Alex Burston: Winter Edit by Nick Lomax

Alex Burston: Winter Edit by Nick Lomax

Alex Burston and Nick Lomax getting out on the cold streets of Manchester to put together this fresh edit!

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56 Responses to “Alex Burston: Winter Edit by Nick Lomax”

  1. Jermaine Says:

    Burston going in as usual

  2. Anonymous Says:

    Sickkkkkkkkennniinnggg. Hammers on toast.

  3. Anonymous Says:

    the steezyest man in blading and you know this!

  4. Tripe Spam Peas Pasty Says:

    Fookin Sick! Torque was Illlll

  5. Jay Says:

    I see a lot of edits with A$AP songs nowadays…dope shit

  6. Scott quinn Says:

    Belter!! Well done lads

  7. zakbuys Says:

    Lovely, Burston ftw!

  8. ChrisBray Says:

    Garbage song for an edit that would be sick in uncloned. I liked a few tricks but the whole vibe and speed of the skating is not up to par for todays creativity, style or speeeed.

  9. ::{BMF} Davem0n Says:

    Alex has some of the best landings in the game.

  10. ChrisBray Says:is full of shit Says:

    Have you seen them spots, not clean cut american skating.

    Alex killed it and in manchester winter weather.

  11. Someone Says:

    Chris bray….. Not everyone jumps on the band wagon with so called creative blading. Go to manchester yourself and skate the filthy streets.

  12. the stinky Juda Says:

    dude is real ! critisism* is ok but hating is wrong why you have to be such an ass Criss ?
    who is this guy does some one know him ? nobody !

  13. the stinky Juda Says:

    who says you have to skate fast ? who says blading is about doing something never dun before ? you are stuck in your own jelosy dude !!! the track\music is dope\pumping real shit !!!

  14. Anonymous Says:

    Chris bray congratulations! You are today’s rollernews number one idiot.

  15. Jay Says:

    lol everybody else who comments on this should either shit on “ChrisBray” or just show love and support the edit

  16. Weasel Says:

    I Kind of agree with Chris actually. Some dope tricks but inconistant style, speed, and some weird landings. I think when your a razor’s pro you should have the integrity to only release edits that are top notch. I know your not making a million bucks but some quality control and professionalism please…

  17. Pete Says:

    And I’m sure the guy (Chris) was comparing them with clean spots to highlight how poor they are… As in- skating was good, considering the crappy spots

  18. Anonymous Says:

    “Today’s creativity”? How is contemporary skating supposed to be considered creative when everyone is vying for the weirdest tricks on the weirdest spots? Contrived creativity in skating has become yet another trend in rollerblading, just like baggy sweatpants and unity cess slides It’s the fucking norm nowadays. When are people gonna wake up and understand that shit? Why bother moving along with the newest trend when that seems to be something as glaringly stupid as skating dink rails?

  19. Kevin Says:

    hammers and flow, many thanks for this !

  20. dicksforeverymeal Says:

    wasnt that good. cant see why this guy got a pro skate over many other people who make way sicker edits. i did like the song though

  21. 2R Says:

    Weasel, you are quite simply a weasel

    the edit’s filmed and edited by Nick Lomax, he’s not a pro filmer – I’m sure he’d happily tell you that! But he wants to make edits of him and the dudes he rolls with.

    I can almost gaurentee that if Nick wasn’t filming Alex for fun, Razors certainly wouldn’t fund a random edit.

    Count yourself lucky that you got to see some sick, and FREE skating on rugged spots…

    Alex killed it, and I love nicks attitude towards filming and skating – the dudes just down for a good time, it’s evident in his videos.

  22. Brian Says:

    Scott Quinn and Alex burston are the sickest dudes on the planet and both come from the smallest island, razors are on point.
    some Scott street could be nice too though?????????

  23. pppp Says:

    that was actually sick,dont usualy like him that much,but thagt was sick!

  24. Anonymous Says:

    who the fuck is Alex Burston>???????

  25. Anonymous Says:

    Alf Iocono is much better

  26. Anonymous Says:

    what the hell was that song, holy fuck

  27. Anonymous Says:

    “who says you have to skate fast ?”
    Anyone can look like they know what they’re doing when going slow.
    This just ISN’T a professional level of blading AT ALL.
    If dude didn’t have a pro skate it wouldnt matter.
    For you newbs-Alex’s pro skate was JBah’s skate. DUH

  28. Not the real Says:





  29. Wut da fuk Says:

    I didnt know nick lomax was on razors

  30. Jesus of stupity Says:

    I never went on the rollernews comments in my life, but hey this shit makes me sad…people are saying something about they could make better…??? Really dudes I don’t care, but really? and this is important!!! Everybody that’s reads this is for me somebody that is already sucked in in that thing we call rollerblading. For real shit, it makes me sad when people talk about blading like this. I don’t wanna be an emo or some shit and maybe I’m using this post for something that I feel for blading. Please whoever is writing on here. Please don’t destroy it “just like that” for real help…make it bigger. Be a fucking voice !!! Too much hatin nowadays…why ? Just because we have Internet doesn’t mean we have to be disrespectful to our own “sport” show some love. And especially some people like fuckin Alex Burston !!!! He is just great! Straight up from Manchester in your f…face. Please people be cool and go skating you fucking idiots. Do something, post something, be part ! Be better ! Be blading !!!

