Chris Farmer: Radius Media Issue 2 (200x)

2013 Repost.

Chris Farmer

Music: Christian death – Romeo’s distress.
Previously: Xsjado Chris Farmer CF6 – Pro Skates.

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  • hollarolla

    this is the first section of him that i really enjoyed since his baggy days… impressive negative skillz!

  • nhrb

    that whole section was ruined because that guy didnt swish the ball a the end

  • Yokozuna

    La musique(Christian Death:Romeo’s Distress) elle tue sa mère ! Les tricks (comme le Inspin neg makio to inspin makio sur le petit muret … ) sont propres et originaux (je trouve).

  • EaseD

    He got that video for very long time on his myspace so its not very new…

  • Paul

    tech shit FTW!

  • Al

    “that whole section was ruined because that guy didnt swish the ball a the end”

  • RobF

    that whole section was ruined because that guy didnt swish the ball a the end

  • Bill

    so old!!
    last time i saw this i fell off my dinosaur

  • Bob

    This guy always looks like he probably smells really bad. Oh, he also looks like a retarded emo kid.

  • Urbn^nja

    Sick section! Can’t deny that!

  • Joaquim nelsenn

    Chris farmer is the MICHAEL JACKSON of rollerblading…

    Never seen such an aberrant transformation in such a short period… used to be my favorite skater of all times, the best style and clothes, and now???

    the worst problem is, i still love these mutherfuckers, michael jackson and chris farmer,


  • Wrekshop Ryan

    This guy does without a doubt some of the hardest/creative tricks ever done on rollerblades. Im not down with the whole clothing style but it doesn’t matter when you can do shit like Chris Farmer.

  • Arles’

    very good i have seen many, many times :B

  • Right should be right

    I cant believe how little credit some bladers give farmer, one the most influential and talented pioneers of modern rollerblading. And here again he’s busting out real progressive skating, and you guys are still whining about his pants, a missed b-ball shot and the fact the section is a little over six month old… damn

  • Al

    It’s just a joke for the missed b-ball, when i read “nhrb” joke, i think like him, for the first time i saw this section. ;-)

    We are too serious about rollerblading some time.
    and I love his skating and his section in “The Meantime” Specially

  • Right should be right

    I hear what you are saying, but I also think there is something to be said about diminishing great rollerblading, for the sake off voicing you’re opinion about something as over debated as the guy’s pants. Lets move on..

  • EaseD

    You fucker get up, come on get down with the haters!

    Show me your edit and THEN pull the trigger, bitch!

  • fluew

    Chris Farmer is the greatest.. no doubt about it

  • SA Blade

    Still sick. God damn those negatives are clean!

  • DJ

    Super cool song. Just so cool.

  • :D

    damnit farm, please go black to skating like this. farms edits were fucking gold in this era, im talking about his skating itself. so siiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiick, I always thought neg tricks were lame, until I saw farm doing negs, I mean fuck.. that alleyoop negative mistrial on the down rail, too fucking cool

  • Anonymous

    he could probably alley oop top acid his own height

  • Anonymous

    The man is a wizard. Damn.

  • BallsDeep

    Yes! I love Radius and Rejects, thanks trollernews.

  • Anonymous

    Best ever.


    When you realize how easily, throughout his skating career, he has switched his style, tricks, and complete skating stance. I mean, the guy has switch true fished rails bigger than many people have done (I mean this literally, the rail is called metrodome steeps in MN).

    People who talk shit on this are seriously damaged, either full of themselves or just not very bright.

  • Anonymous

    although this is an amazing section and probably better than 99% of everthing ever done, i cant help to think that this might be farmers weakest section to date

  • Anonymous

    that ao topacid alone is mind boggling..

  • Anonymous

    Damn – he looked so much cooler in these days!!


    He is the poster boy for Tippity tap gay skating. Put him in FISE competition and he would shit his pants.

  • bustello buddy boy-o

    Farmer is the man, huge fan of this guy.

  • portas

    talented rollerblader no doubt but a fuckin idiot

  • Anonymous

    France is gay.


  • Anonymous

    How old is this clown? 40? So tired of old tippity tap skaters rollerblading needs fresh blood and big balls.

  • Dirt

    France can go suck me…Lame spin for win skating.