Flashback: Create Originals Introduces Montre Livingston To The 2010 Pro Team

Flashback: Create Originals welcomes and introduces Montre Livingston to the 2010 Pro Team (2010).

montre livingston

Montre spent a few days filming with us and we announced his arrival to the team at the new Pier 62 skate park in money making Manhattan. We put together an edit of not just what went down at the park but a bunch of street footage as well.

Once again welcome to the team Montre and happy birthday! We are honored to have you join the ranks of the baddest team in blading! CO 2010.

The 2010 Pro Team – Sean Kelso, Alex Broskow, Chris Farmer, John Bolino, Colin Kelso, Billy O’Neill, & Montre Livingston.

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  • Justin Chapman

    Wow I love how people go with the whole pants conversation everytime someone changes up just a lil bit…since when did tighter fitting clothes equal maturity and its not like his pants were way too baggy before I think he just let them sag more cause he wore bigger shirts…really hes wear more fitting shorts not that any of it matters…I mean its Montre hop off the swag soo much and enjoy the skating…yall act like the clothes make the skater…Montre for president!!!

  • Romero

    i fucking love his new style! those misty flips were insane!

  • tad tregeagle

    that shit was bananas!
    B A N A N A S !

  • millet

    I’m not a huge Montre fan AND I thought that was a really, really good edit. He’s got undeniable skill.

  • RCH

    great song amazing skating…
    switching up the game.

    this guy is flawlessssss

  • Brandon Andersen

    Saw this coming from like a mile away I mean Truth Two section and always hanging with Bolino. This was bound to happen. (in a good way)

    BTW this was just as good as his Truth 2 section for the most part give and take some tricks. Definatly, made me want to setup my CO frames again.

  • Rowsta

    Yup #1 in my book. And both clothing styles are fresh. Baggy or skinny. I dress baggy (clothes basket) at age 23. My maturity level is sky rocket. or so I think ha.

  • http://www.intuitionskate.com Anthony Luna

    Its quinton lamb on steroids!!

  • Mxtrkrft

    That was a real professional edit. The kind of edit that makes outsider look at rollerblading in a good way. Unless those frenchys…but whatever. Montre is a beast and I think he looks way sicker with those clothes. Baggy pants are sometimes too much, the same thing applys to ultra tight jeans (sometimes it just look worst than any baggy jeans). I think that we should try something in rollerblading for the style…COMMON SENSE. And Montre got it! I don’t give a fuck about what ultra vintage shirt you took at the trift store, nor your super «trendy» tight jeans. If you can’t control your whole body, your clothes won’t save you.

  • colel

    u kno how i know hes gonna be the next super pro? IE: Aragon, Haffey, Broskow, Bailey, etc…. becuz nobody, no matter wut style they are skating or clothing wise, has anything bad to say about him or his skating… Montre, i can not wait to see wut the fuck u do next.

  • darin

    That just blew me mind! Montre killed it! Amazing! I don’t know what to say just amazing! OG has the best team ever! Montre is like the icing on the cake!

  • Maximilian

    Montre is sick regardless, who cares about clothes, seriously I find it way more comfortable to have pants that are baggy than tight rollerblading, honestly I move way better, tight pants make me feel more restricted when I blade I’ve tried, didn’t like it I’m stickin’ to my Dickies work pants when I blade. But Montre has always been good, and he’s gonna get sicker lets watch rolling grow homies!!! Amen!

  • Jhaine

    Sick… the only thing that make me scare is that he s skating smaller spot than before , that s remind me Valo style and I hope He ll go back on more big spot cuz with this ” new steeze “… could be awesome !

  • Waowwww

    That was impressive !!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Does anyone know the song ?

  • rozo

    please first song ;p

  • Flawless

    In my eye’s, and im sure reflecting the majority of rollers out there, this is the Strongest and most appealing brand in skating by far!

    Especially in regard to brand image, its the super elite, and a tight looking product! minus a few teething issues…

    How can you not cop a pair of creates after seeing this addition to a truly all star team…

    Im super impressed and juiced like a smoothie to skate!

    We need more of this!

  • pete

    SONG: “Give it to me baby” – Rick James

  • pete

    but first song was…
    “Voodoo Child” – Jimi Hendrix

  • mula

    that Rick James song went perfect with this sick edit. congrats Montre.

  • Waowwww

    Thanks for the detail pete !

  • http://www.souzaoliveira.com Marcus

    sick sick sick sick five stars! =]

  • guamtek

    montre… u are THE GREATEST AND MOST PROFESSIONAL SKATER OUT THERE! seriously, how many edits does this kid kill on a monthly basis? and they arent just those shit edit “real pros” come out with that have old footy and easy tricks they could do anytime. u CANNOT hate on sum1 that skates THAT GOOD, that consistently! goin huge, bein technical, and havin that nasty ass steez all make montre my skater of the year! keep it up lil wayne!!!

  • http://www.mundourbano.com.br lagoa

    loved the michael jackson music style. and seeng the video again shows to me that he is wearing a michael jackson style shirt. and pants!

  • you are only as good as your last edit

    a wise Create Originals owner once said, “you are only as good as your last edit”

  • Joe Poe

    Fuckin bio/misty master right therrrr…..Sickist team in rollerblading, damn I gotta get me some of dem

  • bazyl

    hip hop is already almost dead in our industry. and now montre is going tighter. why ? At least sick skating.

  • Saï

    Putain d’edit voir meme l edit de l année !!!!!
    et le dernier tricks est ouffffffffff !!!!!!!!!

  • k2thiago

    This guy is sick! VEEERY cool style, flow session and he get back the inline for the show that all kind of people can apreciate. Huge air tricks, without forget super technical tricks (true fish and negative mistrail…).
    Keep the god job man! Peace!

  • http://www.controlledaccidents.wordpress.com Controlled Accidents

    Jah Provides!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    Dun Montre da Badman wit da bumbaclots. Big ups, Jah Provides. So funky, Rick James is the only artist to play.