Alex Burston: Winter Edit by Nick Lomax

Alex Burston: Winter Edit by Nick Lomax

Alex Burston and Nick Lomax getting out on the cold streets of Manchester to put together this fresh edit!

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  • Ash

    Don’t get worked up about weasel, everyone knows he’s a classic twat behind the internet screen.

    Probs never even looked at a handrail, let alone grinded one.

  • rob dalton

    haha. What you seen in edit doesn’t necessarily show someone’s full potential. Looks as if this was filmed in one day, bar 3 clips. just chillin with the boyzies, doesn’t have to be hammers 24/7. Burston BURST ON to the scene for a reason, got skills.

  • sickyyy

    Damn that was too good. It’s refreshing to see some long grinds and burly tricks, seems like I see that kind of blading less and less these days. Burston looks more solid than ever, definitely killed it.

  • SkinnDaddy

    I was expecting to dislike this after (For some stupid fucken reason) reading the comments first. But damn, that was great. Nice tricks, good style. Shitty weather!

    Grip it and RIP IT, you fucken CUNTS!!

  • Timmychanga

    Chris bray just blew me :)

  • Anonymous

    ^^you got blown by a dude?…homo