Cj Wellsmore: Seba Pro Skates

Cj Wellsmore: Seba Pro Skates

Cj Wellsmore: Seba Pro Skates

Photo: Anthony Finocchiaro. Visit Sebaskates.com (France).

Cj Wellsmore: Seba Pro Skates

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59 Responses to “Cj Wellsmore: Seba Pro Skates”

  1. Sean Says:

    WHAT THE FUCK?!?!?!?!?!

  2. Matt Pantz Says:

    Seba is coming for you, watch out

  3. Anonymous Says:

    Jamais entendu parler, il ne produisent pas d’agressif d’apres le site?

  4. Al-H Says:

    Seriously seba are making aggressive skates now???? or is CJ a lame Powerblader.

  5. pca4 Says:

    WTF.?remz fucked up and so did USD,letting go of CJ one of the best . comp. And street skaters…

  6. Ninjabeat Says:

    He’s been riding Seba for a while. Maybe this boot is only for Skate Cross.

  7. Anthony Finocchiaro Says:

    This is a official announce:

    Cj is a Pro AGRESSIVE skaters and just like that, he did not plan to become pro freeskater,he participates in the circuit Skate-Cross series, that’s all!

    It has been 2 years since I worked hard with Sebastien for Inline, especially for aggressive, today I am proud to announce that my dream come true !!!

    Cj joined us in the adventure and really gives it to his person working on his first promodel, we are super exited not you ???

    Thank you very much to those who will appreciate our work !


  8. Anthony Finocchiaro Says:

    i talking about Agressive skates if you don’t understand !!!

  9. Dave Says:

    Jesus. Read Be-mag for christ sake.

    You recently signed a contract with the French brand Seba Skates. How did that come about?

    Over the years I have always tried to promote the freedom of inline and its versatility by teaching people to skate. In the last 12 months I have started to expand my passion by trying new styles of skating. I was contacted by Seba who invited me to try a new style of event skatecross. I traveled to China to compete in the world skate cross series. During this trip it was proposed to me to join the Seba team to create my own pro model of a new kind of aggressive skate. There was no hesitation with excepting the offer because as soon as I met the team I had a great connection as the company is just as passionate about skating as I am, as they are all skaters. From then on we have been working really well together designing and working on the skate.

    What about the other skate manufacturers, didn’t they get in touch with you?

    Yes I had proposals with different companies, but I was attracted to the idea of being able to work on something new. I was really impressed with how Seba works as they are very professional with what they do. Also how they have kept rolling alive in other styles of skating. I am so proud to be able to design new skates which would match my own view of what skating is. The time has come to be able to live my dream and promote skating as I always wanted to, to continue my passion and begin a new chapter in my life.

  10. Dave Says:

    I took a quick look at their pros and they basically go for the markets that are a bit ignored: Asia, Australia, Europe. I think that will prove to be a good financial investment with a great future.

  11. trippy Says:

    i just hope he still puts out good street n park edits n still joins comps

  12. Anonymous Says:

    Damn, look weird, i’d like to see others pics

  13. Anonymous Says:

    This can only be awesome! Real technology back in the game. Real comfort. Real research. Fucking jumping on board with this 100%!!

  14. Anonymous Says:

    CJ is the fattest skinny person I have ever seen. I wish I could skate like him though.

  15. jim Says:

    @ Al-H

    quit blading if you diss any form of different styles of blading.

    this goes to everyone who thinks like this douche.

  16. meh Says:

    hopefully seba can actual innovate some skate design in the aggressive world.
    instead of re-branding old shells from the 90’s with either some lame ass biker image or some hipster urban outfitters image

  17. Herbert Says:

    congratulations cj, well deserved …

  18. Xavier Says:

    CJ and his talent sure deserved to be well support by the aggressive world. Congratulations guys!

  19. Anonymous Says:

    CJ is the f-ing man ! Congrats to all and can’t wait to see what you come up with !!!

    More skate brands in our sport is a good thing people !!!

  20. Conor..Kaltik Says:

    Amazing news : ) Best of luck ! respect to Anthony and CJ !

