Chris Haffey: Nitro Circus, Photo

Chris Haffey: Nitro Circus, Photo

Chris Haffey: Nitro Circus, Photo

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  • Anonymous

    chris wtf …?
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  • Anonymous

    this man will get rollerblading back into the world

  • Anonymous

    i was amazed to see him when i watched nitro circus. haffey is the man.

  • Killa

    nice nice nice haffey on bike


    this is sick and getting way more exposure than anthing this shitty site can do…way to go chris!!!

  • i aint hatin

    im glad we have someone with class that is representing rollerblading and not some scummy or hipster guy

  • 8849849

    i like the fact that you hide the …. like and xxx others like..

    yeah thats a good idea..

  • x

    Where can i find a video of this?

  • Bruh bruh

    Haffey is a crazy ass nigga

  • France Rules

    lmao….how fucking lame! you all suck Haffey’s dick, but if a French guy did this, you’d call him gay, no style, French asshole. It looks like Haffey is trying to imitate the big stunts of Taig Khris. Maybe some day Haffey will be as popular as Taig if he keeps it up.
    Come on Americans, tell Haffey he needs to go small and tap little rails like Broskow..bahahaha.

  • swagger master


  • Anonymous

    wow! was that a tail flip?! mad nitro

  • France Sucks

    hate to admit it, but the douchebag above does make a good point. we give a lot of shit to the French doing these crazy stunts, but Haffey does it, and we all suck his dick. its a shame Haffey has to be a clown act to make a living.

  • Anonymous

    chris haffey talking about taig khris: “superman to frontflip does not represent rollerblading”

    one year later, chris haffey do gaps with a bmx? how is this supposed to represent rollerblading? yup douchebag_guy got a strong point.

  • Man who is always right

    You’re all gay, this is sick!
    You forgot skating is not a politic question!
    Go find some help for your mental problems!
    haha douchebags..



  • Anonymous
  • LCPL Thomas.E

    Jeez stop the hating!
    Can’t any one be happy he didn’t die doing this!
    The shit was sick, you know you sound really stupid when none of you can even come close to the skill level he’s on but you want to scrutenize his!
    It takes a lot of nerve to talk negatively about people who put every thing they have into to some thing they believe in, even though in the end of the day pain is guaranteed and a paycheck is not. All for the greater good, so that maybe one day if you of you little bastards become pro a pay check and health insurance is guaranteed, and you don’t have to work three jobs just to live. I promise you none of you has sacrificed as much as that man has for believe it or not you the rollerbladers so show some support some times thats all he has!

  • eike

    there is a huge difference between show-skating and has to be interesting for the crowd. in other sports like kitesurfing they developed new “tricks” for show skating. so – respect it

  • Anonymous

    in the same show bmxers launched a cooler

    shut the fuck up

  • Anonymous

    Taig Kris > Haffey

  • with da bike

    with a bike is way much cooler than a superman frontflip. You just have to see this photo and compare with the superman position :/

  • Anonymous

    No other skaters would go nearly as huge as Haffey does, you guys need to realise that he isn’t imitating them, he goes bigger and so much slicker than anyone on that scale. it’s not about competing with the French skaters, because they are simply his closest rivals. Haffey is doing an amazing job of bringing rollerblading back to the masses, so shut the hell up.

  • Anonymous

    pretty sure taig did get heaps of respect.
    respect to anyone who puts skating out there.
    even if it is just for show, who cares.
    haffey has done it more than most other pros.