblade”

  1. Steeze Police Says:

    Two Sizemore posts in a row : Sickness. Hopefully, he gets what he deserves with his new boot company. Best wishes to the WRS champion.

  2. heardat bitch Says:

    why is david sizemore the best person in rollerblading

  3. Anonymous Says:

    I wonder who he plans on riding for. Sizemores is too good of a blader and too humble a person to get dropped by Rollerblade. Which means he’s got something in the works.

  4. stain Says:

    tom hyser is an idiot. you let an amazing opportunity slip through your hands. fuck nordic.

  5. Anonymous Says:

    rollerblade is fucked i have to say haha.

  6. pop Says:

    I put my money on Seba

  7. Dang Says:

    ^^^what she said

  8. Tom hyser Says:

    Fuck yew bitchhhh

  9. Domi Says:

    tRollerblade! Y U GIVE NO PRO SKATE?! it’s a shame such a great talent had to leave. big up for his new sponsor

  10. DK Says:

    Why Seba? Why does a company that basically did nothing for us besides picking up cj wellsmore get so much credit. I don’t get it…Seba is a “competition” company and they don’t get what we do! Just look at their website. Prove me wrong first!

  11. Anonymous Says:

    seba or rainbow ?

  12. Anonymous Says:

    Broskow style ._.

  13. Anonymous Says:


  14. Margaret Says:

    “I want my music back”

  15. skaterhater Says:

    david sizemore is now riding for saloman

  16. soul2roll Says:

    ^^^ I wish!!

    Salomons r amazing!

  17. soul2roll Says:

    I have the feeling it will be seba too?? Whatever skates they r tho they r all 10 times better thn RB imo.

  18. Trill Bill Says:

    It is pretty crazy how long he has been on RB and never got a boot.

    Probably the only time I’ll use these three letters without trying to be funny.


  19. Stefano Says:

    why you all hate rollerblade?have you read this?
    Quoting David Sizemore:

    Thank you Rollerblade, you were the first to take me seriously. You’ve treated me well since the beginning, but I’m moving on.

    -David Sizemore
    it’s clear, David left rollerblade, not rollerblade fired David. Can a person go on, without hate the past company??I think yes.

  20. Anonymous Says:

    Almost half their age and more professional than most company owners.

  21. To be a pro blader Says:

    He doesn’t have everything needing to be pro, his trick set is crazy but he is missing a personality, look at Dre, Franky, o’niel ,DG, then there’s Lilly farmer bambrick all a bit different but they can inspirer kids with there personalitys. Sizemore is a great skater but lacks this Pro quality.

  22. Anonymous Says:

    valo would fit him well, xsjado too

  23. frodofuk Says:

    @to be a pro blader, your an idiot

  24. Anonymous Says:


  25. Anonymous Says:

    I didn’t even realise Rollerblade still made skates……..

  26. Anonymous Says:

    I can see him going to Xsjado or maybe Adapt like Julian..

  27. Yi Yiiiiiiiiiiii Says:

    I would say Valo, but I don’t really know if they have any money to spread around outside of what they have. USD and Razors just set pro teams. Xsjado has Farmer, Stockwell, and Kelso…I think. SSM is SSM. Seba? K2? Kato doesn’t have enough money to give to anyone but Haffey. Maybe the conference is going for the takeover. I have heard incredibly little about Seba, so I don’t know what the story is there. I can’t find anything outside of recreation and “trick” skates on their page. Maybe USD is going for the takeover?

  28. Anonymous Says:

    It’s not going to be USD…David is WAY smarter than that and isn’t really good friends with anyone on USD so that’s definitely not happening, neither with Xsajdo…why would he join a company (The conference) that will treat him worse than any other company in rollerblading? USD won’t take over, they don’t even have a real team? who’s on their team now? Elliott Stevens? sounds like a real all-star team.

  29. Anonymous Says:

    I have inside info its USD which gives them the greatest team on the planet. Sizemore has never gotten the recognition he deserves because he was on Rollerblade. With Sizemore and Cudot on USD they will dominate for the next decade.

  30. FU Says:



  31. Anonymous Says:

    damn he has no more helmet, sucks :/

  32. The Truth Says:

    yep USD with Franky. Best skates and best skaters!

