Barcelona: Homies Spring Sessions (2015)

By Mathias von Gostomski. Featuring Dustin Werbeski, Sam Crofts, Nick Lomax & Carson Starnes.

Barcelona: Homies Spring Sessions (2015)

The next episode of the Homies blading in Barcelona. Same idea as last time, a camera and a lens, no toys, except one day we had a gimbal.

As the serious filming is already taken care of by the rest of the crew I can experiment and I like to take an approach where architecture or the spot is as important as the trick that is done on it.

On the other hand I have to try and make the other filmers disappear, which is especially hard if they are on the fish. Not to ruin any of their footy, I won’t get any fisheye shots, maybe next time.

No clips of me this time (haha) I was too lazy to set up the camera in somebody else’s hand to film my sub par tricks. If you want to be in the summer episode just say Hi. – Mathias von Gostomski.

Music: Phon.o – Yudasi, Phon.o – Black Boulder, Hiatus – A silver exit.

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  • Alphan Ecevit

    woww!! Soooo good!

  • Sean Patrick Quinn


  • iroNy
  • Vincent Romain

    best shit ever !

  • 69

    This dude makes ‘THE BEST’ edits – If you get a chance check out his previous edit – ‘All the Edits I didn’t make’ – I still watch it to this day, it will blow your mind.

  • Trollolololernews Troll

    Great filming and edit! Webeski and Lomax suck and will never get respect… Carson is prob done now that he’s not on razors and Sam crofts is the best blader in that video.

    • Fridolin Eelbo

      not true at all

  • Fridolin Eelbo

    Nice as always…….skating was perfect

  • Kennan Scott

    that was beautiful….great job!