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    Hi , my name is Joao and i'm from Portugal .
    I'm 19 year old rollerblader and i'm going to visit my mother, January next year in Lyon!
    I've never been in france , je parle un petit peu du francais , je comprends la langue , mais c'est tres difficile pour écrire, pardon!
    I'm trying to find some rollers who are planning to travel to eindhoven from lyon, suisse or near, and whant to share the costs from gas and stuff and still have a free spot in the car , van or whatever...
    I'll be in Lyon since 8th January , if you want to shred a bit , even if you're not going to Eindhoven, i'm always pleasured to meet new people , specially bladers!
    Well i think that's all , hope to get some luck!
    Blade fast!

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