Chris Farmer: Vibralux VOD Trailer (2015)

We were able to film with Chris Farmer in Los Angeles, Kansas City, Lawrence, Phoenix, Tucson, Atlanta, and Minneapolis to bring you this full profile while he was in-between injuries.

Chris Farmer: Vibralux VOD Trailer (2015)

Starting the profile by ripping off the skin on his ass Chris was able to outdo himself his first day back with a substantial gash to the shin bone resulting in the end of his Atlanta trip.

Followed up with the struggle of Southern California skating and a short trip to the desert the project spanned into the winter months. A cold, unforgiving winter in Kansas City yielded few tricks and the filming continued into the Spring months with a final trip to Minneapolis.


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  • Scotty Blades

    Already Bought it. The Trailer doesn’t do it justice. If you wanna see skating unlike any skater in the world, Buy it! Nobody else out there has that, “what the fuck!” every 3 seconds, factor.

  • Iwn

    Farmers section felt like watching Pianowski for the first time back in the day! Only huge hammers.