Aaron Feinberg: Mindgame, Bang Section

February 2013 + January 2012, Hi-Quality Repost.

Aaron Feinberg: Mindgame, Bang Section

The third Installment from Mindgame, BANG! will make you reevaluate everything you thought you knew about tricks, style and editing. It brings rolling to heights never before imagined. Witness the masters who blend creativity & fluidity.

Mindgame Bang

Song: Tv on the Radio – Staring at the Sun.
Mindgame, Bang: Full Video + Soundtrack Listing.

360p mirror.

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58 Responses to “Aaron Feinberg: Mindgame, Bang Section”

  1. Emagdnim Says:

    A legend… Back in the old good times

  2. Rob Says:

    Best!!! Never bored to watch this section again and again..

  3. Anonymous Says:

    For sure one of the best ever… i remember seeing this fool back at the xgames in la. He is freakin super hella short! Most of the good pro roller where though haha

  4. Jason Howard Says:

    Is this still the same mindgame team as before?

    I thought Victor Arias and Tyler Hester were on mindgame?

  5. Anonymous Says:

    honestly, i can recall i was disappointed when i saw it at first… too high expectations i guess.

  6. Peter Crotch Says:

    this guy is hella sketchy. where did this old guy even come from?

  7. Anonymous Says:

    ^You’re right, Brosky should replicate all these hammers so we will know what they look like with perfect style. And if he lands sketchy at all, we will make him risk his life again and again until he gets them all perfect, because if humans are anything, they are perfectly perfect in a perfect world.

    Don’t hold your breath, some of these tricks will never be replicated, EVER! I for one appreciate the unique power and rawness that was AARON FEINBERG!

  8. Anonymous Says:

    *that IS Aaron Feinberg, haha, he is still skating after all.

  9. Dudesblood Says:

    What a clown! Who is this guy, he’s hella sketchy!

  10. Ian C UK Says:

    Peter Crotch…what a complete Cunt!

  11. Terry Says:

    How do some of you guys not know who Aaron Feinberg is?! What a wild world we live in.


  12. thrones Says:

    What the hell!!!!!!! Who is Aaron Feinberg!!!!!!!! Man kids now are fucked up. Hes probably earned more money skating than just about anyone. Let alone winning the x games gold when he was 16!!!!

  13. aggroskater414 Says:

    Honestly if you rollerblade and don’t know who Aaron Feinberg you should slap the shit out of yourself.

  14. Real Says:

    The one.. The only… The true Rollerblading Legend: Aaron Feinberg !

    This guy made our sport !

  15. Anonymous Says:

    i think it’s about time someone do something about rollerblading history so kids to forget their roots ( like a proper website ) …

    i’m really disapointed when i read peps hating on louie zamora or Aaron feinberg …

    who’s next ? dustin latimer ? josh petty ? arlo eisenberg ?

    learn our history , learn respect then you will be allowed to talk …

    from my experience ( i have been rollin’ since 1994 ) everytime i go to a park kids are amazed by what they called “olschoold” style , they keep asking me if i’m in a pro team ( i don’t even have a sponsor or the level for it ) and all those kind of ( let’s be honest ) nice things for my ego. but the fact is , they look at Brian Aragon ( wich i respect a lot ) or nowdays skater , and they just want to learn to do as many trick as them , but they forget about style , or line …

  16. Brian Says:

    a great section right there! fuck Yeah Feinberg!

  17. the streets are for rollerblading Says:

    makes me wanna throw on my thrones and skate when I watch this!!!! LEGEND

  18. DJ WREKSHOP Says:

    One of the best ever!!!! Pure LEGEND!!!!
    Can’t wait for a Feinberg comeback!!!!

  19. Rhianna Says:

    not a bad section. seen better though.

    not quite colin kelso.

  20. Aron Says:

    This never gets old. He is a legend.

  21. DUDE Says:

    inspiting! I wish he publishe some new tricks..

  22. Anonymous Says:

    Aaron Feinberg? Who the hell is that dinosaur?! Did he skate with Taig Khris and Shane Yost or some shit? He’s shit who does drop rails and stuff that you can hurt on anymore?! that shit is so 80’s

  23. Anonymous Says:

    i hope you kids know he skates flat

  24. Anonymous Says:

    Hopefully clips of him will be in the Kaltik dvd that is to be released soon

  25. Anonymous Says:

    i wonder what feinbergs toolbox looks like. probably filled with hammers

  26. Anonymous Says:

    I met this dude in 2000, and the shit he did back on park still blows my mind today. Truly timeless.

  27. Anonymous Says:

    franco shade franco shade franco shade franco shade franco shade franco shade franco shade franco shade franco shade franco shade franco shade franco shade franco shade franco shade

  28. Jbah Says:

    pure focus, the difference between feinberg and all you kids trying to duplicate broskow or aragon nowadays. They are just super focus on skating and thats why they can do crazy shit and it looks good. Same thing with feinberg he was super focus on landing the tricks he was trying. you can’t disaster bs royal a square kink rail and think about your waiter hands dropping elbow shit at the landing.
    One of my favourite sections ever.

