Dave Mutschall & Patrick Piesik: Park Session

Dave Mutschall & Patrick Piesik: Park Session

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37 Responses to “Dave Mutschall & Patrick Piesik: Park Session”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    god damn…that was great,i don’t give an f for those low rails,it was great anyway.

  2. Anonymous Says:

    amazing AO negative acid

  3. Anonymous Says:

    Truespin ya nonce

  4. bless Says:

    Cool edit and nice switch-ups! Keep on rolling!

  5. Anonymous Says:

    crazyyy tricks!!!!

  6. Anonymous Says:

    Anyone know what the song is titled??

  7. Atis Says:

    Don Diablo feat. Noonie Bao – M1 Stinger
    Great track:)

  8. Anonymous Says:

    Don Diablo – M1 Stinger

  9. Anonymous Says:

    Are these comments for real???

    That was fucked up
    Start with the music end with the landings
    Plus no skate sound!


    so gay. who the hell makes an edit dinking around on 6in playrails? then edit it to some trance garbage. get outta here.

  11. Anonymous Says:

    Really smooth. Some of it was pretty impressive. On the other hand, at least half the people I skate with could do the majority (if not all) of those tricks on toy rails like that or equally impressive tricks. I still enjoyed it.

  12. Rules Says:

    Land on the same side you approached a topside trick from… It’s a p-rail.. You guys are apparently sponsored.. Did you not know that it doesn’t count if you don’t land it right?

  13. Anonymous Says:

    @ Dave, stop putting out edits once a week….Stop skating USD’s…just cuz they pay you 50 euro’s per shitty edit DOES NOT mean you should keep making them. Go skate without a camera, have fun, and learn to do tricks correctly.

  14. Anonymous Says:

    WOW, great! You can skate a fucking practice rail, maybe you SHOULDN’T come out with an edit of it…WHERE DO YOU GET THE IDEA THAT PUTTING OUT A P-RAIL EDIT IS COOL, GOOD, or DECENT, ESPECIALLY when you’re not doing tricks correctly to begin with???? PLEASE EXPLAIN IT? STOP SATURATING the internet with SHITTY CONTENT PLLLLEAASE.

  15. FU Says:

    Wow fuck you man, ever seen the Kelso sliderbar edits? Shit is legendary.

  16. so funny Says:

    to see people talking shit about some dudes just out skating having fun. sick skating, song was a lil wierd, but wc.

  17. Why the fuck... Says:

    …do you all bitch on this edit? You do realize Dave does these kinda tricks on handrais too right…

    yeah, music was quite bad..no skatesound..hhm, true, they could have put that too, but hey, they are just screwing around…that is also the reason why it lands here in rn and not on blading.info or whatever…I wonder how these faces behind some of the comments here look like…I wonder if I know them and I wonder if they would judge as quickly in real life as they do here hiding behind internt anonymity???

  18. Tony Hawk Says:

    Was labern die hier eigentlich alle für Müll, sind wir nicht alle rollerblader und sollten man zu einander halten und nicht ständig alle Videos hier in den Dreck ziehen, is doch Scheiß egal ob da manche Tricks nicht sauber waren oder so, es geht in erster Linie am Spaß daran und nicht nur wer hier die krassesten Sachen machen Ey, da wundert ihr euch alle das aus dem Sport hier nix Mehr wird wenn selbst die Blader unter einander sich nur Haten können. Ps versteht hier ehe keine Sau was ich schreibe aber war mir zu blöd in englisch außerdem bin ich gerade kacken

  19. Anonymous Says:

    toooo bad the rails are so small.

    sick moves tho

  20. Anonymous Says:

    saw an edit of this kid LAST WEEK doing some of the worst basic tricks down handrails. Have no idea why ?

  21. Touchy Feely Says:

    I could skate there all ma fuckin day!

  22. Anonymous Says:

    Oh please shutup. They were having fun on something mellow, and no hint of arrogance etc. Wake up, the majority of pros also skate things like this most of the time – people wanna take it easy yeah. Fuck these other commentators, drop some more of these edits, I digged it!

  23. Anonymous Says:

    And to add, how the shit do we get youth/beginners interested in our sport if the only edits made are hammer collages?

  24. not for u Says:

    haters shoot u self in the head!

  25. not for u Says:

    aaah my friends can do the same… bah! SWAG! + they dont got the think in through the mouth ahha! fakie 720 was alsow doooope! stoked

  26. kenny hotz Says:

    wer schreibt da?? mabo bist du das???^^

  27. Anonymous Says:

    God i want those skates

  28. Anonymous Says:

    Sorry fellas, the Razors pRail contest was over in 2008. Your entry is a bit too late.

  29. yee nukka Says:

    THE STREETS,,,,,,,,,,,,

  30. Die Katze Says:

    Steezy ihr berliner Buletten smoother edit ohne Handrails und schon ist das gejammer gross!
    Die sollen mal alle schön ihre fresse halten und besser machen.
    mich hat das video gut unterhalten.

  31. blah Says:

    hahahaha that was garbage! and you ppl have the nerve to talk shit about valo pro riders for blading small shit? at least all the valo riders do everything proper, hahaha these fuckers cant even come off the same side they entered topside on, unless they’re tryin to bring farsides back? USD=lame

  32. Yi Yiiiiiiiiii Says:

    Too many chiefs and not enough indians on this board.

  33. Tical3HB Says:

    Wack !!! Gay as AIDS !!!

  34. heman Says:

    i like mutschall! but gay music, landing wrong side, no skate sounds… sorry

  35. A.D Says:

    P-rail or not. I fucking enjoyed that! Music was dope aswell! Keep it up! It’s about having fun and share common interests. Not skating the biggest fucking drop-kink you can find just to prove you’re retarded enough to risk your life for a couple of bucks. Haters still gonna hate but who gives a fuck!? Do your own thing and keep spreading the love!


  36. Steffan chwul Says:

    I like Schnitzel and playing with my Wiener

  37. flowskate Says:

    Fuck the lot of you..clearly a fun little park edit, and there were loads of real nice switch ups and some mentalness on tiny quarters!! I would love to see most of you attempt any of those technical switch ups.