Dag Days by Anthony Medina: Falls (Raw Clips)

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7 Responses to “Dag Days by Anthony Medina: Falls (Raw Clips)”

  1. spoiler/show Says:

    man i stopped @ 1:51 i can’t stop laugh but it hurts me a lot.. weird

  2. zakbuys Says:

    Haha, loved it :-) Good collection of banging bails!

  3. Wise Philosopher Says:

    Lesson 1
    In order to skate well you must first learn to fall well.

  4. 37 Says:

    Ah, he’s one of those kind of guys

  5. traducer Says:

    I really need to see this video

  6. Anonymous Says:

    Omg falling suuuuuucks! Haha

  7. Anonymous Says:

    eddie bravooooo!!