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Rue au Grand Palais : Street culture in Paris

Sunday, October 15th, 2006

rue au grand palais

The ‘Rue au Grand Palais’ was a street culture exhibition that took place in Paris in one of the most beautifull monument : the Grand Palais (take a look at the photos below). The show ended on the 15th of October and lasted 3 days.

rue au grand palais

Djs, hiphop, breakdance and of course skating was all around those 3 days : check a photo set by Nicolas Hognon of the event (84 photos). Link

rue au grand palais

Featured bladers during the 3 days : Aktarus, Greg, Issaam, Luc Lemaire, Romain Godenaire.

Destroy the way 2006 : Edit & Photos

Sunday, October 15th, 2006

destroy the way
up : Walter, the speaker of the contest / Adrian Anne

Check some photos by Photos by Vincent ‘Vince’ Desailly of Destroy the Way 2006, a french contest that took place on the 1st of October 2006 in Rennes. Link

Video Edit of the contest by Dam :

Girls and Extreme Sports

Wednesday, October 11th, 2006

Fancy Magazine : olga bouwhuis

Fancy is a dutch magazine for girls. They published an article about “Girls and Extreme Sports”. Olga Bouwhuis was featured as inline skater ! Here are the scans of the magazine and more photos of Olga :

Fancy Magazine : olga bouwhuis

More Photos :

Pimp Cup 2006 : Report

Wednesday, October 11th, 2006

pimp cup

Read the Pimp Cup Report (London, Ontario) by Vm-mag.

Link. (Via Canadaroll). No, this is not the canadian version of rollernews, although the Canadian Roller News title is pretty confusing…)

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Pimp Cup : report, results, photos and video edits

Three days weekend

Tuesday, October 10th, 2006

skating in italia

On friday night we packed our stuff and headed to Bologna, where Trony and Bizze were waiting for us. After the long drive we left the bags in their house and the guys went out since it was Matteo Guidi’s birthday – yeah, i’ll let you guess his age.

After some hours of sleep, we went to Modena on satuday. There we met with the gus from Verona (Pedro, il Duca, Nicholas and Simone). Unfortunately it started raining and we chilled a bit waiting for the rain to stop. Then we went to the first Modena banks, which almost everyone killed with tree stalls, truespin tsoul and ts ao fishy.

Read the post + nice photos on Bisca Clothing. Link

Kill or be killed Contest : Tricks Premiere & Comp Report

Tuesday, October 10th, 2006

Kill or be killed Contest
up : Poe, Azrider and Damien Wilson, skating.

Rollertoad posted a nice report of the Kill or be Killed comp and the Tricks Dvd Premiere. Link

Word! It was definetly worth the 6+ hour drive from cali to az for the premiere/KOBK. The video was/is so hot! Everyone should have a copy… A not-burned copy! It was nice to have a bunch of different kinds of skating in the video. There’s the AZ guys, , the east coast guys, and the Japanese guys, they all have really cool styles. Here’s a breakdown of the sections…

Cartoon montage… D-poe Photoshopped EVERY frame of this section, giving it a really cool effect. (I have 3 clips!!!)< ----yay

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Kill or be killed Contest : Results and Photos

kill or be killed winners
Photo source : Revolution

Kill or be killed Contest : Results and Photos

Sunday, October 8th, 2006

Kill or be killed Contest

Kill or be killed 6 took place on oct 6th and 7th 2006 in Phoenix, Arizona. Congratulations to Mike French who won the competition.

Check a nice photo gallery by Aaron Wallace (more photos coming soon!).

Imyta Amsterdam 2006 : Pumppi Photo Sets

Friday, October 6th, 2006

Pumppi published a photo gallery of the Imyta+ Amsterdam 2006. Don’t miss photos of the qualification day and the main event. Featuring Benny Harmanus, Chris Haffey, Brian Shima, Yoghurt and more.

Sven Schillings Photo Gallery

Thursday, October 5th, 2006

photos by Sven Schillings

Photo gallery by Sven Schillings, featuring Dominik Wagner, Jojo Jacobi, Patrick Smith, Patrick Starck and more ! Link

Jeff Dalnas (new Skatepile pro): kink rail master!

Tuesday, October 3rd, 2006

Quoting Gabe Holm : (thanks for mailing me!)

I’ve known Jeff for about 6 years now and he’s always been cocky but it’s all in good fun cause he always backs it up. Jeff loves rollerblading and is dedicated to it. He’s known for lacing big drop kinks and this past weekend he drove up 4 hours from Rhode Island to visit me in Vermont where I’m going to college and for another attempt at gnarr drop off kink in Burlington VT. B-Town is the hub of east coast snowboarding; the home of Burton many pro snowboarders and skiers come through to ride street in the city. Jeff Anderson one of snowboarding’s most progressive rail riders (R.I.P.) f/s boarded the bottom half of this kink rail that’s located on the waterfront and the picture was in Transworld Snowboarding Magazine.

As soon as I showed Dalnas the rail for the first time he wanted it. A little over a month ago on the way to the Montreal Classic with some skaters from Boston Jeff stopped to attempt it. He came very close after committing on his first attempt and knew he could do it. On his second attempt he wasn’t so lucky and flew off the rail flipping onto the stairs. His arm got caught in the between the stairs and it has been hurting him since.

Jeff was said he was loosing sleep over it and had to come back to lace. After a few run ups to get his adrenaline going he stayed on it the whole way down but slipped out at the end slamming hard and almost bashing his face on the ground. This didn’t phase him however.

Jeffery eats kink rails for breakfast. This was one of the hardest kinks to land that he’s done, he said and this time he ate it for dinner. Although this is one of his biggest hammers I don’t see him getting full anytime soon. Skating tastes too good and he loves it way too much to stop skating anytime soon. Jeff has been skating for 11 years now, he grew up skating with some of the best in Rhode Island, just made the Skatepile Pro Team, and I can’t wait to see what the future has in store for him. Big things for Jeff Dalnas in 2007!

Check a photo set of Jeff Dalnas skating this huge kink rail.

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