Cj Wellsmore: Seba Pro Skates

Cj Wellsmore: Seba Pro Skates

Cj Wellsmore: Seba Pro Skates

Photo: Anthony Finocchiaro. Visit Sebaskates.com (France).

Cj Wellsmore: Seba Pro Skates

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  • dyed red deshis

    Adapt, traxart,seba,reverse. Wow it looks like 2013 will either make or break the old companies that refuse to come up with something new. I wonder whoop will have the best skate at the best price

  • Michael

    Don’t be a fool, Traxart exist only because they sell cheap skates on the market where imported skates are horribly overpriced. Their best model is cheap clone of TRS Downtown, get RB New Jacks instead, 2013 model will come with Blank frame too.

    Adapt is small manufacture that produce expensive skates, a niche product. They don’t even have manpower to cover needs of mass-market.

    We don’t know anything about Reverse yet.

    Seba is releasing another carbon skate constructed similar to Carbon II/III. You call this new?! One piece boot, plastic cuff, powerstrap, where’s the revolution?

    Tell me about companies who refuse to produce something new… if you mean Sunshine with their old Razors and Remz boots, if you mean Valo, if you mean SSM, then yes.

    But don’t put USD in the same bag. In last two years they created new mold for VII skate, making it flat heel, with one piece souls. They created and improved Carbons. They created Carbon IV. Imperials, which then were reworked to Carbon Frees. Redesigned their frames line-up, created powerblading frames. Created new, awesome Phoenix liners. 2.0s come from Xsjado, delayed, but surely will see the daylight. Plenty of new stuff came from these guys!

  • Simple Skater

    @ Michael:

    Seba make a carbon shell long time before usd Tchek the range Seba (High Carbon, Igor, Ksj, Trix)
    and i never see everywhere ” revolution ” add on the announcement..
    it’s just a new skate probably more comfortable and more good than skate K2 or Usd.. why not ?

    Salomon create a plastic frame with groove in 4X80mm, 76 and 72mm LONNNNNNNNG time before this shit called Powerblade !!!

    and last thing, most important Seba are 10x more involved in the sports than other he reject all the profit into the Inline, participe and create so many good event.. and he have the best images in all kind of inlines for the moment..
    trust me, it’s really a good a thing for us to seba wants to make a agressive skate, we need a brand like this into the rollerblading !!!

  • Michael

    Simple skater you obviously don’t know much about freeskate world don’t you?

    Deshi Carbons were released before any of carbon Seba skates. Yeah, Seba released High Carbon model, but it was simply a version of existing High model, with different shell material. Powerslide released one-piece carbon freestyle skate, Hardcore Evo after that.

    Seba COPIED this design, quickly refitting High Carbon shell with liner-less skin, and calling it a day. KSJ came after. I’ve heard people from Seba laughing the concept of linerless slalom skate, when Hardcore Evos came out… next thing you see is them making similar skate LOL.

    As for Salomon – there were no 4x80mm frame with groove!!! There was 4x76mm one, with groove, but without h-block. And it was never intended as heavy-duty grinding frame. Easy to crack.

    I don’t fucking care about brand image or who rides for them, I care about product quality and innovation. And all Seba do is copying others ideas, making overhyped and overpriced skates, good freeskater can destroy in less than half a year.

  • flowskate

    Nope Simon you have that wrong. Company IS owned by Sebastien Leffargue
    Stop trying to boost some negative hype.

  • Anonymous

    If you mean company as a “brand” then yes. It is owned by Sebastien. But all Seba moulds are owned by Micro, from frames to boots. If Seba would walk away from Micro, they would be left with nothing. They would lose all their skates models if they would switch manufacturers. To make things worse, Micro licensed FR and KSJ moulds to other companies, like Head or Tempish that make crap quality skates and now Seba clones. All Sebas released in Asia have Seba-Micro label.

    Yeah, Sebastien owns the brand, in the same fashion as Shima owns SSM, but difference is, Shima skates are open moulds that almost any Chinese factory can made, and Sebas are exclusive to Micro. Without Chinese partner, Seba simply wouldn’t exist.

  • flowskate

    Michael…To say that Seba don’t make quality products is ridiculous. I have rode powerslides (hardcore evos skaliks) and have broken about 5 pairs of them! So yeah..To say that the designs are copied is flawed. The heel of the powerslides is still terribly weak as a re the frames. There slalom skates are ok if you are a girl or someone who doesnt power there skating too much but for me they are personally bobbins.

    And to start banging on about who copies who in this situation is ridiculous..and besides the point.Wether Deshi made the first carbon skates is irrelevant..They got swallowed up by USD anyway who took and used there ideas in the same way you are saying Seba has. So really your point is ridiculous. Skating technology evolves..and people use those evolutions..Why work on completely overhauling a new idea which is essentially great?
    You are a fool..You may as well say that every company is crap because they copied the first designs of inline skates.

    Regardless of what you say, i KNOW that Seba skates are excellent high quality products as i hammer mine every day..The aggressive skate will be the same. And to say that nothing is new? HOW WOULD YOU KNOW?

    You really don’t so wait until the skate is released and make your opinions then.

  • flowskate

    And anonymous..What you say there probably has some truth…But you contradict yourself by saying anyone can copy SSM too..And valo boot shells are in the same boot…as are razors and some usd models.
    Fact is..people will always copy great design. Just most companies will cut corners and use low quality products.

    You just wait..You will beblessing Seba in years to come when you see how much they do the sport.

  • I know

    And you forgot to say one things Anonymous.. Razors, Remz, SSM, Create, Mindgame, Ground Control, 4X4 etc.. all of this shit are from the Factory GOOD MEN IN Taiwan and the boss David have a office in CHINA if sunshine want to change a factory or broke the relation with him he loose ALL the product..

    Guy take your skate and move !!!