Aarin Gates: Circolo Night Clips (2015)

Los Angeles, september twenty fifteen.

Aarin Gates: Circolo Night Clips (2015)

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  • dontgetbutthurt

    Hey Circolo. Quit throwing up all these bullshit promos every day with 5 clips over the course of 2 minutes. And quit pumping around a garage for 10+ seconds to fill time in these “edits” because you’re all incapable of stacking actual clips. And quit choosing these upskirt stills every time you post something of Aarin. It’s embarrassing.


      Awww he’s angy. Poor little guy.

      • dontgetbutthurt

        aw, you’re butthurt. spoiled manchild. how did you get anger from that? next thing I know you’re going to be calling me jealous like I want a spot on your team cause “I do hurricane topsoulz & deserve more than these curb skaterzzzz!” No, I’m saying the way you promote your brand is a joke. Quality > quantity.

      • Jay Liette

        Do You have a Company that you are promoting??

  • Ross Maidment

    That was stylish as hell

  • Phadreus

    For me, the socks and the shorts alone, will make me buy the wheels;)

  • Popescu Adrian

    clip was mothereffin bangin’ best girl style ive ever seen!

  • Marcus Lewis

    Style for daaayyyyyss!