Curriculum Vitae: Teaser

Featuring Nils Jansons & Friends.

Curriculum Vitae: Teaser

Therolling proudly presents long time coming movie Curriculum Vitae. A sneak peek of never ending story about our lives on four wheels!

“We are not that crew your mom warned you about, her imagination was never this good…” Premiere on 11th January at LSGB 2012 in cinema “Splendid Palace”. Movie will be available online Jan 20th.

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  • yolo

    just for the editor! No skatesound = NO … editing is to slow … work on the grade!!

    skating looks sick so it would be a waste of good clips if you publish them like that!

  • 3M3M

    skatesounds depends on preference, it was fine imo.

  • Anonymous

    You had 37 seconds to make me want to watch this video….. you failed.