  21. scott cam Says:

    This could be good for the rollerblading community. Id rather skate seba than razors…

  22. Anonymous Says:

    one thing to say if they can do an aggressive skate as good as their trix model so i’ll be the most happy man in the game!

  23. PictureMeSmokin Says:

    good for CJ bad for you…side market always has the same thing….side focus…”aggressive”

  24. traducer Says:

    CJ is the shit can’t wait to see these skates in person

  25. Anonymous Says:

    are these the skates?


  26. Anonymous Says:

    GG CJ !!!

    CJ can’t be an AM in REMZ serously…

  27. Anonymous Says:

    dear seba

    i’ve been eyeing your skates for awhile awaiting your arrival into the aggressive market.

    i happily welcome you into our world of 20+ year old hardboot technoloygy and chopped up 20+ year old skates with a leather wrap.

    seeing a truly innovative skate brand enter our market is truly refreshing.

    you and xsjado (fuck usd latimer is a genius) have been the only new concepts we have had in our sport since god knows when.

    bring the same quality as your other skates ship them across the atlantic make them under 400 and you have my money.

    sincerely, og blader

    p.s. you dont have to conform to that retarded ufs mold if you dont want to ;)

  28. Yago Says:

    Finally someone gave CJ the recognition he deserves .

  29. Jessus Says:

    Go CJ! I think it’s great to see so much investment coming back into inline… not to mention the world’s best skater finally getting recongised.

    Too long CJ played second fiddle to skaters who weren’t half as good as him… great to see he’s had a chance to work on something truly innovative.

    Too all the haters, you are the reason that rollerblading has had a bit of a dip over the last decade… I think this really signals a new start for our industry and I think it will lead to not only big things for CJ… but blading in general.


  30. Anonymous Says:

    hope they dont look like rollerblade or something rediculous like that

  31. J Says:

    hope the skates look good, congrats CJ!!

  32. Anonymous Says:

    You go girl! congrats on the skates:)

  33. rollerblading is gay Says:

    cj is stocky as fuck. like a fucking stump! haha.

  34. DarthRoller Says:

    Will be interesting to see a new aggressive skate on the market.

    Adapt, Kore and Seba all happening at the same time. Going to make the share of any cheddar to be had in rollerblading (not a lot) even tighter already.

    Will be interesting to see if it’s a good thing in the long-term for rollerblading. One the one hand you hope the product quality will get better as brands need to out-do each other, on the other hand there will be less of an opportunity to do so due to a lack of money.

  35. flowskate Says:

    Skates pictured ^ are the skates but with a skin over them (to hide there looks for now! ;) )

    This is a great thing trust me..Seba put so much back into the sport and will be great for aggressive skating. Skater run, Skater owned and skater created..You can’t ask for a better company to come into aggressive.

    You should try there FR-A’s too for freeskating…SO SICK!

  36. Boris Says:

    THis will definitely bring fsk’ers on aggro-boots – good for blading

  37. damn Says:

    Good luck at the NYC Invite today!!!!!! Kick ass CJ!

    It’s so awesome that CJ is back on the competition scene!! If there are any p-rails around, CJ will try to grind them and break them just with the force of his neck!

    haha, but srsly, looking forward to the Blading Cup much much more now. Hope they wise up and feature him in the TV interviews.

  38. Ronnie James Dickinson Says:

    “p.s. you dont have to conform to that retarded ufs mold if you dont want to ;)”

    Why is UFS a bad thing? Would you rather go back to the days where cracking your frame meant buying a whole new skate? Even if the Seba boot itself is not UFS, it’d have to fit some kind of UFS adapter or something. The skates wouldn’t be as competitive if they opted out of fitting aftermarket frames. Not to mention they’d lose sales from people who prefer to buy boot-only skates, such as myself.

  39. Anonymous Says:

    If you dont realise that ufs hinders new frame tech by now youre a dumb ass who bought into the hype

    The only reason ufs icame about is because of profits

  40. Sean Michaelson Says:

    ^——probably one of the most idiotic things I’ve ever read on rollernews.