  31. Jesus of stupity Says:

    And lomax is not on razors, he is still on usd. But they are friends which is cool. Because they shred and are normal people!!! Not like you faggots who are reading this because you have a little wienerrrr…..dicks. (Maybe you are a cocksucker too)

  32. Jesus of stupity Says:

    And hey my dick is small anyways, so don’t go crazy on me,.,,

  33. Jesus of stupity Says:

    And I love you!!! Keep shredding that fucker niggers!!!

  34. yeeee Says:

    but,,, this aint no winter edit ,, fuck my summer edits have more snow props on the last stunt and song

  35. 70SAV Says:

    Probably the worst song ever in an edit. At least top five. Got like 45 sec in and all I heard was “nigga” a bunch of times while a white boy grinded rails. I turned it off. Better song and you woulda had me.

  36. Anonymous Says:

    i wanna see a midget rollerblade that would be so awesome….

  37. Anonymous Says:


    almost all the top pros are fucking midget sized man.
    have you seen aragon in real life? dude is SHORT!

  38. Jessus Says:

    So good. ChrisBray is entitled to his opinion, but it is a bad one. Most of today’s skaters couldn’t pull have those tricks with as much steez as Mr Burston… they’d be too worried about getting their hair out of place to even bother skating that kind of terrain. Win!

  39. Anonymous Says:

    I have to agree – If you have a pro boot then you really need to up the standard in every edit you put out. Skating was way too slow, reminded me of the 90’s.

  40. Ash Says:

    Wow. rollerblading really is ‘dead’.

    People get free stuff, that they’d never have seen if Nick didn’t film this… and all it gets is hate from children.

    rollernews is the worst thing about rollerblading.

  41. Adrien Says:

    Really good edit when you know the weather and the spots of Manchester!
    Yes ma nigga!!

  42. DarthRoller Says:

    Sick edit, especially considering he’s rolling typically flawed UK spots in winter. Finding crisp, clean spots in the UK and/or the good weather to roll them from October-April really ain’t easy.

    Scotland, England and the Republic of Ireland have some ridiculous rollerbladers considering the the weather they have to put up with.

  43. PORTAS Says:

    WOW, Priory rail in Macclesfield!!!!!! Remember skating that in 96 on a wet Sunday morning . They were the days

  44. Weasel Says:

    No one cares how grimy the spots are in England. Slow skating on cobble when it’s cold out doesn’t make me like the edit. Farmer skates when there’s 3 feet of snow on the ground. He got jbah’s pro skate cause no one else wanted that Frankenstein whack color way thrown together with spare parts excuse got a pro model

  45. Jeph Howard Says:

    I love Alex Burston! He’s a real cool guy and real good a rollerblading for sure.

  46. mike Says:

    weasel uv never been to england have you………….. your us pros cant skate here either haha

  47. Weasel Says:

    I’ve been all over Europe multiple times. I know the spots are old fashion and shitty. It still doesn’t make me like this edit any more it seems more like and exuse…What’s your excuse about the shitty ass food in England? Are you going to blame that on the rain and cobble roads?

  48. pfffffft Says:

    show me a trick where farmer lands perfectly in the snow then weasel you moron!

  49. Blader GANG Says:

    DAMN NIGGA! A$AP MOB NIGGA! we OUT HERE! ILL DIE FOe my nigga, my nigga killed all dem spotz nigga! too much swag on a guuci rag bitch! we OUT HERE! TrVP gang bang GvD all DAY nigga DO WORK!

  50. FAO Weasel Says:

    Weasel’s comment ‘He got jbah’s pro skate cause no one else wanted that Frankenstein whack color way thrown together with spare parts excuse got a pro model’ The colour way is actually inspired by Alex’s favourite football team Manchester City. So it is actually ‘his’ own pro skate designed with input from him personally…NOT J Bah – FACT.

    Edit was amazing as is Burston. Well deserving pro skater!

  51. Ash Says:

    Don’t get worked up about weasel, everyone knows he’s a classic twat behind the internet screen.

    Probs never even looked at a handrail, let alone grinded one.

  52. rob dalton Says:

    haha. What you seen in edit doesn’t necessarily show someone’s full potential. Looks as if this was filmed in one day, bar 3 clips. just chillin with the boyzies, doesn’t have to be hammers 24/7. Burston BURST ON to the scene for a reason, got skills.

  53. sickyyy Says:

    Damn that was too good. It’s refreshing to see some long grinds and burly tricks, seems like I see that kind of blading less and less these days. Burston looks more solid than ever, definitely killed it.

  54. SkinnDaddy Says:

    I was expecting to dislike this after (For some stupid fucken reason) reading the comments first. But damn, that was great. Nice tricks, good style. Shitty weather!

    Grip it and RIP IT, you fucken CUNTS!!

  55. Timmychanga Says:

    Chris bray just blew me :)

  56. Anonymous Says:

    ^^you got blown by a dude?…homo