Chris Haffey: Game of BLADE with Montre Livingston at Bittercold Showdown 2013

2013 Repost.

Chris Haffey: Game of BLADE with Montre Livingston at Bittercold Showdown 2013

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  • Kev from O?O

    That was awesome, definitely haffey vs Cj next time! And goddamn what skates were u on haffey!

  • Anonymous

    Instepping is that you step into tricks instead of jumping with both feet leaving the ground at the same time. Look at the 10:15 and pause it, Montre steps into trick and after that Haffey tries to do it with perfect jump, where his skates leave the ground simultaneously.

  • Anonymous

    There’s also plenty of videos, where Montre steps into tricks, he does that all the time. I understand instepping when you’re learning new tricks, but professional rollerblader shouldn’t do that, especially when competing.

  • mad

    anonymus is right somehow .. that “instepping” (no matter how weird that word is) makes tricks easier, fact!

    those edits are that successful because you get to know the human being behind the name like “haffey” or “livingston”. and you also can see that hammer tricks need time even if they are pro riders. would be cool if more edits would develope in that kind of creating edits.

  • Anonymous

    if you actually pause it you can see both of his feet are in the air before he touches the rail. Stay in school kids

  • Shima

    Montre lands soooooo cool, he just has swag

  • Anonymous

    how do you not “instep” into a fastslide?

  • Danielson

    Haffey must be the nicest guy on earth…. He is arguably the best blader on the planet, but isn’t ashamed of losing just for fun…… All those games of BLADE he gave the other guy the advantage…… VS Aragon was at Razors private park, VS Farmer was all switch tricks on a rail that Farmer owns ( I know for fact cus Ive seen Farmer skate the same rail in several edits), VS Stockwell was in a bowl (and nobody has a shot to beat him in that space….. I’m not even a Stockwell fan, but everyone knows he has the best balance to do whatever in a bowl/park)…. The only half-way fair matches were against Montre and Eisler……. But the thing I noticed in both games was that Haffey needs more grinding room for balance. He cant switch up 2-3x unless he has plenty of room to collect his balance…….. Both Eisler and Montre got letters on Haffey by doing multiple switches on a 10ft rail… Haffey can’t ever seem to get it done on a rail that short……… I can’t compare my skills to Haffey’s, but I have the same problem……. Doing multiple switchups on a 10ft rail is too fucked. It’s too hard to collect your balance before you switch on a rail that short……………….. I am a Haffey fan, but I’m not gonna just sit and make excuses for him…… I think he is slipping a little with all the NITRO CIRCUS events……. I think he hasn’t been practicing his street skills…….But even so, I think he should be challenging people on his strengths……. Big air jumps, and Big gnarly rails……. When it comes to big air, NOBODY can challenge him…… And on those Huge grinds, Only Shima or a select few other could even make it a close game……. RESPECT.

  • Danielson

    And lets be real………. In a game of BLADE against Chris Haffey,,,,,,, we would all instep a couple times trying new tricks……. That happens when you know you are gonna bust your ass sooner or later.

  • Jucge Dredd

    “I’ve been skating 20+ years and never heard of ‘instepping’ – WTF is that…?”

    Can´t stop laughing at this! LOL!

  • Anonymous

    Never heard the term “instepping” but I’ve definitely seen people do it, hate on me because I’m not hip with the blade lingo plz.

  • how about

    Shut the fuck up you sound like a Fag Just stop talking

  • Anonymous

    Sure, both of Montres feet leave the ground before touching the rail, but that’s still stepping into the obstacle. Just try it by yourself, it’s way more easier that way, but still pro riders shouldn’t do that especially when competing. Montre has been doing that since the beginning, look his edits and pause the clips when he jumps. Can’t give credits from those, I count every instepped trick as a failed one.

  • ricardo

    what about

    Silva vs Jones

  • don’t hate

    I think the easiest way to think about it is this, if you are familiar with basketball and the way a layup in shot off one foot verse a jump shot with two. But jumping off one foot is way hard, so the handicap of kinda cancels itself out. But is anybody even reading this garage, did you skate today.

    I did and I’m out of shape, the p ninety x dude is so weird. x stretch niggaazz.

  • Anonymous

    you faggots need to instep the fuck out of your house and instep into some fucking blades

  • Danielson

    Hold on!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Let me settle this “instep” debate right now!! We have all instepped at one point….. Most of us do it ALL THE TIME!!! It happens when you try a new trick, or when you try a trick on a new obstacle………. It is because we are trying not to fall on our faces………… Pros are supposed to be better than us… And pros ARE BETTER THAN US!!! THAT”S WHY THEY ARE PRO!!!!!!!!! But think about it.. Montre Vs Haffey. You have 2 top level pros playing BLADE…. Neither wants to lose………… They deserve to instep to try and win the game!!! Haffey is my hero, but some of his tricks were ugly as shit, cus he wasn’t familiar with the park……. So it’s plenty ok for Montre to instep a couple times…. It happens when you are trying something new………. Even for a pro….. I don’t think he should do it in his edits and sections in videos, but I never noticed it before it was pointed out…….. I have to go back and look before I even agree that “he does it alot”…………. But damn, they are human…… We all put on pants one leg at a time……. Is he supposed to magically lace everything just beause he is pro??’

  • Anonymous

    I have noticed that too, Montre steps in a lot.. Even in his edits. That sucks big time, can’t give credits for those tricks!