  33. Brian Shima Says:

    He will take over SSM ” Sizemore Skate Manufacturing ” And get a pro skate!

  34. Anonymous Says:

    i hope sizemore starts doing big tricks again and stops this little bull shit skating

  35. FRANCE RULES Says:

    He would be smart to move to France since it is the center of rollerblading on this planet. He is one of just a few Americans that has the talent to comepte against our athletes.

  36. Anonymous Says:

    But if he moved to France he would have to seriously get a lot worse…HE would have to put his helmet back on, not grab his tricks, TRY to have terrible style like everyone in France.

  37. avlbladerhomie Says:

    It all makes sense now

  38. Anonymous Says:

    that wall ride zero fix on wall rail was epic sheit niggers

  39. damn Says:

    last trick was so cool

  40. jeremy Says:

    most enjoyable raw clips. David is awesome, showing the world how to really stomp tricks with style and execution. David is a respectable blader and he respects Rollerblade so don’t hate on them. With that said, I’m excited to see who picks Sizemore up because he has deserved a pro boot for too long. Watching David made me feel comfortable wearing a helmet everywhere I bladed, even though he is good enough to not need one anymore, I’m definitely not. Much more to come from David Sizemore in the future, a real rollerblading hero

  41. stop this france shit talking Says:

    have you ever been to france? 4 athletes take down an entire country with their mentality doesnt mean the rest of the population /skaters think that way take remy meister for exemple…Please stop being ignorant.

  42. Yi Yiiiiiiiiii Says:


    Thank you for letting me know he conference owns Xsjado and USD; you must have a lot of inside info. Who is on the USD team? Nobody that good, really. Dumbass.

  43. SEANPQUINN Says:



  44. Anonymous Says:

    USD baby! finally this guy gets the exposure and respect he deserves. more talent than anyone in blading.

  45. Chris Smith Says:

    he’s really not that good

  46. USD RIDER Says:

    David Sizemore the new face of USD Carbons! Congrats!

  47. ny skater Says:

    watched him kick haffeys ass in NY LMS. legit. maybe join ramelle on our new NYC skate?

  48. David Sizemore Says:


    You used a picture of me out of context giving off a false impression.
    I am not leaving RB on negative terms. It was extremely unprofessional of you, and a low blow to the brand.

  49. Anonymous Says:

    It looks like hes trying to be broskow.

  50. dbeer Says:

    great blading, all the best for him.

    that double wallride idea is really sick, I love his speed

  51. saa Says:

    David Sizemore Says:
    January 20th, 2013 at 10:28 pm


    You used a picture of me out of context giving off a false impression.
    I am not leaving RB on negative terms. It was extremely unprofessional of you, and a low blow to the brand.

  52. the niggrrrrrrrrrrrr Says:

    Hey this section had like one cool trick, the rest , okay at best. Sizemores suck a Fucking cocky faggot I was amongst the many boooing his ass at Blader cup ’12 . Hope sizemore breaks his legs.

  53. Someone Says:

    Sizemore would make look better any skate he wants to, so lets give him some time and i think we will be very proud of his choose

  54. hahaha Says:

    think its funny how big of a deal it is! funny how everyone nitpicks every little thing. you either like him or you don’t.

  55. JFK Says:

    Sizemore is a gentleman and an incredible rollerblader and a heck of a Deadhead.

  56. asshole Says:

    I liked how Sizemore is flipping his middle finger at Rollerblade in the photo above. Nice attitude. This company supports the guy for years and he flips them off. Fuck you Sizemore. I hope you end up on SSM and dress like a clown on shit skates.

  57. Tim and Eric Awesome Show Says:

    Great Job!

    Your comment was a bit too short. Please go back and try again.

  58. reddit.com Says:

    i hope he goes to razors so i can see everyone cry about how they dislike razors so much

  59. Cinco Says:

    Hey asshole, Sizemore is not flipping off anything but a camera. Rollernews made that photo. As you can see, they have taken it off and replaced it with a face shot, so people like you don’t think he is flipping off Rollerblade.

  60. Travis' mom Says:

    Hey dicks, its possible that hes going to quit rollerblading altogether.

    He probably (just probably) has a life, other than rollerblading.

