Cj Wellsmore & Antony Pottier: SEBA 2013, BCN Edit

Cj Wellsmore & Antony Pottier: SEBA  2013, BCN Edit

Filmed & edited by Anthony Finocchiaro.
Song: Apparat – Your House Is My World.

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  • moldy tent

    cant tell if the song was a joke or not

  • Anonymous

    Seba have done some incredible edits recently – not enough skating in this one for my tastes but still pretty sweet.

  • Freds

    to much intro, and the song didnt flow with the edit at all. Good thing CJ makes up for it.

  • http://www.bcnrollers.com BCN Rollers

    Hope you come back soon guyssss! :)

    Nice skates and outstanding tricks!

  • Anonymous

    Wow!! Those full speed tricks on curbs were amazing ! Well done for this edit

  • Domi

    CJ pro sweatshirt spotted!

  • Bladerrr

    Two of my favourite bladers.

    They skate like angels…
    And the skates looks nice.

  • Anonymous

    release day already got cash burning holes in my pocket

  • Dis Dick

    Those are some ugly fucking skates, good thing these guys can accommodate for that.

  • Zeek

    Man, this was good. I give it an 8 out of 10. Truly, what skate videos are missing these days is good filmography. This one honestly gave me that “woah” feeling..Makes everything hella tight..

  • Mikifluid

    Encore un point pour Seba! Love that brand, I hope we will do something good with this project of Agressive skate, It’s starting well!

  • woof

    Music was perfect, watching those guys skate so well was incredible. Like magic

  • A.A.

    music is a joke, skating isn’t that technical, intro is too long …
    Thanks !

  • kritikus?

    it is 1000 times better than the new USD edit /fact/

  • Jay

    A.A. Go die real slow now after that comment and I agree with Dis Dick I just wouldn’t be that harsh with the words lol

  • Anonymous

    Check the CJ tour and Winterclash seba edits – their dope!! This one is ok but more skating please – but great camera work and editing.

  • me

    i feel sorry for seba
    pottier and finochario
    holly shit two stupid jerks

  • Anonymous

    Remz must be shitting it’s pants realizing they gave CJ up. Prediction – Remz out of business in 2 years – CJ best skater in the world for next 4 years.

  • Anonymous

    Pottier is a joke on the streets
    Sorry but a pro should be able to kill it on the streets

  • joshua-roddy

    waaaaaaaay to much intro, horrible song

    good tricks

  • bosshog

    rollerblading needs more videos like this. really sick stuff, not a lot of skating but still extremely well made

  • mike

    rad rad rad… cj and pottier both killed it and the skates look pretty sick!

  • Anonymous

    Is this some king of gay song ?

  • J

    CJ is like an old school low budget Broskow(fact), you guys hype this dude way to much, hop of his nuts. please and thank you

  • Leon

    This was GOOD, especially all the personality, I love it.
    Good Job SEBA.

  • Bone Thugs

    Low budget Broskow made me chuckle. Spot on.

  • Anonymous

    more slow motions than real tricks

  • dirty laundry

    cj doesnt have a neck

  • Anonymous

    very high level of comment here today :)

  • Bottom Line

    CJ skater of the year 2013…. feel like Seba is missing the boat though by not coming out with their skate sooner.

  • Anonymous

    When are those skates coming out? on winterclash they could not say it exactly :( I WAAAAAANT them !!
    And nice skating in the edit!

  • germain

    nice work Antho

  • JLayYo

    A very well done edit. Always looking forward to anything with Wellsmore in it.

  • Anonymous

    comparing broskow and cj? lol what is blading coming too…great edit. fuck you aLL!!!!!!!

  • awaii

    cool to see some project like that become concret a new skate brand is always good and barcelona too hope that continue with good vibe bien joué

  • damn

    I’ve been hoping to see more of Antony Pottier ever since that first A3 park edit dropped. Just like I’ve been wanting to see more of CJ ever since he got to be #1 in the world from skating only 4 comps (he’s done it again, but with only 3 comps this time, did you notice?). THANK YOU SEBA for putting the right people in front of the camera. Both of these dudes absolutely rip with the best style possible. Can’t wait to see more, but really appreciate this!!

  • funny shit

    Seba is building the anticipation and u ou fucking idiots fall easily for it so much that you become whiny bitches.they’ll be out this fall/winter. More important is your co.plete disrespect for cj. None of you are on his level. He beat haffey at blader cup which says a lot. He has haffey’s style but is younger and far less injured. So stop bitching about bladers and realize this is a neccessary step for us to become more mainstream which means we’ll have more sponsors helping our companies out

  • i dont want to say

    are sebas available already and if so where do you get em what site, stupid question

  • Tap Curbing

    what exactly is an anthony pottier?

  • kboos

    haha how can people hate on CJ? he might not have a neck but he will break yours at skating + seems like a cool guy, fuck haters, go skateboard!

  • Jhaine

    Shut the fuck up haters, Pottier kill it everywhere, he does Bs savanah on monster spot, you couldn’t even do a soul little bitch !

  • BO

    I liked that, give a fuck what anyone says.

  • Anonymous

    Seba and USD are the top 2 skates this decade. Remz ands Razors are last decade. Cj now replaces Haffey as the top daqg in rollerblading.

  • Anonymous

    “Seba and USD are the top 2 skates this decade. Remz ands Razors are last decade. Cj now replaces Haffey as the top daqg in rollerblading.”

    Very much so.

    ..you forgot to add valo to the last decade skates though

  • Says

    cj wellsmore style clean

  • .Fx

    Those who doubt Pottiers capabilities and style should definitely check out the Anonyme DVD.

  • M.

    Beau boulot Antho !