Brian Aragon: Legend Edit [Best-of]

Brian Aragon: Legend Edit [Best-of]

Previously: Brian Aragon: Mixtape II by Yoeri Kurvers.

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  • Laina Morris

    He has gone, get over it. Rollerblading needs to stop drunk texting him like some psycho over attached ex-girlfriend.

    • Mike Way

      They just want some more… People never get enough and want a comeback story. It’s just the way life goes. Re-edits, and tributes will keep popping up in hopes that this occurs. I personally think he has contributed all he needed to and some. If he came back and put out a section, cool. But it’s not like he’s going to drop his current aspirations to reclaim any rollerblading stature that he has already accomplished for a decade strong.

    • RuemliBlader

      looking back to enjoy seeing someone and how good he was has nothing to do with that. I didn’t hear that desperate call, or did I miss it?

  • Alan Marotta

    Aragon on usd Please…

  • Fran├čois Nathan

    dude it’s just a “best of edit”, Aragon was a great skater, like many other in rollerblading. Some “Legend” edits will coming soon ;) (next Murda I think, i will see)


  • Ross Maidment

    anyone else dizzy??

  • hector

    Rollerblading have not been at the front of the stage as he should be and unfortunately I think we talk about the past growing . This is limit if one always has the same pros on the front of the stage there almost 10 years.
    Until rollerbladers will not have a true proffessional wage allowing them to live , skating will increasingly bad , and keep in mind the old pro who stopped their career has just 30 years to see less

  • Douglas Oliveira

    First Haffey, Second Aragon!