  29. Anonymous Says:

    not everyone has skated 10 years guys. some people dont know who the G.O.A.Ts are

  30. mousley Says:

    hammer & Nails. EPIC!

  31. Anonymous Says:

    SO GOOD too bad they didnt have HD back then…

  32. shinpoop Says:

    to all the down talkers, your mom wishes you could skate this good

  33. PictureMeSmokin Says:

    section was trash…even when it came out…this section is called going through the motions…

  34. Adam Says:

    Every person that made a negative comment toward feinberg here doesn’t even have a tenth if his skill set. Pathetic.

  35. #1 stunna Says:

    Realest and Illest motherfucker to ever put on blades, straight up.



  37. Timmy Tillet Says:

    I was at a skatepark in early 2000s and some of us were talking about Feinberg and I recall saying, “you can’t beat Aaaron Feinberg” and then I heard a voice say “I did!” so I turned around ready to fucken get my t bag on and it was Tim Ward! I guess I should have said *Not EVERYONE can beat Aaron Feinberg!!

  38. Anonymous Says:

    puhaha some one said sketch

    youtube destroyed this section it doesnt look like a pixelated mess on my copy

  39. Mr Mijagii Says:

    every pro in our sport will tell you that he was a inspiration and god on skate but you guys you always knows better,fucking morons AF the legend !

  40. Meandthem Says:

    Now this is a fucking edit im sorry but the kids talking shit on feinberg are the ones grinding on curbs and shit lol you pussies go back to skateboarding and respect your legends you tards.

  41. Anonymous Says:

    He was my hero back in the days :)
    The first skater in my eyes who looked at some obstackle… and said I can grind /gap that shit… while the others said.. yeaah right… and bam he did it time after time
    Without him peeps wouldnt be doing the crazy shit some pros do now..

    Neewbies please learn your history!!!!

  42. awaii Says:

    THE good old days

  43. pcp Says:

    can´t fuck with feinberg… some serious shit!

  44. Z Says:

    The Hebrew Hammer. Best.

  45. Scott Wilcoxson Says:

    One of the most naturally talented rollerbladers in existence. There are absolutely no hammers going on today that Feinburg couldnt have done, or pretty much already did in 2000.

  46. Anonymous Says:

    Feinberg, you made skating a stunt sport! you may not have made the sport, but haffey wouldn’t be throwing down the tricks he does today without your inspiration. If kids want to watch fisheye films with flawless style, then watch something else, but don’t put this legend down, you wouldn’t be on wheels without people like him!

  47. Jason Damron Says:

    “”One of the most naturally talented rollerbladers in existence. There are absolutely no hammers going on today that Feinburg couldnt have done, or pretty much already did in 2000.”-scott wilcock

  48. Anonymous Says:

    you are all clowns…..

  49. Erik Says:

    Like me a lot of people will never own this DVD. Unfortunately for us there just isn’t a copy available online to watch that has the audio synced up to the video. I have no idea why but that appears to be the case. I downloaded the best copy I could find and spent 2 days sorting it out as I feel a movie this iconic should be completely watchable.

    No copyright infringement intended. Please don’t be pissed :)


  50. sbask Says:

    It amazes me some of you don’t know who Feinberg is and are saying eh is sketchy? Back when I skated about 10 – 15 years ago he was a god and the likes of Sagona etc were just coming through. I remember the huge buzz of the first mindgame video BRAIN FEAR GONE and people working out it spelt out Feinberg etc. Me and my mates all sat down to watch it and there his section was at the end…it was amazing. Every trick he went big and everyone who rolled wanted to be him. A true Legend

  51. Anonymous Says:

    It’s funny, I remember being let down by this section when it came out. Watching it today, it is so fucking good.

  52. Mike Way Says:

    I agree!!!! He’s a legend….

  53. Anonymous Says:

    yo erik you can watch bang, BFG, and words here


  54. Ronnie James Dickinson Says:

    History has vindicated this dude. Back when he was winning every ASA comp on street AND vert, bladers HATED him. I think he even inspired the term “park rat”.

    Now he’s revered as one of the best of all time, and righteously so. Insanely well-rounded. Tech AND hammers for days. Talk shit all you want, groms. Keep doing your dangly leg no-grab bullshit on your front curb, thinking you got “style”. This dude stared death in the face and told him to go suck a fuck.

  55. Anonymous Says:

    Man this is legendary!! U can see how much influence he has had in rollerblading

  56. Anonymous Says:

    Best edit of 2014!

  57. Will Bean Says:

    One of my idols right there! Epic section! One of the best! ….at least i skated when it was sick.

  58. M. Says:

    Not my favourite section from him, but that were good.
    His profile in the first Mindgame video was way better.
    A top ten legend of our sport.