Dave Lang: Montre Livingston, Brian Shima & SSM

Quoting Dave Lang on Facebook:

Dear Rollerblading,

I’m clearing up this Montre thing once and for all. I’m starting to feel sick over all of the hate being projected onto someone that I truly have respect for, Brian Shima.

After Blading Cup, Montre decided to change his flight back to North Carolina and spend some time out at Woodward with me. Funny enough, we ended up doing this twice and turned into one of the best times I’ve had in a while. During his stay here, I first heard of this whole rumor that Montre was switching companies. I don’t find my two cents on the Internet because quite frankly, nothing stated on any forum or message board is true. Especially when someone hides behind an alias and, (the ever so popular, “Anonymous”.

I’m stating this outright, I heard the entire conversation that Montre had with Shima. Yes, they spoke on the phone, nothing was taken care of through a text message .

Do you really think in all of the years Brian has been skating, that he would handle this situation in such an unprofessional matter?


Shima has infinite respect for everyone on his team.

Brian checks in with me regularly just to see how everything is going. He asked the same when he called me that day. I threw the phone on speaker and Montre and I passed the phone between us. At one point Brian asked me to give the phone to Montre, unannounced to Brian that he was on speakerphone. It was at this point that Shima and Montre began to talk.

Shima said “…You know, I’ve thought long and hard about this, for weeks now… Really REALLY thought about it… And I think that you deserve something better than what the company is able to offer you right now… And I’m reluctant saying it, you know… But I had to think back to myself and my situation when I was on USD… I left USD when it was the at it’s peak because I knew I could do better for myself… I wanted to skate for you USD, but at the same time I had to do what was best for me… And you should too Tre, you have your son and you need to be taken care of for what you do… You’re the most marketable blader out there right now and you’re killing it. And it’s going to hurt us letting you go, but I’m ready to drop Andy (Razors) an email and let some other people know that you’re a free agent if you want…”

I was kind of shocked at what Brian had just said. Montre sat there for a second and thought. He responded saying “Yeah, I mean, you know I’ve talked to USD and all that. You know my heart is in SSM, but I hear what you’re saying… And it’s a tough choice to make…but I guess I’m going to call up Demetrious (USD)…”

At this point that there was a lot of silence between statements. Montre and Brian continued to go back and forth, but nothing ever escalated into any sort of disagreement. The tone in their voices were never argumentative, in fact the whole conversation was calm the whole way throughout. I grabbed Haitian magazine and did my best to tune out what was happening on the couch across from me. As you can imagine, it’s a bit awkward it is sitting there and hearing something I shouldn’t even be tuned in on.

Montre and Shima went back and forth a bit more and hung up on what sounded like a good note. I looked up from the magazine, and Montre handed my phone back to me. We talked for a bit and he seemed uncertain as to what he was going to do. He said at one point ” SSM is my team. I helped put that team together. I’ve been there since NIMH… I’ll miss hanging out with all the dudes and traveling with John. I love those dudes. I don’t know we’ll see what happens…”

Throughout that week, we would talk every so often about it. Montre had expressed thoughts about riding the rest of the year out and honestly, I was really happy hearing that. But it was the last we had spoken before I’d dropped him off at the airport the following Monday.

I don’t know if Brian and Montre’s discussion went on any further than that.

Montre has become a very close friend of mine and I knew that whatever decision he made would be the right one for himself. I firmly believe that everything happens for a reason and knew that Montre would be well off no matter what. I mean after all, he’s Montre; plain and simple.

Though I was disappointed at the reality that had become Montre’s departure from SSM, I was even more disappointed about the outward display of hatred on the Internet.

What world are you living in out there?

Why do you feel as though you need to express your opinions so negatively?

Each and every one of you are capable of so much more.

I’m not here to take sides. I’m not here to express any hate. I just so happened to hear a piece of information that turned itself into a calamity.

I’m asking you to please reevaluate what you say before you say it. Especially when you don’t know the full story.

I’m wishing the best to Montre and all his future endeavors. You know what’s right for you, dude.

All the best,
Dave Lang.

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  • Brian Shima

    I go poo poo and pee peeee yayyyyyy!

  • rollerblading is gay

    i wonder what dub ceasar man has to say now. lol.

  • The Yetti

    Dre’s prodigy. Unfortunately Shima sounds like a snake of bussinesman. But I love all this controversy, this is great. The real bitches are the ones who get all antsy about it b/c they’d like to keep things boring.
    Someone said above- when did Shima make the switch from USD Thrones?

  • fodasss

    fonix caguemm se para esta merda e vamos é andar a serio páaaaa isso é para as mulheres pa apala destas cenas é k o inline está uma merda !!!!!!

  • philroller247

    you know what sucks in rollerblading? its that “we as rollerbladers hate other rollerbladers”…

    i can understand if skateboarders or bmx hates on us…but a rollerblader hating another rollerblader just because of shit like this?? that sucks!!!

    ive been rollerblading for years now…ive been reading stuff off of rollernews and so seldom do i see a positive comment on something that is new or something that is inovative or anything on rollernews.

    why dont we just throw all this shit…start rollerblading and just enjoy and have fun and spread the positive vibes…??

    im definately sure that il be getting some hate comments out of this and honestly it wouldnt surprise me…’coz its on “rollernews”

  • Anonymous

    Release your anger!!!!

    Let’s go to the SSM headquarters and

    Occupy SSM!!!!

  • Yi Yiiiiiiiiii

    Good point. Kilgore had some pretty heavy words not too long ago.

