Bladesgiving 2013, Daytona Beach (Florida): Edit

Bladesgiving 2013, Daytona Beach (Florida): Edit

The 4th Bladesgiving part of the Florida Circuit Competition, next competition will be Blade in the Glades on January 4th 2014 at the Drop in Extreme Sports Complex.


  1. BJ Vazquez, Puerto Rico / Tampa
  2. Eric Michael, Clearwater
  3. Jon Fromm, Boca Raton
  4. Kenrick Chiocca, Sunrise / Lydell Lockett, Tampa
  5. Drew Johnson, Atlanta
  6. Chris Moraco, Pembroke Pines
  7. ‘Cheeto’ Bryan Kriebel, Orlando
  8. Joey Chase, Orlando
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  • lj fanti

    oh man! what a blast!!! i really wanted to be there guys but some stuff came up :( glad to see it went off out there in daytona!!!!!

  • Anonymous


  • Change the game

    Ok, but this comp looks so much fun and better to watch than bladingcup…

  • rafael antonino

    awsome champ!! so good edit, i loved the song

  • rafael antonino

    kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk im drunk, but I realy like the song

  • Robbie Squire

    What a surprise! A nameless, faceless pussy is talking shit on a good edit on rollernews?! Where are your balls?