Chris Haffey – 180

Chris Haffey

If you are Chris Haffey why not just 180 WAY higher than everyone else.

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7 Responses to “Chris Haffey – 180”

  1. jake Says:

    what skates is he on??? not the hr1.2s and pro skaters never rock an old skate?

  2. T B Says:

    STYDII! Gonna be my video of the year!

  3. soul2roll Says:

    Haffey’s rocked old skates b4. These could be the 2.2’s tho?

  4. Dbeer Says:

    Over dem mountains!

  5. The naff Says:

    Filmed when his last pro model was out.

  6. Yi Yiiiiiiiiii Says:

    Yeah, this was filmed about two years ago.

  7. deubeul Says:

    where’s the video of this?