  • pete w


    Man you riled up the trolls real good, this shit is hilarious today. Rollernews comments are the best.
    You anonymous critters are jerry springer material. Your moms would be so proud

  • Fordayz

    The only person I need to hear about this is from Montre himself.

    ‘she said, he said’ is so highschool.

    Also, BLADERGANG is hilarious.

  • Fordayz


    “I’m letting you go, because you deserve better” is a cop-out excuse, a RomCom trope, where the dude breaks up with the horsey Jennifer Anniston chick and marries Angelina Jolie.

    Like someone said above, that ‘it’s not you, it’s me’ is dodgy as fuck. If Montre really deserves more, and Shima couldn’t satisfy right now, how is it better for Montre to suddenly be dropped and have NOTHING? in this case, Shima should have helped him hook up with another sponsor BEFORE formally ending their contract. Obviously.

  • Anonymous

    didn’t Killgore start all the drama over the Montre/Shima thing???? Killgore came here defending Montre and calling Shima a piece of shit.


    Montre was too black for our skates, we like white skaters who dress in black and act like rock n roll assholes. Montre was also too good for our team. He actually skates hard at comps, wtf is up with that.

    My skates blow moose dick.

  • http://Website not required

    Shoulda skated AIL


    Montre is too good for us

    I mean come on, we can’t even desgin our own fucking shell

  • Urbn^nja

    ROFL. Can’t believe the majority of comments on this article. Hehe. You guys! Stop hating, go skating. Ok buddy, fuck whatever, no seriously though… this news is proof that rollerblading is unpopular :). Hehe.

  • Anonymous

    the whole world wants to know everyone’s business that’s just the society we live in
    kids are more interested who is on what skate company and who’s getting the next pro skate, when they really should be worrying about what kind of content they are putting together for themselves

  • Anonymous

    If it’s a negative subject then obviously the commentary’s gonna be in the same vein. I’m sure less people would be open to talking shit if this site required real names, but fuck, I’m glad people are at least discussing matters.

  • jz

    gossip club


  • Jurijs

    what about Montres facebook post??? This letter it bullshit if that Montre post is authentic.

  • flowskate



  • flowskate

    At least he is trying to put things right. And in my opinion had done a good job of explaining and clarifying things.

  • Jay

    Also I get tired of pussies on here bitching about the hate on bladers period…nigga it’s the fuckin internet…these bitches are gonna run there mouth on the internet because they can…there is hate on every fuckin site skateboarders hate on each other on the internet and so do BMX guys…all you ever see on youtube is hate no matter what it is…the thing is none of the pussies are gonna say some of this ignorant shit in person so let them hate and bitch cause their internet troll thug life isn’t their real life

  • weed !!!

    a lot off those bitch just take them selves tooooo seriously

  • Eminem

    It cost what 3g a month for single dad with kid. Maybe 36k yearly. Sounds like shima needs to still buying shit for himself and put aside some money for all his riders so he can take care of business the right ready, of course he thinks he’s too good for less spending according to the video he had with that nice looking car.

  • Goodmang

    Thanks @Will Jay

    Im going to order 4000 pizza’s and burgers to your house tonight.

  • Goodmang

    from Phil Goodmang

    0800 282930
    Everton Two, Liverpool One, England, UK
    My ship is in a port in Abersoch Wales – http://www.sailskiabersoch.co.uk
    My granma lives at a peoples home in Lincoln called Narrow House care.
    Any other info ring me.

  • slawek

    Montre is the best style black jeans and t-schirt . Who are you Shima . I don,t like this shit ssm .

  • shaun

    haters gonna hate, big up montre, dave and shima!

  • rollerblading is gay

    killgore! still feel the same way bruh?

  • Anonymous

    you all disgust me and so does this site.

  • razzia chit

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  • Anonymous

    i feel what dave is tryin to do but there are things best left unsaid

  • Anonymous

    bitching about an industry that’s hit it’s ceiling is pointless it wont help get your favorite pro paid

    no matter how much you bitch there wont be more money in this industry. we cant get back on the cool train it left awhile ago and the next train doesnt have an eta.

    so how can you help ? buy more shit. at retail.when it first comes out. no, dont settle for those discount wheels buy the shits that’s more expensive. but that’s unrealistic no ones that nice, your favorite pro ain’t that important. oh well death of the us skate industry have fun riding your euro blades in 10 years jocking over cudot do another sub box 540 some shit

  • Anonymous

    i dont think there is one pro who is in this game for money we are not skateboarders understand. our brands are not in every fuckin fashion shop

  • Anonymous

    and fashion mags

  • Anonymous


  • punkass

    SHIMA is a legend you little wannabe skater punks can go suck your pricks…

  • Eminem

    Even legends have issues. Hercule went crazy and killed his family. Shins went crazy and killed his friendships and company. If you can’t afford to party the rider with the must exposure them you royally fucked up with the business side. Think about out, he sold nimhs for 50 per unit. He killed of the only companies making him any money, all because he wanted to see his ugly name on as much skates as possible. That’s retarded. He could’ve kept 4×4 viscous, rat tail as a whole alive and found the money through European sales, nope be threw away his secret weapon cause he’s pussy whipped and not the man of his relationship. Nice car, nice house, nice clothes, broken business means shattered dreams. Live below your means you fucking moron

  • poopsecs

    talking about hate brings hate back up and thus the cycle never ends. cuz we must be reminded of this hate.
    the internets a crazy world.