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Black Market – Austrian Van Tour Gallery

Tuesday, December 20th, 2005

black market tour
^ left : Michael Braud and his terrible tricks | right : the team !

Check the Black Market Tour Photos Gallery by the talented Photographer Philipp Forstner |

Featuring : Brent Hicks, Fridolin Eelbo, Julian Bah, Michael Braud, Will Gordon and Doug Urquhart !

Discuss about it in the forums

Rollerblading backgrounds by Shoe.

Monday, December 19th, 2005

Shoe made this amazing background for me, and I thought I’d share it with the rest of you aswell. This is a vector of Swiss superstar Jona Messerli doing a backslide 270 out.

vector rendered skater

Check the topic on the forum, you ‘ll be able to see the original picture there, courtesy of

Once again, thanks alot for taking your time to do this Shoe (:

Jon Craig – Interview

Monday, December 19th, 2005

jon craig, skating in canada

After the Jon Craig Video Edit, here is an interview from this talented canadian rider : nice photos and sequences included ;)

Interview + Photos of Jon Craig |

King Size – Online Magazine

Monday, December 19th, 2005

king size magazine

King size is an online magazine,
they already released 4 issues, you can download them in a zip file.

- Download the 4th issue
(nsfw : the last pic is a naked woman ;) )
visit their website and check all the issues

Sneak Peak of the mag ; Stephane Alphano skating, hawaian style :

Steel Valley Meltdown Event – Photos

Sunday, December 18th, 2005

steel valley meldown
photo : Ryan Habeeb

Check some Photos of the Steel Valley Meldown Event by Eclectic Minds.

Featuring : Brian Aragon, Colin Kelso, JC Rowe, Ben Weis, Ramelle Knight and more.

Rollernews World Map on Frappr

Sunday, December 18th, 2005

westy, skating in liverpool
^ Westy / Liverpool

Are you curious to know where the rollernews users live ?
Check the Rollernews World Map on Frappr

And like Westy (check the image above), you will be able to post your location, post a picture and put some words if you want to, we’re already 327 (18th of December).

The Latimer Family

Saturday, December 17th, 2005

dustin latimer family

Check some photos of Revolution Skate Shop Visitors, you will find Alex Broskow, Matt Mickey, Ryan Shude, Victor Arias, Stephan Horngacher, Nick Wood and more !

Takeshi Yasutoko Website

Thursday, December 15th, 2005

^ Takeshi and Samurai are 2 different kanjis in japanese but they have the same meaning

Check an edit of Takeshi :
Takeshi Yasutoko, skating and grinding in woodwards

Takeshi Yasutoko

Takeshi Yasutoko

The Japanese Pro Vert Skater Takeshi Yasutoko got a personal website, where he upload photos from his travels, China, France, USA and more !

Visit Takeshi Yasutoko website here


Visual Minority – Photos from Canada

Wednesday, December 14th, 2005

visual minority
skating in Canada
^ Double Soul Trick ! omg o_o

Visual Minority a Skating website from Canada, got some nice photos in its gallery : page 1 / page 2 / page 3 / page 4 / page 5

Toronto Skate Battle
Don’t miss the : Toronto Skate Battle 2005 Photos

Brandon Campbell badly hurt

Tuesday, December 13th, 2005

brandon campell badly hurt
photo : Ryan Shude

Brandon “The Bulldog” Campbell will be formally introduced as the new Intuition Skate Shop team rider with a full page ad in Daily Bread Volume 13 Number 10.

Brandon was hurt during the making of the ad, we are with you man !
thanks to Matt Mickey for the news

Rouen R.I.S.C 2005 Contest Photos and Video

Tuesday, December 13th, 2005

Skating in rouen
photo source : rollerenligne

2005 R.I.S.C. Video Edit : risc2005.wmv (19,5 mb)

uk The R.I.S.C. french contest (Rouen), 2006 edition, is coming the 18 and 19th of February 2006. You can check some photos of the last year on this page (article in french inside)

fr Si vous ne connaissez pas le R.I.S.C. c’est le moment de peaufiner votre culture street. Cet événement est l’un des plus gros rassemblement de la scène française. L’année dernière, près de 400 riders avaient mis le feu au park de Rouen. Le R.I.S.C. est organisé par le shop RollBrothers. L’événement aura lieu les 18 et 19 février 2006. A vos agendas !
Pour voir l’article de l’année dernière, c’est ici | source

X-Mas Jam 2005 – Photos, Report & Mini Edit

Sunday, December 11th, 2005

daniell prell
^ Daniel Prell – Photo : Dominik Rietzel

Bassti at Confidence-mag did a nice report of the X-Mas Jam 2005.

You will find there photos of the event and a nice mini edit featuring crazy tricks from Mathias Silhan and Stephane Alphano.
(WTF? was it a 720 Truespin Mizou from Mathias ? o_o). A full edit is coming soon.

Check the report of the X-Mas Jam 2005
the video link is at the end of the page.

mathias silhan
^ Mathias Silhan – Photo : Dominik Rietzel

Related News :
Results of the X-Mas Jam 2005 + best trick by Stephane Alphano

Rollernews Global Team – Month 1 Results

Saturday, December 10th, 2005

rollernews global team

Rollernews & The-Conference are organising a Global RN Team Contest. Each month we choose a photo and a video edit from our users (more info in this section)

Here are the results from the month 1 :

- Best Photo : Robert Keseli (cistyjuh)
(you can check the photo at the top of this post)
he wins a Horngacher Frame and a Kizer Beanie

- Best Video : Trace Sexton (bamaroller88) : video link
He wins a Suspension Frame a Stygma T-Shirt

You can win too !
Just enter a video and/or photo (check the frequently asked questions), present your crew if you have one,

see you soon on the forums ;)

Thanks to our supporters :

The Conference :
Stygma :
Kizer :

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