    UFS is a good thing. Its a standard. Like how every truck fits a every skateboard deck.

    If you think its a money making gimmick, you need to have your head checked. If companies wanted to make money, they would have fought against the idea of a frame mounting standard. UFS opened up the door to A TON of frame companies today. As well, it opened up the chance for all of the frame advancements we enjoy today.

    So, yea…..good comment Anonymous

  41. Michael Says:

    It’s true that UFS put some limitations on frame design considering frame height and wheel position around mounting bolts, but it’s lesser evil. It’s way better to have UFS, than to get rid of it…

  42. rollerblading is gay Says:

    you guys are thinking of ufs as this one set thing. i always thought that it should have at least 3 bolts staggered for force thats put on the frame from the sides. having all the companies comply to this ufs was a big thing (molds are expensive). but UFS definitely should be revised. but WHEN it will be revised…who knows. blading isnt raking in the dough. especially in the usa. lol

  43. Seba? Says:


  44. Burns Says:

    just found a clip of CJ tearin’ up the skate-cross scene!


  45. pca4 Says:

    show him today at the NYC invitation he was kicking ass and shredding on the sebas had the skates taped up tho (prototypes) skates look solid as he landed big spins on a double set of stairs and also took some hard slams and skates held together…

  46. flowskate Says:

    ^ The skates will hold together as Seba are a serious company.
    Trust me all you need to do is look on there website and check the products and technology that is used with them. They are Immense and the aggressive skates will be that same high level of quality. Also..I would assume that the skate is UFS compatible as i saw Anthony skating them with Kaltiks on.

  47. Anonymous Says:


  48. Anonymous Says:

    every car should have leaf springs it’s the standard rollerblader logic

    frames were replaceable way before ufs

    ufs is here because industry heads wanted a cut off cooperate skates cause they were too broke to make their own boot co. plain and simple

  49. Anonymous Says:

    ” frames were replaceable way before ufs”
    But they weren’t that great. UFS set a standard and opened the door for frame companies. Before UFS, if say Fifty/50, wanted to make a replacement frame they could either A. only make it for one brand of skates or B. they would have to develop different molds for different skates, which is costly and illogical. UFS is great, yes it does have its limitations but it’s way better than it was.

  50. Simon Says:

    flowskate Says:
    September 22nd, 2012 at 1:06 pm

    ………………… “Skater run, Skater owned and skater created..” …………………..

    Wrong ! : Skater run, CHINESES INVESTORS OWNED and skater created….

  51. dyed red deshis Says:

    Adapt, traxart,seba,reverse. Wow it looks like 2013 will either make or break the old companies that refuse to come up with something new. I wonder whoop will have the best skate at the best price

  52. Michael Says:

    Don’t be a fool, Traxart exist only because they sell cheap skates on the market where imported skates are horribly overpriced. Their best model is cheap clone of TRS Downtown, get RB New Jacks instead, 2013 model will come with Blank frame too.

    Adapt is small manufacture that produce expensive skates, a niche product. They don’t even have manpower to cover needs of mass-market.

    We don’t know anything about Reverse yet.

    Seba is releasing another carbon skate constructed similar to Carbon II/III. You call this new?! One piece boot, plastic cuff, powerstrap, where’s the revolution?

    Tell me about companies who refuse to produce something new… if you mean Sunshine with their old Razors and Remz boots, if you mean Valo, if you mean SSM, then yes.

    But don’t put USD in the same bag. In last two years they created new mold for VII skate, making it flat heel, with one piece souls. They created and improved Carbons. They created Carbon IV. Imperials, which then were reworked to Carbon Frees. Redesigned their frames line-up, created powerblading frames. Created new, awesome Phoenix liners. 2.0s come from Xsjado, delayed, but surely will see the daylight. Plenty of new stuff came from these guys!

  53. Simple Skater Says:

    @ Michael:

    Seba make a carbon shell long time before usd Tchek the range Seba (High Carbon, Igor, Ksj, Trix)
    and i never see everywhere ” revolution ” add on the announcement..
    it’s just a new skate probably more comfortable and more good than skate K2 or Usd.. why not ?

