A Few Days of February 2012 with Brett Dasovic by Dan Knapmiller

A Few Days of February with Brett Dasovic by Dan Knapmiller

Brett Dasovic skating at 44.98 degrees north latitude for a couple days during our winter.


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20 Responses to “A Few Days of February 2012 with Brett Dasovic by Dan Knapmiller”

  1. ryan Says:

    this edit had that “leftover” or “throw away” feel to it,but i still enjoyed the skating.nice stuff brett.keep doing your thing.

  2. Anonymous Says:

    i didnt feel like it felt like a left over feel. something about it i really liked.. it was just.. strait forward some how. i am not really sure what made it that way.. but this was one of my favorite BD edits. ao fish and backroy top porn was sooo awesome. he must skate all the time. he puts out edits more than anyone i think, and all have awesome tricks. BD is growing on me. and i like it.

    thanks doods for making this

  3. Wow Says:

    Brett Dasovic the US Equivalent to Sam Cooper

  4. Bob Sled Says:

    no more Brett and Jeph edits?

  5. Imblader Says:

    Brett you have balls :) Keep it Real man :)

  6. j.f Says:

    brett it seems like you can skate anything. skills

  7. Anonymous Says:

    i cant explain it either but this was my fav dasovic edit too

  8. Anonymous Says:

    Sick Brett, keep it up man. One thing, just skate a little faster. Be aware of that.

  9. Anonymous Says:

    this is considered nice weather in canada

  10. Soto Says:

    Stylish, creative, and fun to watch. Theirs nothing more I can ask for, good shit Brett.


  11. J Goon Says:

    i really hate watching this kid now, these arent leftover clips… he put his skate the orner of a sidewalk….. dumbest shit

  12. J Goon Says:

    lol im high

    Your comment was a bit too short. Please go back and try again.

  13. Dj.BUH Says:


  14. Adam Says:

    quality over quantity.. idiot

  15. Anonymous Says:

    I can’t wait until his TML2 profile gets posted!! that’s the best Brett section by far! this was sick though.

  16. Doug Cupo Says:

    Pretty sick Brett…go hard

  17. Dis Dick Says:

    Nothing about this edit was perfect. I get what Ryan said above, about it feeling “leftover.” That’s not to say BD isn’t a good skater, in fact I’ve never heard of him, it’s just to say it wasn’t a video section. It was more like an update.

    That said, I found it enjoyable to watch. It had the right feeling. Do not underestimate the importance of selecting the proper music. It was upbeat, but not too fast or aggressive, almost had a freestyle vibe to it that I think matched the skating and made it all just work.

  18. traducer Says:

    ^ this guy above me sounds like such a douche. liked this edit BD is the shit

  19. Dis Dick Says:


    wut wuz the prob brah? two much grammer an punktuation? wuz it cuz I tooook tha tyme two rite a tru critiq?

    wut I reely ment two say wuz sick edit! BD goes hard all day! Keep it up Brah!


  20. EverybodyWangChungTonight Says:

    bahhhaha Dis Dick rules, and so does brett dasovic. raw edit i liked it.