Announcement: Antony Pottier on Seba

Antony Pottier on Seba

After going for CJ Wellsmore as their first time rider, Seba is now announcing their second rider to the SEBA Street Team.

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  • Anonymous

    More than well deserved! Seba is going for the good guys :)

  • Oskars Pundurs

    WOW… so where i can buy skates?

  • Anonymous

    hup belgie hup ;) goed werk antony !!

  • RG


  • NO !!!

    Seba 1 Rzrs 0
    how rzrs can loose an incredible rider as him ??

  • Lluis Martinez


  • Anonyme

    Yes Pottier!!
    Well deserved!!

  • Anonymous

    il a du en sucer des gros chibres afin d’afin une place dans le team…
    C’est le vide couille de CJ !!!!

  • damn

    I was hoping this guy would be one of the next great Razors pros. Oh well, Razors was too slow, or didn’t recognize the talent? bummer for them, good for SEBA!!

  • Anonymous

    Cool ! Now can we see the fucking skate !!!! This is almost as bad as Julio releasing a tiny little pic of part of a skate and them not coming out for a year ! Or worse the 2.0 !! Just release the dumb skates so I can buy some please !

  • funny shit

    It’s all about money. Seba is willing to pay them more than the other companies. Honestly this is what All riders deserve. Plain and simple.

  • Anonymous

    it’s be sick if he came out with an edit of street clips…

  • ok but

    wheres the fucking skates already?show us the fucking skates!ahhhhhhhhhhhhhahahahahahahahhha i cant take it anymore!!!!!!!fuck’n skates ahhhhhhhhgggzzzzzzzz seba! aagggghhhhhhhhhhhhgzzz skates!!! ugh fart fuck’n skates!!!!!!! aghhg………blow job!!!!

  • generalskij

    ah man congratz cant wait to see the skates =)

  • Bladerrr

    I dont know why SEba presens before riders than the first skate itself…
    Its very stupid coming from a company… OH wait, we are in the rollerblading industry…

    Good for Pottier, he is one of my favourites but bad for Seba.
    The company is getting bad vibes before starting.

  • Douche

    When you know how people are on RN it’s better for Seba to announce such a thing since everybody will see him skating Seba this week end…

    At least seba have a marketing strategy…

  • Anonymous

    don’t put any Americans on your team, they all suck.

  • Pimp Playa Hustla Mane

    Never hearda him… Seba is real fuckin’ gay!

  • Am

    As SEBA said in a press release the skates will be unveiled and skates at the Winterclash so you don’t have long to wait at all!

  • Anonymous

    the united states must be shitting its pants watching these foreign skate companies take over rollerblading. finally the rest of the world gettin the attention it deserves!

  • owen

    Dream team… I will buy

  • Tap curbing


    Really though. Who?

    And what’s a SEBA and why is it on my internets?