Aarin Gates: SDSF Support Edit

Aarin Gates

Edit by Toby Holden.
Thanks thisTIMEisWASTED (forums).

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39 Responses to “Aarin Gates: SDSF Support Edit”

  1. >>> Says:

    i need to break up with my girlfriend.

  2. rollerblading is gay Says:

    i have a boner. all aarin’s fault

  3. justin bailey Says:

    she;s gonna make some waves

  4. Raudel Mesa Says:

    marry me!!!

    soooo stylishhh

  5. daniel Says:

    sdsf ^^

    natural flow girl


  6. Rooms Says:

    damn ! Daniel stole my comment ^^

  7. bäm Says:

    she looks so sexy

  8. Andy Says:

    she looks like a lad, but if thats what your into…

  9. jimmyjimmyjaroo Says:

    chill out nerds.

  10. flowskate Says:

    ace skating really smooth and steezy
    propa roos!!
    and bam a ram

    + yeh chill out nerds.. haha
    ‘i need to split up with my gf?’ invisible gf’s are the best ;D


  11. randy Edwards Says:


    DO IT!

  12. Sean Says:

    whats DS-9?

  13. Trill Bill Says:

    She has style…And this isn’t as good as some of her other edits… But you cannot go wrong with Bowie…

    Buy some swag from Sdsf.

  14. Woooaaa Says:

    Nice skatting Aarin and nice styyyllee….

  15. Scott Wilcoxson Says:

    Dam good song and Dam fine rolling Aarin!

  16. Ewwww Says:

    Eww she looks like a guy, you guys like girls who look like guys? you guys like guys? you guys are gay?

    rollerbladers are gay, ewww. shemales!@

  17. JordanVM Says:

    Top soul back sav was cleeeeeean

  18. qcsky Says:

    marry me plz

  19. me Says:


  20. Gambit Says:

    Fuck you! You don’t know anything about DS-9! Your talking shit on something you know nothing about. DS-9 FOR LIFE BITCH!

  21. me Says:

    You’re right Gambit, I just said that cuz im gay, i am truly sorry. DS-9 FOR LIFE!

  22. me Says:

    Sike. DS-9 Fails.

  23. me Says:

    JK…DS-9 Rules….my gay side came out again…sorry

  24. Trevor Says:

    Woot! Yay Aarin and Toby!! Mosey on up to the bay area sometime for some old times sake rollerblading!

  25. phebe Says:

    Ahhh! She’s so sick, it hurts me….

  26. Ewwww looks like... Says:

    a fucking idiot.
    We like rollers who look like guys and girl rollers who rip!
    We also like a bullet in Ewwww’s head!

  27. Andy Says:

    she looks like a lad, but if thats what your into hit me up. i love smooth little boys with a passion. their sweet, succulent butts are just waiting for me to violate them

  28. rollerblading is gay Says:

    thats just wrong^

    and hilarious

  29. AG Says:

    haha this got a little outta hand…

  30. Vegas Chris Says:

    yall sound like a bunch of pervgins. get a life, whipe the stains off ya mothers keyboards and go rollerblade, i dont see any of your edits up??? good job home girl, straight g code shit. GYEAH!

  31. Ummm Says:

    Can everyone rate her skating and stop being horny?

  32. Keep on rollin Says:

    haha kids kids kids…

    siick flow love it! possably the best girl skater out… get to those comps asap and get some cred girl… good inspiration to all other girls looking to start rollin street and fabiola da silva for vert….;)

  33. lawsuit Says:

    good skating. product placement with deep squirt? i swear reading these comments is like hearing ten year olds talk about porn. still i give her a 10/10. her skatings not bad either

  34. Bishonen Says:

    I dont think she looks like a “lad” boy. I think shes cute. Respect to her keep rolling nice style

  35. Silvstr Says:

    sweeets! if anyone talks trash i’ll deep shank 9 times!

  36. dizzy Says:

    You guys need to take a cold shower, christ. Nice skating keep it up.

  37. dizzle27 Says:


  38. DeeJay Says:

    man yur pretty good but I like that hat Shit where did you get it lol!

  39. drewfromtampa Says:

    great style better than half the bastards i skate with not to mention i would love to eat that girls pussy.