Australia 2010-2012 Street Edit

Australia 2010-2012 Street Edit

Featuring some of the best skaters in Australia such as CJ Wellsmore, Chris Pullar, Danny Jensen, Gavin Drumm, Tom Coley Sowry, Kieran Deans, Matthias Ogger, Josh Nielsen and many more.

Filmed in Melbourne, Canberra and Sydney.

Song: Pretty Lights – Forever Lost.

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29 Responses to “Australia 2010-2012 Street Edit”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    Chris Pullar? One of the best rollerbladers from Australia? He’s not even one of the best rollerbladers from his town. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAAHHAHAHAAHAHA

    Wtf, did he write that little intro himself?

  2. Jubby Says:

    gross. Dom, we need you back man.

  3. Pdub Says:

    That 180 roof gap was dope, dunno what the unnamed person is taking about, prolly just jealous

  4. RobKellett Says:

    Homies Killing it! No Brisbane though :/

  5. mj dudley Says:

    tristan richards. He out there….

  6. tomek Says:

    Sickness!! Titties

  7. Pdud Says:

    pdub, should be pdud……..

  8. homobuttsecks Says:

    I love Paul Wicke, I wish he had more tricks.
    I would so do a few stunts on his grind pole.

  9. Pdud Says:

    Please dont tease me like that….

  10. Zack D Says:

    Fuck you Anonymous, you dont even know Chris Pullar, his skating is sick and he’d gap anything.

  11. Pdub Says:

    ClaSsic pdudley

  12. Trill Bill Says:

    Haha!!! Coming in just to comment that that was EFFIN’ AMAZIN’! and seeing the flame comments has me laughing my ass off more than the rec skater in the helmet top p-starring that hand rail 180 out!

    The rolling was dope. I was going to comment how lame it is to open up with bails, but you kinda have to with steezy skating like that.

    That kid in the beanie is a fucking steeze bot.

    The switchups were comical they were so clean. The skating could have been better though, if you wanted to see some flips, or some fake blader lifestyle footie with pierced dicks, and someone smoking a blunt while doing a fakie wallride.

    I thought it was perfect it showcased how much longer these guys grind than me, how much better their spots are, and how much cooler they are.

    Mission Accomplished.

    p.s.- Their dicks are probably bigger too.

  13. Vine grime Says:

    Chris Pullar is a fucking faggot. Stop using pretty lights, ppl who skate remz these days don’t seem to know how to rollerblade, poached wells more clips, Australia fuck we can do better than this. Good try but boys!!

  14. Trill Bill Says:

    “Chris Pullar? One of the best rollerbladers from Australia? He’s not even one of the best rollerbladers from his town. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAAHHAHAHAAHAHA

    Wtf, did he write that little intro himself?”

    That statement is true… They are “SOME” of the best rollerbladers in the WORLD…

    There isn’t that many of us. Dude it has to be like less than 500,000.

    I’m one of the best rollerbladers in the Florida. I have footage to back that statement. I’m not Mike Lilly, but I’ll shred your face anon. So will Chris Pullar… He will jump over you!

    In my humble opinion you may suck as a person but if you commit on them blades everyday you have a chance you are pretty damn legit. So many anons hate. What ever that day is when everyone cock mongrel is supposed to “go & roll” and “share blading” like some hippie love fest… We all should post edits on here… Everyone that comes in here and comments… Even if it’s a curb edit. Then we can know who is faking the funk. I got curb edits on deck bitch! LOL!

  15. The Dude Says:

    Moar Josh Clarke! Legend! Really awesome to see a clip from him

  16. Anonymous Says:

    Le francais qu’on voit tout le temps dans les video australiennes devraient s’acheter un nouveau short. Sans dec, ca fait des années qu’on le voit avec son short de basket…

  17. Jezza Says:

    Jle kiffe mon short et jle porterai que ca te plaise ou non

  18. Anonymous Says:

    Serieux Jezza, change ton short. Il est vraiment laid. Remarque, c’est assorti à ta face et à ton style…

  19. Anonymous Says:

    D’accord avec le message précedent

  20. ryan Says:

    Trill Bill:”I’m one of the best rollerbladers in the Florida”followed by”In my humble opinion…”

    you kinda contradicted yourself there,wouldn’t you say?you should probably look up the definition of what it is to be humble.

  21. jon cooley Says:

    tom coley-sawry is slaying shit these days…

  22. Jezza Says:

    bande de rageux.. serieux arretez de vous cacher derriere vos posts anonyme ca fait pitier et ca n’a aucune valeure donc ca ne m’atteind meme pas, ca prouve juste que vous avez pas de couilles. mon short jle porterai jusqu’au jour ou je pourrai plus skater juste pour vous faire chier jusqu’au bout avec mon style et ma face. De plus, c’est la preuve qu’au moin vous l’avez mater l’edit! Il est ou le votre? y’en a pas a ce que je sache, alor arreter de faire vos ptites putes derriere vos clavier, allez skater du street et postez un edit, apres on parlera.

  23. Anonymous Says:

    Peut etre que tu es bon en street comme tu dis mais tu es moche et n’as aucun style. Le street c’est une partie de ta vie. Ta face et ton style de merde c’est pour toute la vie. Soit pas rageux…

  24. Chris Pullar Says:

    Fuck yeah boys!
    Haha, bummer you feel that way Mr. Vine Grime, I didn’t write the into to this one, just the bit in the Vimeo description about supporting your local skateshop, and I think we’re all a little disappointed inside that Dom West isn’t gonna be around to make a Vine St 2, but it’s so rad that people like Thomas Dalbis are always putting out material, showcasing everyone that’s repping in Oz and keeping us all up to speed on what’s been going down – keep it up Kal Crew!!

  25. Pine Tree Says:

    good tricks and the edits got a good raw feel about it. =D

  26. Jezza Says:

    Anonyme donc insignifiant

  27. Anonymous Says:

    In your face Jezza! You’re my bitch!

  28. Jezza Says:

    Anonymous therefore insignificant

  29. Adam Says:

    That was just great in seeing an aussie edit! Can’t believe Josh Clarke was in it, awesome, good footage of everyone. Mad Steez someone I know might even say :D