  61. Tom Cheung Says:

    Seba would be cool, they make money and there-fore I would like them in the industry. Everyone who is hating on bigger companies with bigger wallets, entering rollerblading is an idiot. GET MONEY, GET PAID.

  62. ion Says:

    Way to handle shit, David. …and lol at some of the comments on here. Buncha weirdos.

  63. Anonymous Says:

    He’s imitating Broskow lately so maybe he’s homosexual.

  64. Kore Says:

    Congrats on being the new Pro for Kore Skates – New York City’s finest. David joins Ramelle Knight – 2 of the Top 5 skaters in the world!

  65. Potential Rollerblader Says:

    That edit was really good. He makes me wanna try rollerblading. These comments do not.

  66. Anonymous Says:

    i dont even think kore is going to happen. you cant globally market a brand based on repping new york, thats just stupid. also kore is nowhere on the radar in any form of blading news.

  67. Anonymous Says:

    rollerblading is for faggot ass loser wanna be tough guys who have small penis’s , this sport is a joke, get a job and move out of your parents you piles of shit and puke. ARLO EISENBERG FOR LIFE. Go to hell you trashbag wankers! your mothers nickers were delectible!

  68. rollerblading is gay Says:

    so you riding adapts now eh? sweet.

    lol i kid. you have to go to another company.

    also…do your hurricane everything again please

  69. Rob Says:

    Hopefully it will be for the best!

  70. Anonymous Says:

    These comments are hilarious. My favorite joke is Ramelle Knight being one of the top 5 skaters in the world. That one had me laughin’ for a good minute.

  71. jasper jones Says:

    It has said he is now on USD for nearly 24hours.

    How is this news not on the front page?!

    Rollernews are SSLLOOOWWW

  72. @Jasper Jones Says:

    Where’s the proof? Show us a link. I’ve just checked out USDs new updated page and Sizemore isn’t on it.

  73. Anonymous Says:


  74. Anonymous Says:

    All of you are losers for actually debating this stuff i bet none of you can do the tricks he does or drop a good section


  75. Scott Wilcoxson Says:

    Sick edit as usual David! I dont know who Davids skating for but he was skating Roces on saturday in spartanburg. Dude is one of the most naturally gifted rollers out there and will continue to innovate no matter what piece of plastic is on his feet.

  76. george georgette Says:

    Tell rollerblade and all rolllerblading companies to go screw themselves. Rollerblading is freaking dead, and once it´s dead, it´s dead. Everyone disses us.
    And since the company that made the history of blading can´t give enough money or props to a true blader like DAVID. then they need to die off and leave.
    I hate rollerblading right now. I heard companies like Razors control the ammounts of blades being made because they don´t want blading to grow beyond their own monopoly. I´ve heard this stuff from inside the industry. I´m not gonna point out any names. But it´s the truth. Andy is affraid that if blading grows again, companies like nike or Adidas will step on the scene and he will lose control over an unexplored market. I´ve Been busting my ass out to make blading grow, and now this. Screw them all. I hope DAVID gets what he deserves. and that is top pro status.
    Rollerblading is a joke, and untill somebody does something about it, it will remain like that,

  77. Anonymous Says:

    Wheres the fucking helmet?

  78. ChrisBray Says:

    So controlled!
    Switch wallride switch zero fish line was sick as fuck.

  79. Anonymous Says:

    george georgette take a business management class because you have no clue what you’re fucking talking about

    i’ll say this k2 inline is still in business cutting profit however they can.

    if you dont understand that simple statement above shoot yourself, or even better start a rollerblading business and cut a hugeeee marketing budget.

    go ahead do it faggot

  80. LacedWithSOB Says:

    ……………………………………………….Holy Shett

  81. Daytona Says:

    Haven’t you seen he’s getting pro by oxygen? fucking slow faggots! It was announced in 1994!

  82. Daytona Says:

    No, now seriously. It was announced in last daily bread. Slowggots

  83. Funny shit Says:

    Naw he’s on my new skate company d’jango of skates. The d is silent. We fuck shit up. And our motto is “guns up chains down”.

  84. a Says:

    Guize I heard Sizemore is now on Nike bro !!!

    He is also sponsored by Monster Energy Drink and Kim Kardashian’s Ass !