Blade Safe at “Joints & Jam 2013” with Nils Jansons

Blade Safe at Joints & Jam 2013 with Nils Jansons

Nils Jansons, promo clips for the Joints & Jam 2013 (Jan 19, Latvia). Warning: this video only contains bails.

Nils Jansons & Friends: Invitation to the “Joints & Jam” contest


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  • turtle ninja

    Wow we are often seeing him lacing his tricks but those bails were mentals.

  • Anonymous

    yeah those bails were fuckin nuts. what a fuckin solid dude..’

    on a side note i feel like that language is so unattractive..

  • Slug Lord

    Fearless lil fucker DAMN!!!

  • a

    nils = new king of blading !!!

  • smokesomeweed

    BALLS OF STEEL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    anonymous- thats the best fckn language ever!

  • phil ryan

    deff something wrong with this kid, love it. crazy bastard

  • White

    Gnarlsons is the future!

  • Diaz

    Jansons really starts to look like my ALL TIME favorite pro.

  • damn

    This is the kind of kid that should get health insurance to skate PRO.

  • Anonymous

    He’ll regret taking falls like those when he’s older. That’s kind of where I’m at right now.

  • Anonymous

    Fuck it – you only live once bro – love Nils

  • Anonymous

    Nils you are my fucking hero!

  • Nazi

    When is his pro skate coming out ..

  • sir

    you see that ?? this is for all you bitches whos think kink rails are easy NILS FTW !!

  • seanpquinn



  • Anonymous

    Nils needs to put out a section with nothing but major danger hammer tricks – show people what rollerbladings all about and put it back on the map!

    If anyone can save rollerblading its Nils Jansons!

  • Mother. Fucker.

    :| Thats why I would never be an outstanding blader, because I’ve been prepared to risk bails like that maybe 3 times at the most in 12 years. Haha. His balls must have their own names and address’s.

  • 37

    haha, the fuck @ those bails

  • Rob

    Sick bails and HUGE self confidence! Nils = ready 4 pro status

  • Anonymous

    song for bails section please

  • the stinky Juda

    so tiny yet so strong and brave ! hope you are fine by now you freacking Terminator !!!!

  • the stinky Juda

    also i bet he laced this bitch and we will see it soon !

  • Anonymous

    He’s no where near broskow or aragon but he will be at the top, as a industry leading pro in the next ten years