    Salomon create a plastic frame with groove in 4X80mm, 76 and 72mm LONNNNNNNNG time before this shit called Powerblade !!!

    and last thing, most important Seba are 10x more involved in the sports than other he reject all the profit into the Inline, participe and create so many good event.. and he have the best images in all kind of inlines for the moment..
    trust me, it’s really a good a thing for us to seba wants to make a agressive skate, we need a brand like this into the rollerblading !!!

  54. Michael Says:

    Simple skater you obviously don’t know much about freeskate world don’t you?

    Deshi Carbons were released before any of carbon Seba skates. Yeah, Seba released High Carbon model, but it was simply a version of existing High model, with different shell material. Powerslide released one-piece carbon freestyle skate, Hardcore Evo after that.

    Seba COPIED this design, quickly refitting High Carbon shell with liner-less skin, and calling it a day. KSJ came after. I’ve heard people from Seba laughing the concept of linerless slalom skate, when Hardcore Evos came out… next thing you see is them making similar skate LOL.

    As for Salomon – there were no 4x80mm frame with groove!!! There was 4x76mm one, with groove, but without h-block. And it was never intended as heavy-duty grinding frame. Easy to crack.

    I don’t fucking care about brand image or who rides for them, I care about product quality and innovation. And all Seba do is copying others ideas, making overhyped and overpriced skates, good freeskater can destroy in less than half a year.

  55. flowskate Says:

    Nope Simon you have that wrong. Company IS owned by Sebastien Leffargue
    Stop trying to boost some negative hype.

  56. Anonymous Says:

    If you mean company as a “brand” then yes. It is owned by Sebastien. But all Seba moulds are owned by Micro, from frames to boots. If Seba would walk away from Micro, they would be left with nothing. They would lose all their skates models if they would switch manufacturers. To make things worse, Micro licensed FR and KSJ moulds to other companies, like Head or Tempish that make crap quality skates and now Seba clones. All Sebas released in Asia have Seba-Micro label.

    Yeah, Sebastien owns the brand, in the same fashion as Shima owns SSM, but difference is, Shima skates are open moulds that almost any Chinese factory can made, and Sebas are exclusive to Micro. Without Chinese partner, Seba simply wouldn’t exist.

  57. flowskate Says:

    Michael…To say that Seba don’t make quality products is ridiculous. I have rode powerslides (hardcore evos skaliks) and have broken about 5 pairs of them! So yeah..To say that the designs are copied is flawed. The heel of the powerslides is still terribly weak as a re the frames. There slalom skates are ok if you are a girl or someone who doesnt power there skating too much but for me they are personally bobbins.

    And to start banging on about who copies who in this situation is ridiculous..and besides the point.Wether Deshi made the first carbon skates is irrelevant..They got swallowed up by USD anyway who took and used there ideas in the same way you are saying Seba has. So really your point is ridiculous. Skating technology evolves..and people use those evolutions..Why work on completely overhauling a new idea which is essentially great?
    You are a fool..You may as well say that every company is crap because they copied the first designs of inline skates.

    Regardless of what you say, i KNOW that Seba skates are excellent high quality products as i hammer mine every day..The aggressive skate will be the same. And to say that nothing is new? HOW WOULD YOU KNOW?

    You really don’t so wait until the skate is released and make your opinions then.

  58. flowskate Says:

    And anonymous..What you say there probably has some truth…But you contradict yourself by saying anyone can copy SSM too..And valo boot shells are in the same boot…as are razors and some usd models.
    Fact is..people will always copy great design. Just most companies will cut corners and use low quality products.

    You just wait..You will beblessing Seba in years to come when you see how much they do the sport.

  59. I know Says:

    And you forgot to say one things Anonymous.. Razors, Remz, SSM, Create, Mindgame, Ground Control, 4X4 etc.. all of this shit are from the Factory GOOD MEN IN Taiwan and the boss David have a office in CHINA if sunshine want to change a factory or broke the relation with him he loose ALL the product..

    Guy take your skate and move !!!